The Foundation for Middle East, along with Americans for Peace Now, J Street, the New Israel Fund, and the Middle East Institute invite you to an event:

Demolishing Democracy: How Annexationism Is Bulldozing Israeli Institutions


Yehuda Shaul, Co-Founder, Breaking the Silence

in conversation with

Debra Shushan, Director of Government Relations, J Street

When: January 27, 2019, 10:00am
Where: the Middle East Institute, 1763 N St. NW, Washington, DC

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Friday, December 6, 2:00 pm

Middle East Institute

1762 N Street NW
Washington, DC 20036

Please RSVP by Wednesday, December 4th to Arielle Hollies at

Yael Patir is J Street's Israel Director. Prior to joining J Street in 2012, she served as Director of the Civil Leadership Department at the Shimon Peres Center for Peace where she oversaw cross-border peace-building programs that engaged a wide range of civil society figures, including Palestinian and Israeli young political leaders. Yael also helped establish the Palestinian-Israeli Peace NGO Forum, a network of some 100 Palestinian and Israeli peace and dialogue organizations, and has served as the Israeli Director since the Forum’s inception in January 2006.

Dr. Nisreen Shehada is one of the founders of Standing Together, a joint Jewish-Arab grassroots movement fighting to transform Israeli politics. Standing Together organizes Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel around campaigns for peace, equality, and social justice, in order to build power and transform Israeli society. Dr. Shehada has a PhD in chemical engineering and nanotechnology, works at a large high-tech company and lives in Haifa.

Michal Gera Margaliot is the Executive Director of Israel's Women's Network. For the last decade Michal has been on the frontlines promoting women’s rights in Israel. In her current role, Michael oversees IWN's work to fight for equal pay for women and greater women's representation in leadership positions across all sectors of Israeli society. Prior to becoming the managing director of the IWN, Michal served as a parliamentary advisor and chief of staff of MK Merav Michaeli.

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Dual Narratives at Ithaca

On September 17th, Ori Nir participated in two special events at Cornell University and Ithaca College together with Nizar Farsakh, the chair of the Board of the Museum of the Palestinian People in Washington DC.

Farsakh is the former General Director of the PLO Delegation in Washington DC, and a former adviser to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and to former Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad.

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Event photos and tribute slide show come after the videos

Event Highlight Video

All still photography and videography from the event was done by j. concepts productions (highly recommended!).  

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APN Award Luncheon - Gunther Tribute Slide Show Presentation - September 8, 2109

Slide show presentation of tributes and more shown at the APN Award Luncheon in Los Angeles on September 8, 2019.

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Click HERE or the graphic below for more information, to get tickets or donate for a tribute message.

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What are the settlers doing in the East Jerusalem village of Silwan? How do their actions and the policy of the Netanyahu government impact the Palestinians living there? What is the impact of the Trump administration’s collusion with the settlers and with Netanyahu’s government regarding East Jerusalem impact prospect for peace? More broadly, what are current trends in East Jerusalem, and how do they effect a possible two-state solution? On July 11th 2019, APN hosted Hagit Ofran and Daniel Seidemann for a briefing call to explore these questions. 

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The Dove - Young Voices of Israel/Palestine - July 22, 2019 - Washington, DC

The Dove: Young Voices of Israel/Palestine - Monday, July 22, 6:30 pm, Washington DC

Join us, or be a sponsor, for an evening of personal stories that inspire hope for Israeli-Palestinian peace, based on the popular storytelling show “The Moth”. 

This is the fourth event in our "The Dove" series, and will feature a new group of young Israeli and Palestinian storytellers who will be in Washington to participate in the New Story Leadership program, a co-sponsor of this event. GET TICKETS

If you can't make it to the event, help support this unique program with a sponsorship donation of any amount. Amplify the voices of young Israeli and Palestinian leaders, who together are charting a path of peace and reconciliation between their peoples. SPONSOR 

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Deja Vu All Over Again? – Israeli Elections Redux

A month after it was sworn in, Israel’s Knesset voted to dissolve itself and drag the Israeli public into another election cycle.

What will this campaign look like? How much of an appetite does the Israeli public have for another round? Do the new elections provide a second chance for Benjamin Netanyahu’s opposition to depose him? How realistic is such a scenario? Will the right more effectively coalesce to come out stronger? And how about the left -- will it unite? Will the Arab parties re-unite?

Allison Kaplan Sommer of Israel’s Haaretz daily addressed these and other questions at a briefing call on June 6th . 

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