On November 2nd 2017, APN hosted a briefing call on efforts to confront anti-boycott legislation that violated Americans’ First Amendment liberties and conflates Israel and West Bank settlements. Our briefer was ACLU Staff Attorney Brian Hauss, who leads the American Civil Liberties Union’s litigation on this issue.

Listen Here:

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APN Briefing Call (Thurs 11/2, 1pm EST) with Brian Hauss of the ACLU

Please join us for a call with Brian Hauss of the ACLU who will brief us on First Amendment issues concerning anti-BDS/pro-settlements legislation.

Brian is the lead attorney for the ACLU in its lawsuit challenging the Kansas law that requires all state contractors to certify that they are not participating in boycotts of Israel and/or settlements in the West Bank. The ACLU is representing Esther Koontz, a Kansas math teacher and trainer who was removed from a teacher training program administered by the Kansas Department of Education when she would not sign a contract certifying that she does not boycott Israel – or companies profiting from settlements in the Occupied Territories.

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RSVP to apnwest@peacenow.org or 323-934-3480

RSVP to apnwest@peacenow.org or 323-934-3480

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Listen: Briefing call with Robert Malley on the Iran Nuclear Deal

Robert Malley

On October 10, 2017, APN hosted a briefing call with Middle East conflict resolution expert Robert Malley on the Iran nuclear deal, days before President Donald Trump is expected to de-certify Iranian compliance with the deal the US, Great Britain, France, Russia, China, and Germany reached with Tehran which constrains Iran’s ability to build nuclear weapons.

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Listen here for APN's briefing call with Amb. Daniel Shapiro.

Like APN, Ambassador Daniel Shapiro has supported the two-state solution since the late 1980s, long before it became a tenet of America’s Middle East policy. As President Obama’s ambassador to Israel, Shapiro was a key member of the past administration’s team working to advance the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Now, with the Trump administration refusing to commit itself to this basic US policy position and with the situation on the ground turning increasingly less hospitable to this solution, Shapiro is examining other scenarios and trying to assess their likelihood and their potential implications. Read Shapiro’s recent Tablet article on this topic.

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Briefing Call with Jerusalem expert Daniel Seidemann: Tuesday, 8/1

Americans for Peace Now hosted a briefing call with Jerusalem affairs expert Daniel Seidemann on Tuesday, August 1  to analyze the recent events in Jerusalem and their repercussions.

Listen here

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The Dove Part 2: Young Voices of Israel/Palestine

On July 20, APN and New Story Leadership (co-sponsor) hosted an evening of personal stories that inspired hope for Israeli-Palestinian peace, based on the popular storytelling show The Moth. This was the second event in our "The Dove" series, entitled "Young Voices of Israel/Palestine."

Hosted by Noa Baum (Award-winning storyteller and author of A Land Twice Promised: An Israeli Woman's Quest for Peace), and featuring six young Israeli and Palestinian storytellers from Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank.

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Join us June 23rd: Settlements at 50 Years - An Obstacle to Peace and Democracy

Settlements at 50 Years - An Obstacle to Peace and Democracy 

Attorney Talia Sasson, President of the New Israel Fund 

In conversation with Amir Tibon, Washington Correspondent for Haaretz Newspaper

Friday, June 23rd at 12:30 pm - 1:45 pm

Middle East Institute

1319 18th Street MW, Washington, DC

Light lunch will be available at 12:15 pm

Register here

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Book Talk with Dr. Sara Yael Hirschhorn, June 25th

Please join the Foundation for Middle East Peace and Americans for Peace Now for a discussion with Dr. Sara Yael Hirschhorn about her new, critically-acclaimed book, “City on a Hilltop: American Jews and the Israeli Settler Movement.”

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Our rally was a success-- please help us pay for it

Two States One Hope

Avi BuskilaSaturday’s historic rally at Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square was a stunning success.

I use the term "historic" both because the rally marked 50 years of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and because the high turnout – estimated at 30,000 – sent a resounding message to the skeptics and the cynics.

Proud, patriotic Israelis came from all across the country to show support for a two state solution, to oppose the government's policies toward the Palestinians, and to demand an end to the occupation that is devastating both our Palestinian neighbors and us, Israelis, as well.

The huge crowd of peace activists that you can see in the photo below sent an important message to the Israeli government and to the Israeli public that there is a large, vociferous constituency for peace, willing to fight for it. Addressing the crowd, I urged Israelis, in the words of the famous Shir La-Shalom (Song of Peace,) which Prime Minister Rabin sang moments before he was assassinated at the same place 22 years earlier: "Don't say 'a day will come'/ Bring the day about!"

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