PeaceCast: From Zero-Sum to Peace - Dual Narratives

This episode of APN's podcast features a presentation that Nizar Farsakh and Ori Nir gave at Ithaca College on September 17th. The talk was an attempt to make the Israeli-Palestinian conflict more accessible to young people by weaving personal narratives of an Israeli-American and a Palestinian-American into the collective national narratives of Israelis and Palestinians.

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PeaceCast: APN’s Debra Shushan and Ori Nir, Hosted by Bill Press

In this special episode of PeaceCast, APN’s Debra Shushan and Ori Nir are the interviewees rather than the interviewers on the Bill Press Pod. A co-production.

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PeaceCast: Housing Rather than Ideology

Erez Maggor, an Israeli social scientist who specializes in the history and the political economics of the West Bank settlement, says that the impetus for the West Bank settlement policies of the Likud government in the late 1970s and 1980s is largely misunderstood.

What chiefly pushed the Israeli government to build across the Green Line, he says, was not an ideological Greater Israel zeal but rather a demand by the Likud’s low-income electoral base for affordable housing.

Maggor is a doctoral candidate at New York University’s Department of Sociology.

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PeaceCast: Duplicity: Netanyahu and the Two-State Solution

On June 14th 2009, Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a major policy speech at Bar Ilan University, in which he endorsed the two-state solution. 

On its face, it was a revolutionary statement. Until then, Netanyahu was the most visibly identified Israeli politician with opposition to Palestinian statehood.

Today, ten years later, it is clear that Netanyahu’s political worldview did not undergo a metamorphosis. Rather, it was a rhetorical ploy to deflect US pressure under President Obama. 

A new article by Dr. Guy Ziv of American University documents and analyzes what led up to the landmark Bar Ilan Speech, and what happened in the past decade to Netanyahu’s stated endorsement of an idea that has always been anathema to him.

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PeaceCast: The Dove - Young Voices of Israel/Palestine - Recorded live in Washington, DC

This episode features  stories that inspire hope for peace between Israelis and Palestinians, which was recorded live at APN's "The Dove" on July 22 in Washington, DC. This event is done in partnership with New Story Leadership (NSL), a Washington-based organization that brings to DC a small group of young Israelis and Palestinians to provide them with leadership tools needed to create social, economic and political transformation toward peace between the two peoples.

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What are the settlers doing in the East Jerusalem village of Silwan? How do their actions and the policy of the Netanyahu government impact the Palestinians living there? What is the impact of the Trump administration’s collusion with the settlers and with Netanyahu’s government regarding East Jerusalem impact prospect for peace? More broadly, what are current trends in East Jerusalem, and how do they effect a possible two-state solution? On July 11th 2019, APN hosted Hagit Ofran and Daniel Seidemann for a briefing call to explore these questions. 

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PeaceCast: From Soldier to Peace Activist

Eran Nissan is the Project Coordinator at Israel's Peace Now movement, the Israeli sister-organization of Americans for Peace Now. This summer, he is one of eight fellows participating in the annual summer program of Washington's New Story Leadership (NSL), and interning at APN.

In this conversation, Eran tells the story of his becoming a political activist, following his service as a combat soldier in the Israel Defense Forces.

Eran and his fellow NSL scholars will be featured in a subsequent episode of PeaceCast next month, when we live-record this year's edition of The Dove, our annual storytelling event. Stay tuned.

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PeaceCast: DC's New Palestinian Museum

This special episode features a visit to the newly launched Museum of the Palestinian People in Washington, DC.

Host Ori Nir was joined by his daughter Noa Nir, who participated in interviewing Nizar Farsakh, the Chair of the Board of the museum.

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Donald Trump’s White House over the weekend unveiled the economic part of its vision for Israeli-Palestinian peace. Tomorrow, it will convene an "economic workshop" in Manama, Bahrain, to rally support for its “peace plan".

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PeaceCast: Rabbinic Prism, in partnership with T'ruah, the Rabbinic Call for Human Rights

This special episode of PeaceCast is produced in partnership with T’ruah, the Rabbinic Call for Human Rights.

It features six stories told by rabbinical students at a recent story telling evening in Israel, at the end of their one-year T’ruah program there.

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