Articles on Israel's approval of 100's of new settlement homes

Reuters: "Israel approves hundreds of new settlement homes: NGO"

Peace Now's Hagit Ofran noted that many of the latest housing projects were slated for settlements deep inside the West Bank.

The Australian (from AFP): 'Israel approves more than 1100 new West Bank settlement homes' (subscription needed)

Peace Now said 6742 housing projects were approved in the settlements last year, the highest since 2013.

The Independent: "Israel approves more than 1,100 new settlement homes in occupied West Bank"

In a statement, the group (Peace Now) said: "The government is attempting to destroy the possibility of a two-state solution and the prospects of peace by building more and more in the settlements."

Boston Globe: "Group: Israel OKs more construction in West Bank settlements"

Ofran (of Peace Now) said the government is ‘‘trying to prevent the possibility for peace and a two-state solution.’’

Ha'aretz: "EU, U.K., Germany and France Condemn Israeli Plan to Build Hundreds of Settlement Homes"

Israeli anti-settlement Peace Now also denounced the 1,122 new settlement units which were approved this week.

Jordan Times: "Jordan, world countries reject Israeli settlement plans"

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Hard Questions, Tough Answers (1.17.18) - Israel-Palestine update


Yossi Alpher is an independent security analyst. He is the former director of the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies at Tel Aviv University, a former senior official with the Mossad, and a former IDF intelligence officer. Views and positions expressed here are those of the writer, and do not necessarily represent APN's views and policy positions.

This week, Alpher discusses the situation in Gaza; Abbas's aggressive speech at the Palestinian Central Council; Israel's reaction; talk about two potential American peace proposals; and the bottom line.

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News Nosh 1.16.18

APN's daily news review from Israel
Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Quote of the Day #1:
“We are writing to you in the conviction that the time has come for a world-wide protest against the organized inhumanity of the Government of the Union of South Africa…We have watched with great concern the relentless pursuit of official racism (apartheid) by the South African Government. It has defied the most elemental considerations of human decency in its treatment of African and Asian citizens, loosely called non-whites…While there is time, we hope you will join us in this undertaking. We look forward to your affirmative reply as indicated by your signature on the enclosed card.”
—Parts of a recently unearthed letter co-written in 1957 to Jewish philosopher Martin Buber by Martin Luther King Jr. asking him to join the struggle against apartheid in South Africa.*

Quote of the Day #2:
"When Israeli officers sanctimoniously warn that 95 percent of Gaza's water is unfit to drink, they ignore the original absurdity: Israel forces Gaza to make do with water from the aquifer located within its borders. This aquifer, which supplied water to some 300,000 people in 1950, is now supposed to supply the same amount to two million people. Its no wonder there is over-pumping and contamination by sewage and seawater."
--Haaretz journalist Amira Hass writes that the source of Gaza's economic and infrastructure problems, which Israel is warning about, is Israel.**
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Legislative Round-Up: January 12, 2018

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News Nosh 1.12.18

APN's daily news review from Israel
Friday January 12, 2018
Quote of the Day #1:
"The things he said in that conversation in the car represent exactly who he is: A 26-year-old young man who has no job and lives at the state’s expense. A person who drags an entire security detail wherever he goes 24/7, costing the Israeli public millions. A person who is overwhelmingly involved in the state’s affairs, participates in state events, poses for photographs with world leaders—yet isn’t aware of the price this entails and acts like a spoiled and rotten child."
--Yedioth's senior political commentator, Sima Kadmon, writes about the meaning of what was said in the shameful recordings of the Prime Minister's son, Yair Netanyahu.

Quote of the Day #2:
"The Gaza Strip is a failing territory. Ninety-percent of drinking water there is unfit for drinking, unemployment among young adults is at 60%, and I can give you even more data than that. This is mainly a problem for Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, but the State of Israel is very much affected by this."
--Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, Maj. Gen. Yoav (Poli) Mordechai, addressed the situation in Gaza at the Globes Israel Business Conference.

Number of the Day:
--Number of seats Yair Lapid's Yesh Atid party would receive if elections were held now, following the release of the Yair Netanyahu recordings, beating the ruling Likud party by a record five seats.*
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Briefing call with Dr. Khalil Shikaki on trends in Palestinian public opinion

On Thursday January 11, 2018, APN hosted leading Palestinian political scholar and pollster Khalil Shikaki for a briefing call on current challenges facing the Palestinians and on trends in Palestinian public opinion.

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News Nosh 1.11.18

APN's daily news review from Israel
Thursday January 11, 2018
You Must Be Kidding: 
"What is this special weapon we have that we fire and see pillars of smoke and fire, but nobody gets hurt? It is time for there to be injuries and deaths as well."
--Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel tells local radio that he wants Israel to kill more Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.*
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News Nosh 1.10.18

APN's daily news review from Israel
Wednesday, January 10, 2018
You Must Be Kidding: 
“What is this special weapon we have that we fire and see pillars of smoke and fire, but nobody gets hurt? It is time for there to be injuries and deaths as well.”
-- Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel suggests there should be more Palestinian casualties in Israel's attacks in the Gaza Strip
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Briefing call with Dr. Khalil Shikaki on state of Palestinian affairs: Thursday, 11am EST

Dr. Khalil Shikaki, director of the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (PSR) in Ramallah and a professor of political science, discussed the state of Palestinian affairs following President Trump’s announcement on Jerusalem.

Dr. Shikaki has also been a senior fellow at the Crown Center for Middle East Studies at Brandeis University since 2005. His research focuses on the peace process, Palestinian state building, public opinion, transition to democracy, and the impact of domestic Palestinian politics on the peace process.

Listen here

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APN Condemns Murder of Settler, Warns Against Settlement Construction as Revenge

Washington, DC -- In the strongest possible terms, Americans for Peace Now condemns the murder of Rabbi Raziel Shevach, which occurred yesterday in the West Bank outside Nablus. According to news reports in Israeli media, Shevach was shot by an unidentified attacker who fired on his vehicle from a passing car. We note that Hamas’s military wing, while not taking responsibility for the shooting, praised the killing as “heroic” and a sign of future attacks to come. Islamic Jihad also welcomed the attack.

With great concern, we are following developments in the wake of Shevach’s killing. Israel’s right-wing politicians are shamelessly exploiting this deplorable act with calls for settlement construction, making clear that they intend to use settlement building in the Occupied Territories as a means to punish Palestinians. Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman has also ordered his agency to examine the possibility of legalizing Havat Gilad – the illegal outpost near Nablus where Shevach lived, parts of which are built on private Palestinian land.

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