News Nosh 01.01.16

APN's daily news review from Israel
Friday January 1, 2016  
Number of the day:
--Number of Israeli citizens on the eve of 2016, 21% are Arab, 3% are new immigrants.**
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News Nosh 01.03.16

APN's daily news review from Israel
Sunday January 3, 2016   
Quote of the day:
"Jews don't like to be tagged as the 'price tag' hooligans. What you hate done to you, don't do to your neighbors. Don't label all of the Arabs of Israel for the horrific murder."
--Right-wing Yedioth commentator Ben-Dror Yemini comes to the defense of the Arab Israeli community of Israel, unlike the country's Prime Minister, following the shooting attack by an Arab Israeli.**
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This week, Alpher discusses what we can expect in Israel and Israel-US relations in 2016; the notion that the Palestinian issue increasingly will become an internal Israeli affair; how the Arab and Muslim worlds will respond to this and if we will witness external aggression against Israel; and prospects for some sort of international political agreement regarding Syria, spearheaded by the US and Russia

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Washington Post: A danger to Israeli democracy

ISRAEL, SURROUNDED not only by threats to its existence but also by governments and movements that practice tyranny, is a stubbornly free society.

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Israel's NGO bill

News Nosh 01.04.16

APN's daily news review from Israel
Monday January 4, 2016  
Quote of the day:
"When prominent politicians, at the level of ministers and MKs, find it difficult to define a crime so heinous and cruel as an act of terror, it makes it difficult for the entire establishment to wipe out the scourge, such as the youth of "The Revolt Network" from the agenda of the Jewish and democratic State of Israel. 
--MK Yaakov Perry, a former Shin Bet chief, in a special Op-Ed in Maariv.
You Must Be Kidding: 
"Sometimes you get sick of damaging property, etc. and you want to make a clear strike that will set the accursed on fire, then you just want to set fire to the house itself with its inhabitants inside." 
--From a document belonging to "The Revolt" network, the radical religious right-wing Jews who hoped to spark a war between the Palestinians and the Israelis in order to topple the government and create a Jewish kingdom. 

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Peace Now report: Who is Funding Israeli Right-Wing NGOs?

News from Peace Now's (Israel) Settlement Watch:

94% of the donations of 9 well-known right-wing NGOs are nontransparent

 In light of the NGO bill, a Peace Now study examining the funding sources and transparency of 9 right-wing pro-settler NGOs finds that 94% of the donations to these organizations in the years 2006-2013 were nontransparent, meaning that there is no possibility to identify their original donor. The study also finds that the majority of the funding to the organizations examined originated from private individuals abroad, arriving mainly through U.S. organizations with a tax-deductible donations status. Many other millions of shekels originated from Israeli taxpayers' money through government ministries and an local municipalities. 

Peace Now: The NGO bill, also known as the "transparency bill" has nothing to do with transparency and everything to do with the delegitimation of organizations criticizing the government's policies. If the Minister of Justice is truly interested in transparency, she must first and foremost promote legislation requiring right-wing organizations to expose the millions they receive from private donors abroad and from the state budget.
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APN/Peace Now in the News: December 19 – December 31, 2015

Following Peace Now's report, Netanyahu distances himself from plans to build a settlement in E-1 (Ynet, 12/30/2015)

Peace Now: Israel plans over 55,000 new West Bank settler units (Jordan Times, AFP story 12/28/2015)

APN: New NGO bill is not about transparency but about silencing dissent (Times of Israel, 12/30/2015)

Peace Now: Israel has plans for over 55,500 West Bank housing units (JTA, 12/28/2015)

Peace Now: Israel plans over 55,000 new W.Bank settlement homes: Peace Now (i24news, 12/28/2015)

Peace Now: Israel seeking to revive E1 construction plans (AFP, 12/28/2015)

Peace Now report: Israel advances planning for controversial West Bank zone (Financial Times, 12/28/2015)

Peace Now: Israel plans settler homes in strategic area (The Associated Press, 12/28/2015)

Peace Now report: Housing Ministry working on plans for 55,548 settlement homes (Times of Israel, 12/28/2015)

Official documents obtained by Peace Now: Israeli government renews construction plans for E-1 (Haaretz, 12/28/2015)

Peace Now calls Cabinet endorsement of anti-NGO bill "a hate crime against democracy" (12/27/2015)

Peace Now: Anti-NGO bill is "hate crime against Israeli democracy" (Jerusalem Post, 12/27/2015)

APN protests Israeli bill aimed at silencing progressive Israeli non-profits (San Diego Jewish World, 12/27/2015)

Peace Now: NGO bill is Hate crime against democracy (AFP, 12/27/2015)

Peace Now: Cabinet's endorsement of anti-NGO bill is a "hate crime against democracy" (Reuters, 12/27/2015)

Peace Now says new anti-NGO bill is a "Hate crime against democracy" (Wall Street Journal, 12/27/2015)

Peace Now criticizes Cabinet for endorsing anti-NGO bill (Deutsche Welle, 12/27/2015)

Peace Now condemns Cabinet endorsement of anti-NGO bill (New York Times, 12/27/2015)

Peace Now condemns anti-NGO bill (Associated Press, 12/28/2015)




News Nosh 01.05.16

APN's daily news review from Israel
Tuesday January 5, 2016 
Quote of the day:
"By staying silent, by refraining from the kind of forceful, game-changing protest that the current situation warrants, American Jews are not only abandoning like-minded Israelis, they are betraying Israel itself."
--Haaretz's Washington correspondent Chemi Shalev writes that if the "waves of chauvinistic anti-democratic legislation and incitement" were washing over the US, Jewish Americans would not stay silent.**

You Must Be Kidding: 
Two Israeli Arabs were forced to get off a plane before the flight home from Greece due to the demand of a group of Jewish Israeli passengers, who stood up preventing the plane from taking off until they did.***

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News Nosh 01.06.16

APN's daily news review from Israel
Wednesday January 6, 2016  
Quote of the day:
"We're cousins. We need to forget this nonsense about Arabs and Jews. We are all human beings, no matter what your religion is, we are one people. We give you a hand, you help us and we help you."
--Mazen Qaq, an Arab Israeli, who has offered 40,000 shekels to anyone who provides information that could lead to the capture of suspected Tel Aviv shooter Nashat Melhem.**

You Must Be Kidding: 
"We told the officers that we are people, not numbers. We have no problem with a security check, but not in this manner."
--Hebron residents outraged after IDF assigns numbers to Palestinians who live near Jewish settlement enclave in Hebron.***

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