Webinar Recording- The End of Israel: A Book Talk with Bradley Burston

For over four decades, as a reporter and columnist, Bradley Burston documented Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians and commented on it. His new book, The End of Israel, details a roadmap to the current catastrophic crisis in Israeli society, which culminated in the events of October 7th and those that continue to follow. Burston introduces the book as a documentation of the consequences of a choice that Benjamin Netanyahu made years ago to “contort and sacrifice his country for the sake of his own political longevity.” As Burston writes, “He chose. Israel lost. End of story.”

Bradley Burston, a US-born award-winning journalist was a reporter for the Jerusalem Post in the 1980s and 1990s, reported on Israel for Reuters, and was a founding editor of Haaretz's English online edition. Haaretz readers were familiar with his column “A Special Place in Hell,” from which his new book was compiled.

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Recording: UNRWA’s Gaza Challenge

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Rally in DC- November 14th, 2023

On Tuesday, November 14th at 1:00pm ET, thousands of American Jews, along with friends and allies, will gather for a rally on Washington’s National Mall-- and we will be there. There will be progressive Jews and conservative Jews. There will be observant Jews and secular Jews. Together with our colleagues at like-minded groups we are organizing a Peace Bloc, and will be there in solidarity. In solidarity with the people of Israel, in solidarity with the hostages held in Gaza and with their families, and in solidarity against the alarming rise in global antisemitism.

The rally, organized by the Conference of Presidents and the national federation movement, is intended to gather people from across the Jewish communal spectrum. We are not co-sponsoring the event, nor will we be among the speakers. And yes, it is nearly certain that some speakers at the rally will say things that we disagree with, and they will certainly not say everything that we believe needs to be said. But we will not cede this ground to those with whom we disagree. We will stand together as a community alongside other Jewish organizations in our Peace Bloc and yes, alongside those who do not share our views. 

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Recording- ...Meanwhile, in the West Bank- with Hagit Ofran and Yoni Mizrachi (11/9/2023)

While the world’s attention is focused on Israel’s dual-front war, in Gaza and on its northern border, tensions in the West Bank are surging. Violent settlers are taking advantage of the crisis to attack West Bank Palestinians, Israeli government ministers are advancing additional budgets to the settlements and advancing settlement planning. West Bank Palestinian violence is on the rise and so is IDF tough action against Palestinian militants and demonstrators.

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Webinar- Gaza War: What’s Next? With Tal Schneider and Daniel Seidemann (November 2, 2023)

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Recording- Emergency Briefing with Yossi Alpher

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Recording- Haaretz’s Amir Tibon on US-Israel Relations Following Netanyahu’s Visit

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Recording- Crooked Timber: Dr. Dahlia Scheindlin’s New Book on Israeli Democracy

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Recording- Shanda: Letty Cottin Pogrebin on Shame and Disgrace

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Recording: Mixed Cities in Israel – a Conversation with Shahira Shalabi

On October 31st, 2023, Israeli citizens will go to the polls to elect their municipal leaders. Among some 300 local and regional councils up for election are the seven Israeli cities that are known as “mixed” or “shared,” where Jews and Arabs live together.

As the Co-Deputy CEO for Programs of the Abraham Initiatives, Shahira Shalabi runs the organization’s Shared Cities Initiative. In this APN webinar, she discusses the project and about the potential of shared Jewish-Arab communities to serve as laboratories – and hopefully as models – for advancing nascent political partnerships and forging better relations between the Arab and Jewish citizens of Israel.

Shahira Shalabi is the former Deputy Mayor of Haifa, a former city councilor, and was among the founders of the Palestinian feminist movement in Israel. She has established several organizations working to improve the status of Arab women in Israel. She is a group facilitator, specializing in dialogue, and conflict resolution.

Watch the video recording on our YouTube channel.

Listen to the audio recording on our podcast, PeaceCast.


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