Disillusionment Among Israelis, Palestinians About Peace

PBS Newshour (2013)
Margaret Warner travels to the West Bank and Gaza to hear from Palestinian and Israeli citizens about whether they think peace is possible in their part of the world. Includes interviews with policy experts Yossi Alpher and Ghassan Khatib, as well as Israeli and Palestinian citizens on the ground. (10:41) Watch >

The Israeli-Palestinian Economic Agreement and Current Consequences

Ephraim Lavie | The Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies (January 2013)
Analyzes the Paris Protocol, the economic agreement signed by Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) in 1994, and its effects from then until 2000. Concludes that the Palestinian economy has not brought about economic growth and improvement in the population's well-being. PDF >

Positions of the Israeli Public Regarding a Possible Peace Agreement

Machon Dahaf / Smith Consulting (December 2012)
Contains findings of two polls showing that roughly two-thirds of respondents (67%) support a two-state solution based on the 1967 borders, with land swaps; a demilitarized Palestine; and Jerusalem's Old City administered jointly by the United States, Israel, and the Palestinians, with Israel maintaining control of the Western Wall. Read More >

Israeli Public Opinion after the November 2012 Gaza War

The Anwar Sadat Chair for Peace and Development / The Program on International Policy Attitudes (November 2012)
Finds that majority of Israelis say that they are ready to at least accept as the basis for negotiation the Arab Peace Initiative, whereby Israel withdraws to 1967 borders and a peace agreement is established with all Arab states. However, there is growing pessimism that a lasting peace with the Palestinians can be established. Views are mixed about the consequences should prospects of two-state solution collapse. PDF >

The Lingering Conflict: Israel, the Arabs, and the Middle East 1948-2012

Itamar Rabinovich | Brookings Institution Press (2012)
Book Review (Foreign Affairs) | CampusBooks

More Relevant Than Ever: People-to-People Peacebuilding Efforts in Israel and Palestine

Ron Pundak / Palestine-Israel Journal (2012)
Pundak, an architect of the Oslo Accords, outlines the people-to-people peace-building efforts currently taking place between Israelis and Palestinians, as well as the challenges they face. Read More >

Zion's Dilemmas: How Israel Makes National Security Policy

Charles D. Freilich | Cornell University Press (2012)
Book Review (The Middle East Journal) | CampusBooks

Fortress Israel: The Inside Story of the Military Elite Who Run the Country - and Why They Can't Make Peace

Patrick Tyler | Farrar, Straus and Giroux (2012)
Book Review (The Washington Post) | CampusBooks

Is Peace Possible?

Zogby Research Services / The Arab American Institute (October 2012)
Extensive survey of public opinion with over 4,200 participants among: Israeli Jews and Arabs; Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem; Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan; and the American Jewish community. Shows that the two-state solution remains the only viable option that is acceptable to both Israelis and Palestinians. Read More >

The New Settlers

Ofer Petersburg / Yedioth Ahronoth (August 2012)
Telling account of the hundreds of secular families who have moved to the West Bank in exchange for tax breaks and low housing prices. Includes an interview with one such family. Read More >

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