The Refugee Problem at Taba

Akiva Eldar / Palestine-Israel Journal (Spring 2002)
Interview with Yossi Beilin and Nabil Sha'ath, the main Israeli and Palestinian negotiators at the Taba conference of January 2001, about the Palestinian refugee problem and progress achieved on the issue. Read More >

Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)

1965 - 2002
The Jewish Virtual Library's collection of statements, speeches, and memos regarding Yasir Arafat's recognition of Israel, the subsequent U.S. recognition of the the Palestine Liberation Organization, and the suspension of restrictions on U.S. diplomatic relations with the organization. Includes other documents about the PLO and its relationship with the United States. Read More >

Jews from Arab Countries and the Palestinian Right for Return: An Ethnic Community in Realms of National Memory

Yehouda Shenhav / British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies (2002)
Examination of the World Organization of Jews from Arab Countries (WOJAC) and its aspiration to operate in the national arena and counterbalance the claims of the Palestinian leadership regarding the refugee question. Also described is how the Israel attempted to use the Jews from Arab Countries to offset the Palestinian demands for return and compensation. Read More >

The Settlers

BBC (2002)
In-depth documentary focusing on the daily lives, aspirations, and viewpoints of the settler community in Hebron. (58:00) Watch >

An Arsenal of Believers

Nasra Hassan / The New Yorker (November 19, 2001)
Profile of Palestinian suicide bombers from Hamas and Islamic Jihad which looks at the history of suicide bombings through an Islamist context. Includes interviews with suicide bombers and other group members, and descriptions of the planning and conduct of their operations. Read More >

How to solve the Palestinian refugee problem

Akiva Eldar / Ha'aretz (May 29, 2001)
Summary of the positions of Israeli and Palestinian negotiating teams, as well as a number of understandings reached, at the Taba Summit in 2001. Read More >

"Non-Paper": Israeli Private Response on Palestinian Refugees

January 23, 2001
Response from the Israeli negotiating team at Taba to the PLO's statement on refugees on January 22, 2001. Read More >

Palestinian Statement on Refugees

January 22, 2001
Position on refugees, in regard to a final status agreement, presented by the PLO negotiating team at Taba. Read More >

The Role of Hamas in the Aqsa Intifada

Meir Litvak / Tel Aviv Notes (January 18, 2001)
Details Hamas' role at the outset of the second Intifada and in influencing the nature of the uprising, as well as its relationship with the Palestinian Authority and Yasir Arafat. PDF >

Perceptions of Palestine: Their Influence on U.S. Middle East Policy

Kathleen Christison / University of California Press (2001)
Book Review ( | CampusBooks

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