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Monday July 10, 2017
Quote of the day:
"I have known Mahmoud for 20 years. The entire family is an inseparable part of the kibbutz, and we see them as part of our lives."
--Kibbutz Elon security coordinator Moshe Amsalem said after the kibbutz voted to accept Bedouin family of Mahmoud and Hadil Mazal as members.*

Breaking News:
Israeli Soldier Wounded After Palestinian Attacks Soldiers Near West Bank Settlement and was Killed
Palestinian man tried running over a group of soldiers when his car hit a safety rail or a streetlight near Tekoa settlement, according to soldiers at the scene. He then exited the car brandishing a knife and was shot and died. (Haaretz, Israel Hayom, Maan)

Front Page:
Yedioth Ahronoth
  • Shame over the (lack of money for) shelters for abused women
  • Peretz or Gabai – results of elections for Labor Party chief begin at 21:00 on ynet
  • Ho-Ha // Nahum Barnea
  • High Court Hadassah: Blow to the doctors
  • A bullet in the window of a luxury building – meant for a criminal
  • Mahmoud and Hadeel, members of kibbutz
Maariv This Week (Hebrew links only)
Israel Hayom
  • High Court rejected appeal of the parents (of sick children at Hadassah)
  • Moment of truth: The Labor Party chooses
  • Drones Law
  • Attorney General vs. cancelling job of Police Accountant General
  • Progress in negotiations? Trump envoy, Jason Greenblatt, on his way to Israel
  • Battle over the seniority method: Justice Hayut is the next Chief Justice
  • Tragedy at ‘Yamit 2000’ water park: IDF soldier collapsed and died
News Summary:
The runoff today for the leadership of the Labor Party, (which Haaretz+ wrote could be affected by the heat wave,) Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s response to the UNESCO resolution on the Cave of Patriarchs, Iraq’s announcement that it defeated ISIS in Mosul and the tragic deaths of two youth were top stories in today’s Hebrew newspapers. Also in the news, Egyptian and Palestinian Presidents held ‘successful talks’ in Cairo during which they discussed power-sharing arrangements with Hamas.
In anger at UNESCO for its resolution recognizing Hebron’s Cave of the Patriarchs, a site in Palestine holy to Muslims and Jews, as a Palestinian heritage site, Netanyahu not only cut $1 million from Israel’s payment for UNESCO funds but unveiled a plan to use the money to build a Jewish heritage museum in Hebron. Netanyahu said that the UNESCO ruling calling the site Palestinian “means it's not a Jewish one,” and claimed that it doesn’t recognize the connection between the Jewish People and Hebron and the Cave of the Patriarchs (he read the Biblical story about the connection in Sunday’s cabinet meeting). Netanyahu was also angry that the site was considered ‘endangered.’ Israeli leaders called it ‘anti-Semitic.’ Yet, on Netanyahu’s orders, Israel's Foreign Ministry retracted criticism of anti-Semitism in Hungary and strongly attacked the Jewish Hungarian tycoon, George Soros, who the day before it had sought to protect, Haaretz+ reported.
