APN News Flash: Peace Now Outpost Report and Direct Action Protest (with Video)

Peace Now yesterday combined a release of its report detailing the growth of illegal West Bank outposts - 16 new ones since 2017 alone - with a direct action by its activists, several of whom were detained by the Israeli authorities.

Peace Now Director Shaqued Morag: "We are on our way to a police investigation for 'disturbing public order.' Today we hung signs reading 'illegal outpost' outside dozens of outposts. Yet those who built against the law, they aren’t being investigated."

The Peace Now's report discloses that there have been 32 new unauthorized settlements under the Netanyahu government: "Quietly, far from public attention, facts on the ground are being created that are changing Israel’s political position in the West Bank, without official decisions and in defiance of the law."

The Times of Israel reported: "With impeccable timing, the demolitions [of 70 Palestinian homes in an E. Jerusalem neighborhood] came as Peace Now published a report on the flowering of wildcat outposts in the West Banks. While 14 were set up in the last four years of US president Barack Obama’s tenure, the two and a half years since have seen another 18 illegal outposts go up... according to Peace Now, most of the newer outposts are agricultural concerns, which allow settlers to grab more land for planting and grazing and need relatively little infrastructure..."

The Associated Press writes that Peace Now also accused the Israeli government of backing the outposts, despite them being illegal. "Most of the illegal construction is carried out in an organized manner by officials and with extensive funding from the public coffers.”

As summarized in APN's News Nosh today, Ha'aretz covered the story extensively, going so far as visiting all the new outposts, and published: "At Least 16 Israeli Unauthorized West Bank Outposts Established Since 2017". Quoted in it was Shabtay Bendet, who heads Peace Now's settlement monitoring team (pictured on left from yesterday's action): "The two-faced conduct of the government of Israel with regard to illegal settlements continues at full pace... with the clear intention of thwarting a future agreement, and the aspiration to force on the Israeli public a messianic vision that most of the public opposes."

An AP story "Israeli group says West Bank outposts boom under Trump" ran in the NY Times, Washington Post, Ynet, and Israel Hayom.

Go HERE for the summary of Peace Now's report entitled "Return of the Outpost Method."

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