Bogus Bibi Argument Against an Iran Deal #2

2_Zero_EnrichmentThe only good deal with Iran is one that leaves Iran with zero enrichment capacity.

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Bogus Bibi Argument Against an Iran Deal #1


Additional sanctions and credible threats of military action can secure a better deal with Iran than current negotiations.

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11 Lies Netanyahu Told Congress on Iran

The case Netanyahu laid out against an Iran deal in his address to Congress revolves around 11 core arguments. Think they sound convincing? Look at those arguments one by one, and you’ll see why each of them is bogus.

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PAST ACTION -Tell Your Senators: Oppose AIPAC-backed Iran Bills

Update: this action, now closed, ran in March 2015. 

Today, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed  a joint session of Congress. His goal? To scuttle the ongoing diplomacy that seeks to achieve a diplomatic agreement and verifiably curb Iran's nuclear program. After his speech, AIPAC conference-goers are flooding the Hill, meeting with Members of Congress and staff, with the goal of amplifying Netanyahu’s arguments.

Tell your Senators: Reject AIPAC-backed bills that risk aborting Iran diplomacy.

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APN to Senate: Reject Unnecessary, Dangerous New Iran Bills

Americans for Peace Now today called on U.S. Senators to refuse to support or cosponsor the two pieces of Iran legislation – S. 269 and S. 615 – that AIPAC activists will be asking them to support when they come to the Hill for their lobby day tomorrow.  Both bills are entirely unnecessary, and both risk undermining the ongoing diplomacy with the P5+1 – leaving the U.S. isolated and bringing Washington closer to the point where it will be forced to choose between a nuclear-armed Iran and another Middle East war.

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March 2, 2015 - Meanwhile, back home in Israel


This week, Alpher dicusses Netanyahu's approach to rallying support against a prospective US-led nuclear deal with Iran and getting himself reelected back home in Israel by speaking this week to the United States Congress; why Netanyahu can’t affect the nuclear deal and what damage he is doing to the strategic relationship between the US and Israel; What challenges from Iran in the Middle East Netanyahu is neglecting, and how this is related to the US; the Israeli public’s response to Netanyahu’s congressional grandstanding and the administration’s angry reproaches; why the Israeli-Palestinian conflict seems right now to be all about money and if there is a timely US-Israel angle here too.

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Americans for Peace Now is outraged by the full-page ad, published in Saturday's New York Times, which accuses National security Advisor Susan Rice of being "blind" to the Jewish people's genocide. 

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Press Release: APN to Netanyahu: Use Congressional Speech to Repair Damage!

Hours before Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's address to Congress on Iran tomorrow, Americans for Peace Now is calling today on Netanyahu to refrain from using his speech to undermine diplomacy with Iran, further deepening the partisan rift on Capitol Hill, and causing further divisions among American Jews.

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Iran Briefing Call with Joseph Cirincione and Larry Hanauer 2/27/15

Hanauer-Cirincione320x265On Friday, February 27th  APN hosted Joseph Cirincione of the Ploughshares Fund and Larry Hanauer of the RAND Corporation on a briefing call regarding the current negotiations over Iran's nuclear quest, Congress' role in the negotiations process, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's effort to use Congress to scuttle the Obama administration's efforts to reach a deal.

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11 Bogus Arguments Bibi Will Likely Be Making Against an Iran Deal

Prepare for Netanyahu’s Washington Speeches:
Listen for these 11 Bogus Arguments against an Iran Deal

Meir Dagan quoteOn March 3rd, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address a joint session of Congress, where he is expected to make the case against a nuclear deal with Iran, at least a deal that could result from the current negotiations between Iran and the P5+1 (the U.S., France, Germany, the Russian Federation, the People's Republic of China, and the United Kingdom).  During this visit to Washington, Netanyahu will make other speeches and find other occasions to speak to the media in which he will no doubt, make the same case.  In anticipation of these speeches and statements, it is important to "un-pack" and debunk the bogus arguments against an Iran deal that Netanyahu is most likely to be making.  The eleven most prominent of those arguments are examined here.  The full document can be printed/downloaded here.

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