Settlements 101

Comprehensive introduction to the issue of Israeli settlements and how they relate to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Read More >

Settlements: Glossary of Terms

List of terms commonly used in regard to Israeli settlements and/or generally associated with the Israeli settlement enterprise. Read More >

The Price of the Settlements

Study that looks at the various budgets of local Israeli settlement authorities to determine the financial costs of the settlement enterprise. Examines how Israel transfers money to the settlements, how the government subsidizes settlement housing, and how the Education and Interior Ministries bolster the settlement enterprise. PDF >

Facts on the Ground: The APN Map Project

Interactive map app that can be used to explore data about settlement activity in the West Bank. Organized into several layers that show different kinds of data, the map is constantly updated and can be customized to fit each user's preferences. See More >

How to Freeze Settlements: A Layman's Guide

Examination of what a settlements freeze means, the likelihood of its implementation, and the options available to the government of Israel. Read More >

Settlements in Focus

Up-to-date reports, news, op-eds, events and all other activity by Americans for Peace Now related to Israeli settlements. The entire database can be searched at the bottom of the page, and the full archives can also be browsed. Read More >

What Is Israel's Peace Now?

Pierre Tristam / (2014)
Background on Israel's Peace Now movement, including information on the organization's history, origins, and current influence. Read More >

The Struggle for Jerusalem's Holy Places

Wendy Pullan, Maximilian Sternberg, Lefkos Kyriacou, Craig Larkin, and Michael Dumper | Routledge (2013)
Book Review (University of Cambridge) | CampusBooks

Our Harsh Logic: Israeli Soldiers' Testimonies from the Occupied Territories, 2000-2010

Breaking the Silence | Metropolitan Books (2013)
Book Review (Publisher's Weekly) | CampusBooks

History of Mid-East Peace Talks

BBC News (July 29, 2013)
Provides brief historical snapshots of each of the main Arab-Israeli and Israeli-Palestinian peace proposals since 1967. Concluding with the 2010 peace talks, the timeline also features links to relevant official documents. Read More >

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