Quick Hits:
  • How Israeli parents are fighting Jewish missionizing in secular schools - Angry parents see Education Minister Naftali Bennett and his party as being responsible for increasing religious-Zionist indoctrination in Israeli classrooms, and they are determined to push back. (Haaretz+) 
  • Israeli minister compromises on bill aimed at preventing division of Jerusalem - Bennett agrees to a softer version of a bill that touches on conceding sovereignty in any part of Jerusalem under a peace deal. (Haaretz+)
  • Nation-state bill undercuts 'Israel's moral legitimacy,' opponents warn - "The ethical and moral strength of the State of Israel rests on the delicate and precise balance conceived by our founding fathers," Zionist Union MK argues • MK Avi Dichter: Bill will not hurt Arab minority, any other interpretation is completely wrong. (Israel Hayom
  • (Former IDF deputy chief of staff Yair) Golan: "I do not regret my words, these are things that it is important to say" - The former deputy chief of staff, who stood in the eye of the storm in 2016 after saying at a Holocaust Memorial that there are processes in Israel reminiscent of those that happened in Europe (when Hitler rose to power), was interviewed by Channel 10, where he reiterated: "I am particularly concerned about phenomena that are violent and that are perpetrated in an unruly way. There is nothing more destructive to society than unruly violence.” Golan made it clear at the end of the interview that he did not regret his remarks, even if they harmed the continuation of his military career. Until that speech he was marked as a leading candidate for the position of chief of staff. (Maariv)
  • Minister, chief justice agree on Israel's next Supreme Court president - Justice minister Shaked and current court president Naor still disagree on keeping system in which the most senior justice automatically becomes the next president. (Haaretz+)
  • Sheldon Adelson paid a secret visit to an army base while in Israel - The U.S. billionaire and his wife were flown to a base in the Jordan Valley to see the site of their latest donation. (Haaretz+)
  • Lieberman: No deal with Hamas for information on Israelis in Gaza - Ministers Bennett and Hanegbi express opposition to release of living terrorists for bodies of soldiers, asserting pressure on Hamas is the only way to bring Lt. Hadar Goldin and Sgt. Oron Shaul home; 'A kidnapping needs to be a burden, not an asset,' Bennett says. (Ynet
  • As Syria cease-fire begins, Netanyahu warns of Iranian entrenchment on Israel's border - Netanyahu says both Russian and U.S. leaders have assured him that they will take Israeli interest into account vis-à-vis the cease-fire in Syria. (Haaretz and Israel Hayom
  • Report: Iran arms factory in Lebanon fortified against Israeli airstrikes - French magazine Intelligence Online reports factory IRGC is building for Hezbollah will have two facilities—in Hermel area and on the coast between Tyre and Sidon—and be 50 meters underground to defend from Israeli attacks. (Ynet
  • Netherlands says it will continue projects for Palestinians without Israel's OK - PM Rutte protested to Netanyahu the recent confiscation of Dutch-funded solar energy installation. (Haaretz+) 
  • Arab MK initiative to improve prison conditions quashed - Just days after Basel Ghattas enters prison for smuggling phones to security prisoners, Joint List MK Jamal Zahalka submits bill for better conditions for security prisoners, claims he did so without Ghattas in mind. (Yedioth/Ynet)
  • Summer camp in Samaria: firearm training for (Israeli) 10-year-olds - The Yakir settlement in Samaria runs a summer camp where children who finished in fourth and fifth grade were trained with a M16 rifle; some parents were outraged: 'This is a Hamas camp.' The director of the camp said he had the approval of the IDF: 'we acted with the approval of the security personnel in the town, all in complete safety.' (Yedioth/Ynet
  • *Bedouin family voted in as full members of northern kibbutz - Family voted in as full members of Kibbutz Eilon after 116 out of 124 members vote in favor; Kibbutz official: 'I have known Mahmoud for 20 years. The entire family is an inseparable part of the kibbutz, and we see them as part of our lives.' (Ynet)
  • Soldier begs for forgiveness for accidentally shooting his friend - In an emotional letter written to his lifelong friend who is now fighting for his life in hospital, soldier 'L' describes the pain he is suffering over his responsibility for the tragedy; 'If only I could switch places with you...The tears don’t stop streaming.' (Ynet)
  • Teen terrorist appeals 'stringent' sentence - Ahmad Manasra, who stabbed a Jewish boy his age in Pisgat Ze’ev in October 2015, when he was 12-years-old, appeals punishment of 12 years in prison; terrorist's lawyer says he should have been sent to rehabilitation instead; victims' lawyer says punishment is too light. (Ynet)
