The Palestine Papers

1999 - 2010
Confidential documents related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict leaked in January 2011. Includes thousands of pages of diplomatic correspondence, minutes from private meetings, transcripts of high level exchanges, and strategy papers. Read More >

53% of Palestinians support mutual recognition of Israel as state of Jewish people and Palestine as the state of Palestinian people

The Geneva Initiative (2009)
Among other findings, shows that 68% of Palestinians support the Arab Peace Initiative calling for Arab recognition of and normalization of relations with Israel after it ends its occupation of Arab territories occupied in 1967 and after the establishment of a Palestinian state. Read More >

The Israeli Peace Movement: A Shattered Dream

Tamar S. Hermann / Cambridge University Press (2009)
Book Review (Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice) | CampusBooks

Jerusalem Syndrome: The Palestinian-Israeli Battle for the Holy City

Moshe Amirav | Sussex Academic Press (2009)
Book Review (Palestine-Israel Journal) | CampusBooks

The Process: 1,100 Days that Changed the Middle East

Uri Savir | Vintage (1999)
Book Review (The New York Times) | CampusBooks

The Lords of the Land: The War Over Israel's Settlements in the Occupied Territories, 1967-2007

Akiva Eldar and Idith Zertal | Nation Books (2009)
Book Review (The New York Times) | CampusBooks

Peace Movements in Israel

Sara Helman / Jewish Women's Archive (March 1, 2009)
Description and analysis of the ways in which women’s peace organizations mobilized, subverted and changed the social identities constituted by the incorporation of Israeli-Jewishness into citizenship. Read More >

What's Wrong with the One-State Agenda? Why Ending the Occupation and Peace with Israel is Still the Palestinian National Goal

Hussein Ibish | American Task Force on Palestine (2009)
Book Review (ibookreviews) | CampusBooks

Beyond Oslo, The Struggle for Palestine: Inside the Middle East Peace Process from Rabin's Death to Camp David

Ahmed Qurie | I. B. Tauris (2008)
Book Review (The Free Library) | CampusBooks

Israeli Counter-Insurgency and the Intifadas: Dilemmas of a Conventional Army

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