PeaceCast: Rashida Tlaib and Palestinian-Americans

Rashida Tlaib of Michigan is the first Palestinian-American woman to serve in Congress.

Public attention focused on a profanity that Tlaib used in reference to President Trump shortly after being sworn in to the 116th Congress. This episode, instead, focuses on the significance of Tlaib’s coming to Washington for the Palestinian-American community, a community that has never enjoyed much political clout in the U.S.

Hanna Hanania, a prominent leader of the community, talks about what it means for Palestinian-American to have a progressive young woman in Congress who proudly asserts her Palestinian identity.

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PeaceCast: Israel's Relations with US Jews

A new report by Israel's Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) analyzes Israel's relations with American Jews through the prism of Israeli national security.

The report is chiefly directed at Israeli policy makers, and therefore has so far only been published in Hebrew. The English translation will be published soon. Dr. Michal Hatuel-Radushitzky, one of the report's authors, talks about the chief observations and recommendations of the report.

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PeaceCast: East Jerusalem Update with Danny Seidemann of Terrestrial Jerusalem

Known by many as Mr. Jerusalem, one of the world’s leading experts on Jewish-Arab relations in Jerusalem, Danny Seidemann is the founder and director of Terrestrial Jerusalem, an Israeli non-governmental organization that works to identify and track the full spectrum of developments in Jerusalem that could impact either the political process or permanent status options, destabilize the city or spark violence, or create humanitarian crises.

We spoke about the recent elections for Jerusalem’s municipal council and what should be expected of the new mayor, Moshe Lion. We spoke about the settlement in the East Jerusalem neighborhoods of Silwan and Sheikh Jarrah. We spoke about the leaping West Bank annexation policies of the Israeli government and the role that Jerusalem plays in these policies. We spoke about the Trump administration’s policy on Jerusalem. The conversation with Danny was fun. He was as witty, smart and analytical as always. 

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PeaceCast: Arab Citizens on Israel's National Soccer Team

Eight out of the 22 players on the current Israeli soccer national team are non-Jews, of them 7 are Arabs and one, Bibras Natkho, is an Israeli Circassian Muslim. He is also the national team captain. That is unprecedented. Never before have so many non-Jewish players played for the national team.

The soccer field in Israel serves young Arab men as a tool for upward mobility while it also serves as a platform for anti-Arab bigotry and racism. Tomer Fadlon, an expert on the politics and diplomacy of soccer at Tel Aviv University, explains the apparent contradiction and much more.

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PeaceCast: US Jewish opinion on Israel, Trump, and Netanyahu

Jim Gerstein is a pollster and a founding partner of GBA Strategies, a DC-based firm that provides research-based strategic counsel for candidates running for office, non-profit organizations, and for arts and cultural institutions. Since 2008, Gerstein has been conducting national polls of American Jews on election nights, commissioned by J Street.

In this episode, J Street's Jessica Rosenblum and APN's Ori Nir talk with Gerstein about his November 6th, 2018 poll.

This episode marks a new partnership between Americans for Peace Now and J Street on PeaceCast.

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Israeli strategic affairs expert Yossi Alpher, who authors Hard Questions Tough Answers, APN's weekly news analysis, was our guest on Thursday, November 15th, for a briefing call on the ongoing crisis between Israel and Hamas

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PeaceCast: Friendship between Israelis and Gazans

This episode, like several episodes we’ve produced in the past, focuses on the Gaza border. It features a conversation with Ose Oyamendan, a documentary filmmaker whose film A Bridge Over Blood documents efforts by Israeli peace activists in southern Israel and Palestinian activists in the Gaza Strip to build bridges of understanding and friendship to advance peace.  

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PeaceCast #60: Critical Engagement - American Jews and Israel

This episode features a conversation with Dov Waxman, Professor of Political Science, International Affairs, and Israel Studies at Northeastern University, and Director of Northeastern’s Middle East Program.

We talked with Waxman about one of his fields of expertise: the growing shift in American Jews’ attitudes toward Israel.

Dov Waxman is the author of Trouble in the Tribe: The American Jewish Conflict Over Israel.

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PeaceCast #59: Gaza, Preparing for Dawn

Donald Macintyre, the former Jerusalem bureau chief of the British Independent, is the author of a new book on the Gaza Strip. The book puts a human face on Gaza and provides some valuable keys to unlock the conundrum that Gaza is. This episode is another effort by PeaceCast to shed light on Gaza, a small strip of land a perpetual state of crisis.

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PeaceCast #58: Dan Kurtzer Blasts Trump's Israel-Palestine Policy

This episode’s guest is Daniel Kurtzer, a professor in Middle East policy studies at Princeton University and the United States’ former ambassador to Israel and Egypt.

Dan’s New York Daily News article blasts the Trump administration’s decision to merge the US consulate in Jerusalem with the US embassy to Israel, which has recently been removed from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. In this conversation, Ambassador Kurtzer examines this development and analyzes this administration’s approach policy on Israeli-Palestinian peace.

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