  • 18-month-old Palestinian dies after being injured with Israeli tear gas 2 months ago - An 18-month old Palestinian infant died on Friday, some two months after suffering from tear gas inhalation when Israeli forces shot tear gas at Palestinian homes in the village of Abud in the central occupied West Bank district of Ramallah. (Maan)
  • First female officer takes command of IDF drone unit - Lt. Col. Reut Retig Weiss becomes the first female officer to command the Artillery Corps' drone unit; her ascension comes at a time when unit operations are on the rise in all sectors. (Ynet)
  • Israel sentences chairwoman of Palestinian women's union to administrative detention - Israeli forces detained Khitam al-Saafin on July 2 in the village of Beituniya in the West Bank, on the same day as they detained Palestinian Legislative Council member Khalida Jarrar, another prominent feminist and human rights advocate. The military court extended both their detentions on Monday in order to search computers that were confiscated to give the Israeli prosecution enough time to argue in favor of administrative detention. (Maan)
  • Jordan Valley farmers hit back at BDS - With the help of the Ministry of Strategic Affairs, Israeli farmers from the Jordan Valley will bypass BDS efforts to sell produce abroad directly to consumers at ten fairs in the US and Europe. (Yedioth/Ynet) 
  • Israel to Pay Annual Grant to Minority Workers at Dead Sea Hotels  - The $1,400 perk is aimed at solving the labor shortage in the hotel industry and integrating minorities into the workforce. (Haaretz)
  • Polluted Soil to Be Treated at Israeli Air Force Base  - Experts react with shock to decision as base has no infrastructure to take in such soil. (Haaretz
  • Maccabi Tel Aviv, Israel's Most Famous Basketball Team, Signs Its First Israeli Arab Player - Karam Mashour, a Nazareth native, signs two-year deal with the Euroleague powerhouse. (Haaretz
  • Radiohead's Thom Yorke Appears to Flip Off pro-Palestinian Protesters at Glasgow Show - Yorke shouts 'Some fucking people!' as demonstrators waved Palestinian flags in protest of Radiohead's Israel show. (Haaretz)
  • Rabbis get high for study testing effect of magic mushrooms on religious thinking - Psychologist says participants ‘seem to get deeper appreciation’ of their religious heritage in study conducted by scientists at Johns Hopkins University. (Haaretz
  • Syria turns to UN to protest local Druze elections in Israeli Golan Heights - Syria's Foreign Ministry says the move is part of an ongoing effort to annex territory categorized as occupied by the UN Security Council. (Haaretz+) 
  • Israel to purchase NIS 1.5 billion in weapons systems to defend gas rigs - Minister of Defense says lucrative deal, designed to defend offshore natural gas rigs, will see billions poured into the state's economy and support thousands of families. (Ynet)
  • Cash-strapped women’s shelters in Israel turn down 'disgraceful' state loan - Ruth Rasnic, the founder of No to Violence nonprofit, calls Social Affairs Ministry offer 'a mockery – they think we’re dumb women.' (Haaretz+)
  • Poland to buy US Patriot system with Israeli-made missiles - Warsaw insists on David's Sling interceptor missile due to its considerably cheaper price and better performance; Israeli Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, which developed the missile along with the American Raytheon, is expected to make $1 billion from the deal. (Ynet)
  • South Africa ruling party votes to downgrade diplomatic ties with Israel - The African National Congress (ANC), the ruling party of South Africa, voted last Tuesday in favor of downgrading South Africa’s diplomatic representation in Israel in protest of the occupation. (Maan
  • Dogged by Claims of Extremism, Biggest Palestinian Expo in Europe Opens in London - From the Balfour Declaration to the occupation, controversial event on Palestinian heritage, culture and history draws thousands. (Haaretz+) 
  • Gaza power authority: Egypt curbs fuel delivery after PA freezes bank transfers - The ongoing electricity crisis in the Gaza Strip deepened on Saturday after fuel purchased from Egypt was reduced by between 33 and 50 percent, with Gaza’s power authority claiming the Palestinian Authority (PA) froze all bank transfers to Egypt that were paying for fuel used to operate the besieged coastal enclave's sole power plant. (Maan
  • PA reportedly halts paying salaries of Hamas-affiliated MPs - Several Hamas-affiliated Palestinian lawmakers said on Sunday that the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority (PA) had failed to paid the salaries of 37 Hamas Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) members living in the occupied West Bank. (Maan
  • Egypt reportedly approves $22m plan to restore Alexandria's only active synagogue - The 160-year-old Eliyahu Hanavi Synagogue was forced to close several months ago after part of its ceiling fell down. (JTA, Haaretz
  • Qatar Crisis Raises Questions About Who Is and Who Is Not a Terrorist  - Qatar's foreign minister claims there is a danger in 'labeling political opponents as terrorists merely to silence them.’ (Agencies, Haaretz
