Palestinian Refugees and the Politics of Peacemaking

International Crisis Group (2004)
Report that seeks to identify those actors and factors most likely to determine how Palestinian refugees will react to a negotiated agreement of the refugee question. It also assesses the prospects for the implementation of a permanent status agreement. PDF >

Absorbing Returnees in a Viable Palestinian State: A Forward-Looking Macroeconomic Perspective

Arie Arnon and Nu'man Kanafani (2004)
Report that develops a macroeconomic framework to analyze the implications of resettling returning refugees and rehabilitating the Palestinian economy under an assumed overall political settlement. PDF >

Collective Palestinian Frustration and Suicide Bombings

Third World Quarterly (2003)
Study proposing that Islamic militancy, poverty, youth and personality patterns contribute to the explanation of support for Palestinian suicide bombings, as well as proneness to participate in them. PDF >

Refugees' Preferences and Behavior in a Palestinian-Israeli Permanent Refugee Agreement

Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (January - June, 2003)
Poll conducted in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Jordan, and Lebanon showing Palestinian public opinion on refugees' socio-economic conditions, peace settlement issues, and expected refugee behavior under a specific peace solution and under various conditions of re-settlement. Read More >

The Mideast: A Century of Conflict

NPR News (2002)
Seven-part series on the roots of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, reported by Mike Shuster, that attempts to revisit the significant episodes of that history and give both Palestinian and Israeli historians an opportunity to explain how they see it differently. Read More >

Rage and Reason

David Remnick / The New Yorker (May 6 2002)
Profile of Sari Nusseibeh, then the Palestine Liberation Organization's chief representative in Jerusalem and a professor of philosophy. Also delves into the situation in Israel and the Occupied Territories during the second Intifada, with a focus on Palestinian suicide bombings. Read More >

The Refugee Problem at Taba

Akiva Eldar / Palestine-Israel Journal (Spring 2002)
Interview with Yossi Beilin and Nabil Sha'ath, the main Israeli and Palestinian negotiators at the Taba conference of January 2001, about the Palestinian refugee problem and progress achieved on the issue. Read More >

Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)

1965 - 2002
The Jewish Virtual Library's collection of statements, speeches, and memos regarding Yasir Arafat's recognition of Israel, the subsequent U.S. recognition of the the Palestine Liberation Organization, and the suspension of restrictions on U.S. diplomatic relations with the organization. Includes other documents about the PLO and its relationship with the United States. Read More >

Jews from Arab Countries and the Palestinian Right for Return: An Ethnic Community in Realms of National Memory

Yehouda Shenhav / British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies (2002)
Examination of the World Organization of Jews from Arab Countries (WOJAC) and its aspiration to operate in the national arena and counterbalance the claims of the Palestinian leadership regarding the refugee question. Also described is how the Israel attempted to use the Jews from Arab Countries to offset the Palestinian demands for return and compensation. Read More >

The Settlers

BBC (2002)
In-depth documentary focusing on the daily lives, aspirations, and viewpoints of the settler community in Hebron. (58:00) Watch >

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