Imagining the Border: Options for Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian Territorial Issue

The Washington Center for Near East Policy (2011)
David Makovsky analyzes the intersection of demography and geography in the West Bank in an attempt to demystify the territorial dimension of the conflict and facilitate peacemaking. Detailed maps and in-depth population data help show how the parties can use land swaps to meet some of their most important goals, such as minimizing dislocation, ensuring security, and establishing a contiguous Palestinian state in the West Bank. (read more)

The Shift: Israel-Palestine From Border Struggle to Ethnic Conflict

Menachem Klein | Columbia University Press (2010)
Book Review (Foreign Affairs) | CampusBooks

The Political Economy of Israel's Occupation: Repression Beyond Exploitation

Shir Hever | Pluto Press (2010)
Book Review (MERIP) | CampusBooks

Negotiating Arab-Israeli Peace, Second Edition: Patterns, Problems, Possibilities

Laura Zittrain Eisenberg and Neil Caplan | Indiana University Press (2010)
Book Review (Powell's Books) | CampusBooks

Palestinian and Israeli Public Opinion: The Public Imperative in the Second Intifada

Jacob Shamir and Khalil Shikaki | Indiana University Press (2010)
Book Review (Israel Studies Review; requires EBSCOhost login) | CampusBooks

Palestine Inside Out: An Everyday Occupation

Saree Makdisi | W. W. Norton & Company (2010)
Book Review (Publishers Weekly) | CampusBooks

Future Borders between Israel and the Palestinian Authority: Principles, Scenarios and Recommendations

The Shasha Center for Strategic Studies (2010)
Study that inquires into the possible routes of the border and their nature, what current and potential processes shape these possibilities, and what can or should be down were one of these possibilities to develop. PDF >

The Palestine Papers

1999 - 2010
Confidential documents related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict leaked in January 2011. Includes thousands of pages of diplomatic correspondence, minutes from private meetings, transcripts of high level exchanges, and strategy papers. Read More >

53% of Palestinians support mutual recognition of Israel as state of Jewish people and Palestine as the state of Palestinian people

The Geneva Initiative (2009)
Among other findings, shows that 68% of Palestinians support the Arab Peace Initiative calling for Arab recognition of and normalization of relations with Israel after it ends its occupation of Arab territories occupied in 1967 and after the establishment of a Palestinian state. Read More >

The Israeli Peace Movement: A Shattered Dream

Tamar S. Hermann / Cambridge University Press (2009)
Book Review (Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice) | CampusBooks

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