  • Qatar to seek compensation for damages from Arab blockade - Attempt to gain compensation comes after Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain cut diplomatic ties and severed air, land and sea links with the country after making host of demands, including to stop supporting extremism. (Agencies, Ynet)
  • Qatar's Central Bank Says Gulf Nation Can Weather Arab Sanctions - 'Qatar has already had a good and unique system. We have laws established against all these kinds of terrorists,' central bank governor tells CNBC. (Agencies, Haaretz
  • Turkish opposition leader ends 25-day march against government - Kemal Kilicdaroglu completes the 'March for Justice' with protesters who began in the capital Ankara and stomped on to Istanbul in a demonstration against government crackdowns on opponents. (Agencies, Ynet)
  • Germany Starts Pulling Back Troops From Turkish Air Base Following Row With Ankara - Turkey had refused to allow German lawmakers to make what they saw as a routine visit to the base, saying that Berlin needed to improve its attitude toward Ankara first. (Agencies, Haaretz)
  • Iraqi prime minister claims defeat of Islamic State in Mosul - Thousands of civilians have been killed in the battle for the city, and almost one million people have been displaced. (Agencies, Haaretz
  • U.S. Lifts Laptop Ban on Flights From Royal Jordanian and Kuwait Airways - The Jordanian and Kuwaiti airlines join Emirates, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways and Turkish Airlines, which each last week announced a lifting of the ban. (Agencies, Haaretz
  • Arab refugees respond with shock to destruction wrought by anti-G20 rioters, 'They are crazy' - Refugees from Syria, Egypt were shocked at anti-G20 protestors in Hamburg, Germany: 'They have such a beautiful country and they're destroying it'. (Agencies, Haaretz)

Avi Gabbay, the outsider who would be king of the Israeli left
Starting out in an immigrant transit camp and rising to the top of Israel's biggest telecommunications firm, he now eyes the leadership of Israel's Labor Party. (Chaim Levinson, Haaretz+) 
Gaza border communities prepare for future wars
With the quiet surrounding Gaza since Operation Protective Edge always on the verge of ending, communities surrounding the Strip make efforts to implement the lessons learned following the operation, and do their best to prepare themselves for the all-but-certain reoccurrence of war. (Matan Tzuri, Yedioth/Ynet)
Floating over Jerusalem without ever seeing the city's Arab residents 
A planned cable car in the air will ostensibly bring tourists and worshippers to the Old City, but it's linked to a group settling Jews in Arab East Jerusalem. (Moshe Gilad, Haaretz+)
Can Israel see the children of Gaza yet? (Marilyn Garson, Haaretz+) Three years after the Israel - Hamas war, I am still haunted by the Palestinian children killed by Israeli missiles on a Gaza beach near where I lived.
In order to be elected, the leftist bloc will have to act against the occupation, privatization and Jewish missionizing (Dr. Revital Amiran, Maariv) A new body will provide an alternative to those in power only if it decisively demonstrates the connection between control of the West Bank, the absence of a welfare policy, and the politicization of government systems, and fights against them.
For the leadership of Israel's opposition: Only Amir Peretz (Merav Alush Levron, Haaretz) As a Mizrahi, traditional leader from the periphery who is true to his roots and seeks peace, he has the greatest potential in the leftist camp to defuse Israel's divisions.
Where Did 'Democratic' Go? (Haaretz Editorial) The proposed nation-state bill undermines equality and would actually harm Israel’s legitimacy as a Jewish state.
Hillel's hypocrisy: Denouncing Israel's moves against pluralism, while quashing it at home (Elana Metz, Haaretz+) American Jews' fight for pluralism and against censorship and exclusion in Jewish spaces should begin at home - on our campuses. 
A chronicle of desperation (Yoav Limor, Israel Hayom) Israeli officials believe Hamas' current distress and urgent need for an accomplishment make it more likely to soften its own stance for a change. 
Gaza crisis leaves Hamas no choice but to play by Egypt's rules (Amos Harel, Haaretz) Closer relations between Cairo and the Strip would ease the pressure of the energy crisis, but the risks for Israel are clear.
Israel a key player in Syria ceasefire deal (Alex Fishman, Yedioth/Ynet) The agreement signed between the US, Russia and Jordan would likely have never been born without Israel’s involvement, in light of its alleged influence on rebel elements in the Syrian Golan Heights. If it lasts, the truce could remove the threat of an Iranian-Hezbollah front in the Golan, but that is unlikely due to the difficulty tin restraining the groups operating on the ground. 
Syria Cease-fire: Israel Will Have to Live With Russian Dominance on Its Border (Zvi Bar'el, Haaretz+) U.S. and Russia have shared interests in pushing Iran and its militias, like Hezbollah, out of the area. Working assumption in Israel is that American departure will leave stage completely open for Russia. 
