News Nosh 01.05.14

APN's daily news review from Israel

Sunday January 05, 2014


Quote of the day:

"I have no problem with the political demand that the valley should be part of the State of Israel. Such a position is permissible. What bothers me is that it's being depicted as some kind of security problem."

--Former Mossad chief refuted the claim that Israel needs to keep the Jordan Beqaa Valley for its security.**

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APN/Peace Now in the News - December 20, 2013 - January 3, 2014

The Forward (JJ Goldberg's blog) - December 20, 2013 
APN is one of two pro-Israel organizations opposing new Iran sanctions bill

Haaretz (AP story) - December 22, 2013 
Peace Now legal counsel Michael Sfard profiled

Ynet (AP story) - December 23, 2013 
Peace Now legal counsel Michael Sfard profiled,7340,L-4468424,00.html

The Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle - December 26, 2013 
APN's Lara Friedman: Taking 'yes' for an answer on Iran

Haaretz - December 30, 2013 
Op-ed mentions APN as opposing new Iran sanctions bill

Oregon Salem News (online) - December 31, 2013 
APN press release re: Kerry plan carried in entirety

News Nosh 01.03.14

APN's daily news review from Israel

Friday January 03, 2014


Numbers of the day:

82.5 and 65.5
Percentage of Jewish Israeli respondents of poll that believes in teaching openness and critical thinking in schools and percentage that believes that the schools must "teach Jewish and Zionist values without taking a critical stance," respectively. **

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Yariv Oppenheimer: The Truth Behind the Jordan Valley


Security for Settlers, Not the State of Israel

Analysis by Peace Now's Director General, Yariv Oppenheimer

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2014 starts with major promise for peace in the Middle East: An American outline of an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement, which Secretary of State John Kerry is reportedly discussing today with Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

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News Nosh 01.02.14

APN's daily news review from Israel

Thursday January 02, 2014


Quote of the day:

"If Israel wants to redraw the map we are in favor of returning to the 1947 partition lines."
--Hadash party MK Afu Agbaria responds to the Maariv/NRG report that Israel suggested transferring Israeli Arabs to live under Palestinian Authority sovereignty.**

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News Nosh 01.01.14

APN's daily news review from Israel

Wednesday January 01, 2014


Quote of the day:

"Regards to John Kerry"
--Graffiti spray-painted on Palestinian home in village near Ramallah, where three cars were also torched, takes jab at visiting US Secretary of State.**

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Legislative Round-Up

Americans for Peace Now
Lara Friedman, APN's Director of Policy and Government Relations, provides a weekly, comprehensive summary of congressional activity related to Israel and the Middle East. Includes archived installments from November 2004 until the present. Read More >

UNRWA: Statistics

UNRWA (2014)
Up-to-date numbers of Palestinian refugees supported by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), including statistics for individual fields of operation. PDF >| For background on UNRWA, see: UNRWA (Reut Institute) >

Facts on the Ground: The APN Map Project

Interactive map app that can be used to explore data about settlement activity in the West Bank. Organized into several layers that show different kinds of data, the map is constantly updated and can be customized to fit each user's preferences. (see more)

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