Evangelicals and Israel: The Story of American Christian Zionism

Stephen Spector | Oxford University Press (2008)
Book Review (Foreign Affairs) | CampusBooks

Israeli Perspectives on the Palestinian Refugee Issue

Orit Gal / Palestine-Israel Journal (2008/2009)
The sense of being overwhelmed, from an Israeli leadership standpoint, over the issue of Palestinian refugees stems from an inability to clearly define Israeli interests, the multiplicity of actors involved, and the high degree of uncertainty concerning consequential outcomes. Read More >

The Border Regime for Jerusalem in Peace

SAYA (2010)
Study that aims to extract a set of policies and recommendations regarding East and West Jerusalem which will enhance future touristic activity on both sides, maintaining their nature as a common holy place, and a unique, significant location on the global scale. Read More >

Israel and Palestine: Peace Plans and Proposals from Oslo to Disengagement

Galia Golan | Markus Wiener Pub (2007)
Book Review (Foreign Affairs) | CampusBooks

Sands of Sorrow

Council for the Relief of Palestine Arab Refugees (1950)
American-made documentary from soon after the 1948 war showing the daily life, routines, and struggles of Palestinian refugees. (28:33) Watch >

Book Excerpt: A Case of Courage

Michael Beschloss / Newsweek (May 13, 2007)
An excerpt from Michael Beschloss' book, A Case of Courage, describing the events leading to President Truman's support for the state of Israel in 1948. Read More >

Addressing the Palestinian Refugee Problem

Shibley Telhami / The Brookings Institution (May 8, 2007)
In testimony to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Dr. Telhami articulates five central issues for the resolution of the Palestinian refugee problem. Read More >

Seeing Eye to Eye: A Survey of Jewish American and Arab American Public Opinion

Americans for Peace Now / The Arab American Institute / Zogby International (May 2007)
Survey of 501 Jewish Americans and an equal number of Arab Americans confirming that strong majorities in both communities remain committed to the right of both Israelis and Palestinians to live in secure and independent states; support a negotiated settlement to issues such as Jerusalem, refugees, and borders; and consider a resolution to the conflict in the U.S. national interest. Accordingly, Arab and Jewish American public opinion supports an end to the occupation and a freeze in West Bank settlement construction. Read More >

The June 1967 War and the Palestinian Refugee Problem

Tom Segev / Journal of Palestine Studies (Spring 2007)
Excerpt from Segev's book on the 1967 war that focuses on the debates within Israel regarding the fate of the Palestinian refugees (particularly in Gaza) who came under Israeli control after the six day conflict. The article also explores official Israeli involvement in soliciting and crafting plans to provoke out-migration of Palestinians from Gaza. PDF >

Ghost Town: Israel's Separation Policy and Forced Eviction of Palestinians from the Center of Hebron

B'Tselem / The Association for Civil Rights in Israel (May 2007)
Report that concentrates on Hebron's City Center, the area comprising the Old City and the Casbah, in which most of the settlement points were established, and where Israel imposes the most severe restrictions on Palestinian movement. Includes the history of settlement in Hebron and control of the city, survey findings of Palestinian flight from the City Center, and discussion of Israel's policy in the city. Read More >

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