Will the 'Jewish Taliban' Survive the Death of Their Spiritual Leader?( Allison Kaplan Sommer, Haaretz+) The followers of Lev Tahor, which was ruled a 'dangerous cult' by an Israeli court, followed Rabbi Shlomo Helbrans from country to country until his reported drowning this week 
The Western Wall? For Me, It's Like Stonehenge (Rogel Alpher, Haaretz+) There is no God and the beliefs of those praying at the Western Wall are no more or less serious or true than the worldview of the pagans who hold Druid rites at Stonehenge. 
The Arabic Language in Israel: Official but Inferior (Yonatan Mendel, Haaretz+) The Knesset is telling the Arab community that their language’s standing is in jeopardy, so they should be careful not to make any unexpected moves. 
Looking for a way out (Prof. Eyal Zisser, Israel Hayom) While it wouldn't hurt to force Qatar to comply with some of its Arab neighbors' demands, prolonging the crisis does not serve the war on terror. 
No one actually knows where Israel ends and the Palestinian territories begin (Shakked Auerbach, Haaretz+) Israel has worked hard since 1967 to erase the Green Line from public consciousness, even as the invisible border became increasingly impenetrable to Palestinians. 
When nothing is sacred, UNESCO ruling comes as no surprise (Shlomo Puterkovsky, Israel Hayom) The Arab-Palestinian side knows how to sanctify the things it deems important, while the Jewish-Israeli side’s actions convey the message to the Palestinians and to the entire world that nothing is actually sacred to us; UNESCO’s vote therefore, is hardly surprising. 
Does UNESCO Only Lack Pragmatism and Sensitivity for Jewish Heritage Sites? (Solon Solomon, Haaretz+) UNESCO has gone further than drawing a line to say: Palestine starts here. What they suggest: beyond that line, Jewish history and attachment no longer exists. 
A makeshift guy: The response of (Israel’s Ambassador to the UN) Carmel Shama-Hacohen to UNESCO was the essence of a farce (Ron Kaufman, Maariv) Our ambassador to the organization is not to blame. The blame is on those who sent a local politician with no diplomatic experience to represent the state in two international bodies that are supposed to be important for public relations. 
UNESCO Resolution on Hebron Isn't anti-Semitic at All (Odeh Bisharat, Haaretz+) It recognized ancient Hebron (Al-Khalil) as a world heritage site holy to three faiths, and located in Palestine. Period. 
Pawns and patriarchs (Annika Hernroth-Rothstein, Israel Hayom) The perpetuators of war are not those praying at the Cave of the Patriarchs, but those who comfortably sit far from the consequences of their hate.
Syria Cease-fire: For Israel, the Good News May Lead to Bad News (Amos Harel, Haaretz) Deal backed by U.S. and Russia could halt 'accidental' fire into Israel, but with Tehran eyeing the border area it could create more serious challenges in the long term. 
Left-center leaders must put their egos aside and unite (Uri Savir, Maariv) The people with the ability to lead the country should put their ego aside and unite to establish a democratic movement that will strive to realize the principles of the Declaration of Independence. 
Either Left or Nothing (Gideon Levy, Haaretz+) Peretz and Gabbay have already passed through the meat grinder called the Labor Party and have become part of its flawed DNA, which is the DNA of everything that is termed left-center. 
Trump just made it harder to 'come out' as Jewish in Poland (Chloe Rose, Haaretz+) When the U.S. president joined Poland's leaders in airbrushing out Jewish suffering and identity, he affirmed the stigma many still feel about their Jewish roots, and that Jewish community groups are trying hard to combat. 
'If Israel abandons the values of democracy, it will lose world’s support'
In a farewell interview, Dave Sharma, Australia's ambassador to Israel, talks about the security ties between the two countries and the need for an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement both sides would benefit from, and announces that 'by the end of 2018, it will be possible to fly from Tel Aviv to Sydney directly.' (Interviewed by Itamar Eichner in Yedioth/Ynet)
“Australia has snakes, sharks, spiders, etc. Here in Israel, I explained to him, there are no dangerous animals, at least not outside the Knesset,” says Sharma with a charming smile as he continues to lay out his tips for his replacement.

Prepared for APN by Orly Halpern, independent freelance journalist based in Jerusalem.
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