Israeli Settler Violence in the West Bank

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (2011)
Fact-sheet that includes statistics on settler violence against Palestinians (as well as Palestinian violence against settlers) from 2009 to 2011. Also provides details about these attacks and the lack of enforcement against them by Israeli authorities. PDF >

Testimonies - Publications

Breaking the Silence (2000 - 2011)
Downloadable compilations of Israeli soldiers' testimonies about their service in the West Bank and Gaza. Includes testimonies from Hebron, the South Hebron Hills, Operation Cast Lead, and testimonies concerning children, women soldiers, and the occupation in general. (see more)

In the Shadow of the Wall and Separation: Everyday Life in East Jerusalem

Tovi Fenster and Oren Shlomo / Palestine-Israel Journal (2008/2009)
Description of how the Separation Barrier has a wide range of damaging effects on daily life for Palestinians living in and around Jerusalem. Read More >

Statistics on Land Expropriation in East Jerusalem

B'tselem (January 1, 2011)
Report on neighborhoods expropriated in East Jerusalem, specifically providing the date of expropriation, amount of land taken, size of the neighborhood, number of housing units, and number of residents for each neighborhood. Read More >

Peace Now slams Jerusalem mayor's complicity in settlement outpost.

BeitYonatan.jpgYariv Oppenheimer -- Peace Now's director -- today published the following op-ed in the popular Israeli daily newspaper Ma'ariv.

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Growing a State: Palestinians Build a Homeland

Need to Know (2010)
Palestinians in the West Bank are already at work building the institutions and infrastructure for a future Palestinian state. Martin Seemungal speaks with average Palestinians, PM Salam Fayyad, the Israel Welfare Minister, and the head of USAID about these efforts and the challenges they face. (11:36) Watch >

Faith Misplaced: The Broken Promise of U.S.-Arab Relations; 1820-2001

Ussama Makdisi | PublicAffairs (2010)
Book Review (Foreign Affairs) | CampusBooks

From Three No's to Three Yes's

Elie Podeh / Sharqiyya: Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies (Fall 2010)
Analysis of the 2002 Arab Peace Plan, including the main considerations and assumptions upon which it is based. Also discusses Israeli apathy toward the plan and recommended measures for overcoming this sentiment. (PDF)

Governing Palestinian Refugee Camps in the Arab East

Issam Fares Institute (2010)
Study that seeks to clarify the relationship between power, sovereignty, and space in Palestinian refugee camps. Examines how a camp is managed in terms of its relationship with the legal authorities and local municipalities of the host country, as well as the internal relationships between the groups within the camps (PDF).

Israeli Settlers and Palestinians

Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly (September 2010)
PBS examines how Palestinians and Israeli settlers share water resources- just one of the contentious issues in the fierce debate over Israeli settlements in the West Bank. (7:30) Watch >

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