The West Bank and Gaza Strip: A Geography of Occupation and Disengagement

Elisha Efrat | Routledge (2006)
Book Review (AbeBooks) | CampusBooks

From Oslo to Jerusalem: The Palestinian Story of the Secret Negotiations

Ahmed Qurie | I. B. Tauris (2006)
Book Review (The Free Library) | CampusBooks

Scars of War, Wounds of Peace: The Israeli-Arab Tragedy

Shlomo Ben-Ami / Oxford University Press (2007)
Book Review (Foreign Affairs) | CampusBooks

Peace is Possible: Conversations with Arab and Israeli Leaders from 1988 to the Present

S. Daniel Abraham | Newmarket (2006)
Book Review (Publishers Weekly) | CampusBooks

Landscape of Hope and Despair: Palestinian Refugee Camps

Julie Peteet | University of Pennsylvania Press (2005)
Book Review (The Middle East Quarterly) | CampusBooks

The Missing Peace: The Inside Story of the Fight for Middle East Peace

Dennis Ross | Farrar, Straus and Giroux (2005)
Book Review (Publishers Weekly) | CampusBooks

How Israelis and Palestinians Negotiate: A Cross-cultural Analysis of the Oslo Peace Process

Tamara Cofman Wittes (Ed.) | United States Institute of Peace (2005)
Book Review (Foreign Affairs) | CampusBooks

Defense And Diplomacy In Israel's National Security Experience: Tactics, Partnerships, And Motives

David Rodman | Sussex Academic Press (2005)
Book Review (The Middle East Quarterly) | CampusBooks

Courting Conflict: The Israeli Military Court System in the West Bank and Gaza

Lisa Hajjar | University of California Press (2005)
Book Review (Menachem Hofnung, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) | CampusBooks

The Failure of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process, 1993-2000

Oren Barak | Journal of Peace Research (2005)
Presents a critique of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process of 1993-2000 (the Oslo Process) by placing it in historical and theoretical perspective. Contends that the peacemaking strategy adopted in this period was not informed by the vast literature on intergroup conflicts or by the experience of other, similar cases. Read More (Requires JSTOR login) >

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