Declaration of Principles on Interim Self-Government Arrangements

September 13, 1993
First face-to-face agreement between the Government of the State of Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization to put an end to the conflict and ensure mutual rights, dignities, and securities for both peoples. Established general guidelines for negotiations within a five-year interim period and called for the Palestinian Authority to be recognized by Israel as the official governing body of the Palestinian people. Read More >

Prime Minister Menachem Begin’s Speech to the Knesset

November 20, 1977
Prime Minister Menachem Begin's speech to the Knesset and to Egyptian President Anwar Sadat expressing Israel's willingness to enter into direct negotiations with Egypt towards peace. Read More > 

Fatah Constitution

July 25, 1964
Original application of Palestinian struggles that attempts to direct, organize, and unite members of the movement towards the complete liberation of Palestine. Read More >

British Mandate for Palestine

July 24, 1922
The Palestine Mandate, confirmed by the Council of the League of Nations, officially recognizes the historical connection between the Jewish people and Palestine, and further details British administration over the facilitation of a Jewish national home.  Read More >

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