Israeli strategic affairs expert Yossi Alpher, who authors Hard Questions Tough Answers, APN's weekly news analysis, was our guest on Thursday, November 15th, for a briefing call on the ongoing crisis between Israel and Hamas

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PeaceCast: Friendship between Israelis and Gazans

This episode, like several episodes we’ve produced in the past, focuses on the Gaza border. It features a conversation with Ose Oyamendan, a documentary filmmaker whose film A Bridge Over Blood documents efforts by Israeli peace activists in southern Israel and Palestinian activists in the Gaza Strip to build bridges of understanding and friendship to advance peace.  

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PeaceCast #60: Critical Engagement - American Jews and Israel

This episode features a conversation with Dov Waxman, Professor of Political Science, International Affairs, and Israel Studies at Northeastern University, and Director of Northeastern’s Middle East Program.

We talked with Waxman about one of his fields of expertise: the growing shift in American Jews’ attitudes toward Israel.

Dov Waxman is the author of Trouble in the Tribe: The American Jewish Conflict Over Israel.

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PeaceCast #59: Gaza, Preparing for Dawn

Donald Macintyre, the former Jerusalem bureau chief of the British Independent, is the author of a new book on the Gaza Strip. The book puts a human face on Gaza and provides some valuable keys to unlock the conundrum that Gaza is. This episode is another effort by PeaceCast to shed light on Gaza, a small strip of land a perpetual state of crisis.

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PeaceCast #58: Dan Kurtzer Blasts Trump's Israel-Palestine Policy

This episode’s guest is Daniel Kurtzer, a professor in Middle East policy studies at Princeton University and the United States’ former ambassador to Israel and Egypt.

Dan’s New York Daily News article blasts the Trump administration’s decision to merge the US consulate in Jerusalem with the US embassy to Israel, which has recently been removed from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. In this conversation, Ambassador Kurtzer examines this development and analyzes this administration’s approach policy on Israeli-Palestinian peace.

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Briefing Call (3pm EST): Lara Alqasem and Israel's Entry Law

Join us and our fellow organizations TODAY for a briefing call in advance of the Israeli Supreme Court’s consideration of the case of Lara Alqasem. We are calling on the Israeli government to admit Alqasem into Israel to pursue her studies at Hebrew University.

Alqasem has become the latest symbol of the fight for an open Israeli society. She is fighting the government’s decision to expel her for her past political affiliation with a student organization that supports boycotts against Israel.

For more background on Lara’s case, click here to read APN’s press release calling on the Israeli government to let her stay.

Click here to join the briefing call on Facebook Live TODAY at 3pm. Speakers will be Leora Bechor, Alqasem's attorney, and MK Tamar Zandberg, leader of the Meretz party.

Thanks for your support,
Americans for Peace Now

This briefing call is co-sponsored by Americans for Peace Now, J Street, Ameinu, National Council of Jewish Women, New Israel Fund, Partners for a Progressive Israel, Reconstructing Judaism, and T’ruah.

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PeaceCast #57: News Nosh - A Talk with Orly Halpern

Orly Halpern is an American-born, Jerusalem-based freelance journalist who edits News Nosh, Americans for Peace Now’s roundup of the daily news from Israel.

She prepares the English language review of Israel’s Hebrew media early in the morning, Israel time, taking advantage of the seven-hour time difference between Jerusalem and America's East Coast so that News Nosh subscribers can scan the Israeli news of the day with their morning coffee and bagel.

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This episode goes much beyond News Nosh. Orly talks about her career in journalism, about Israeli journalism and about Israeli society.

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PeaceCast #56: Unsettling Trends: Conversation with Hagit Ofran

Hagit Ofran is one of the world's leading experts on West Bank settlements. In a conversation at her Jerusalem home, she analyzes current trends in West Bank settlement planning and construction, as well as Israeli government actions to "legalize" illegal outposts and to allow the construction of new illegal outposts.

Visit Peace Now's Settlement Watch website

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PeaceCast #55: "Dont Give Up!" - A conversation with Jeremy Ben-Ami

This episode's guest is Jeremy Ben-Ami, the founder and president of J Street. Jeremy recently published an article in The New Republic headlined "Don’t Give Up: Why Liberal Jews Must Not Abandon the Fight for Israel’s Future." His is one of several articles in the current edition of The New Republic, devoted to the relationship today between American Jews and Israel.

On these Days of Awe between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, we reflected and took stock of where our pro-Israel, pro-peace movement stands and where we wish to go.

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PeaceCast #53: "Dammit, I'm mad" – A conversation with Debra DeLee

August 30th, 2018 was Debra DeLee’s last day as Americans for Peace Now’s President and CEO. As she was packing up her office, Debra sat down with PeaceCast’s host Ori Nir and with APN’s Director of Policy and Government Relations, Debra Shushan.

We talked about Debra’s frustration with America’s Jewish establishment’s inability to confront the moral challenges related to Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. We talked about the leadership role of women in Jewish organizations. We talked the wonderful people that comprise the pro-Israel, pro-peace movement in the United States. And we talked about hope.

Debra led APN for the past 21 years, through thick and thin, and has been one of the most influential figures in the movement. In addition to her professionalism and her leadership skills, Debra is a mensch. Her humanity and charm clearly shine in this conversation.

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