Webinar, Mon. August 17, 12:00 EST - "A Generation Awakens: Israel’s anti-Netanyahu Protest" with Dina Kraft

Monday, August 17th, 12:00 EST

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Anti-Netanyahu protests in Israel continue to growWeek after week, tens of thousands of Israelis – most in their 20s and 30s – are flooding the streets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv to protest government corruption, and to demand democracy and justice. Albeit not the chief emphasis of the protest, anti-occupation and anti-annexation messages are an integral part of the protest.

Israelis protest corruption in Netanyahu′s government for fourth ...Who is protesting and what do they Want? Why is a generation of depoliticized Israelis mobilizing? What is the modus operandi of the protest movement? What does the protest movement mean for Israeli society? And what does it mean for Israel’s peace movement and its agenda?

American-Israeli journalist Dina Kraft will address these and other questions on an Americans for Peace Now webinar.

B'nai B'rith World Center-Jerusalem Announces Winners of 2020 ...Dina Kraft is a journalist, editor, and educator. Currently based in Tel Aviv she is a correspondent for both Haaretz and The Christian Science Monitor where she reports on Israeli and Palestinian politics, culture and society. Dina is also the host of The Branch, a podcast that features stories of partnerships between Israelis and Palestinians, Jews and Arabs. Formerly, Kraft was based in Jerusalem and Johannesburg for The Associated Press and has reported from throughout Africa, as well as Pakistan, Jordan, Tunisia, Russia and Ukraine. 

Michael Sfard's recent legal opinion, commissioned by the Israeli human rights organization Yesh Din, concluded that Israel’s occupation of the West Bank is a form of apartheid, constituting a crime according to international law.

Join us on Monday, August 10, 2020 - 11 am (Eastern)

Michael Sfard is an Israeli attorney who represents various Israeli and Palestinian human rights and peace organizations, movements, and activists. He is an expert in international humanitarian law and international human rights law. He was educated at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and at University College in London.
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VIDEO and AUDIO RECORDINGS - July 10 Webinar with Peter Beinart - "My Case for Equality"

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Audio Recording:

Watch/listen to the conversation from Friday, July 10 with Peter Beinart, a leading American Jewish advocate for Israeli-Palestinian peace, and Hadar Susskind, APN President and CEO. 

Beinart speaks in more detail on the genesis of, and thoughts presented in his new essay. In it, he has moved publicly from a long-held position advocating for a two-state solution to now making the case for equality between Jews and Palestinians in a shared or confederated state.

Peter Beinart is Professor of Journalism and Political Science at the City University of New York. He is also a Contributor to The Atlantic, a CNN Political Commentator, Editor-at-Large of Jewish Currents and a Non-Resident Fellow at the Foundation for Middle East Peace. He is the former editor of the New Republic.

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Webinar - "The Perils of Annexation" - Thursday, June 25, 12:30 pm (Eastern)

Zoom Webinar features:

  • Ambassador Dr. Husam Zomlot, Head of the Palestinian Mission to the UK

  • Ambassador (ret.) Ilan Baruch, chair of the pro-two-state Policy Working Group

  • Shaqued Morag, Peace Now Executive Director

The panel will discuss the implications of unilateral – the anticipated political fallout in each nation and around the region, the expected developments on the ground, the question of international reaction and international law – and, just as importantly, how this dangerous unilateral move can still be prevented.

Thursday, June 25, 12:30 pm (Eastern)


Co-sponsors: Americans for Peace Now, Meretz UK, and Partners for Progressive Israel.

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To analyze the state of affairs among the Palestinian public and its leadership as Israel moves to annex large swathes of the West Bank, join APN’s Zoom webinar with leading Palestinian pollster Khalil Shikaki, the director of the Ramallah-based Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research.

Friday, June 26, 12:00 pm (Eastern)


Pummeled by the Israeli occupation, Palestinian Authority diplomatic ineptness in the West Bank and Hamas governance incompetence in the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian public is now facing the specter of West Bank annexation. Mahmoud Abbas’ PLO, utterly committed to two-state diplomacy with Israel, is hard-pressed to respond to this paradigm-changing move by the Israeli government.

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APN's The Dove - Israeli Journalists Part I - "Chauffeuring in Gaza" - story by Oren Cohen

This story by Oren Cohen, the former Palestinian affairs correspondent of the daily newspaper Hadashot, is a part of APN’s Virtual Dove series, a collection of stories told by practitioners in the field of Israeli-Palestinian relations, stories that highlight the human and the humanity in the conflict.

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RECORDING: "Annexation: The Palestinian Leadership’s Perspective" with Saeb Erekat

Hear the recording of APN's May 22nd briefing call with Dr. Saeb Erekat:

West Bank Annexation: The Palestinian Leadership’s Perspective

Dr. Erekat is Secretary General of the PLO’s Executive Committee and served for many years as the Palestinian chief negotiator with Israel.

Hear him address the future of Israeli-Palestinian relations as a result of the Israeli government decision to annex large parts of the West Bank. Included was discussion on Tuesday's declaration by the Palestinian Authority that agreements with Israel and the US, including those that are security-related, would cease.

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Yossi Alpher, an independent security expert, provided analysis of the Netanyahu-Gantz coalition agreement and other questions relating to Israeli politics at the APN’s briefing call on Thursday, April 30.


Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his opponent-turned-coalition-partner Benny Gantz agreed this week to embark on West Bank annexation procedures as early as July 1st. Their agreement is a clause in the deal they signed to form an "emergency" unity government, following long weeks of negotiations.

Yossi Alpher, an independent security analyst, is the former director of the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies at Tel Aviv University, a former senior official with Israel’s Mossad, and a former IDF intelligence officer. He is the author of Hard Questions Tough Answers, APN’s weekly analysis of Israeli and Middle Eastern strategic affairs.

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LIVESTREAM - Joint Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Ceremony - Monday, April 27

Joint Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Ceremony

Live-streamed from Israel:

Monday, April 27, 1:30 pm (Eastern) / 10:30 am (Pacific)

Email RSVP@peacenow.org to receive the link to participate.

Americans for Peace Now is a co-sponsor of this event hosted by Combatants for Peace and The Parents Circle-Families Forum.

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APN Briefing Call: "From Settlements to Annexation" Featuring Shaqued Morag, Executive Director, and Brian Reeves, Director of External Relations of Israel’s Peace Now (Shalom Achshav)


Morag and Reeves discussed the situation (as of April 13) regarding the "unity Government" deal being negotiated between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his opponent-turned-potential-coalition-partner Benny Gantz. What might this do related to recent annexation initiatives, and what would that mean for Israel? How will Israel's peace movement respond? 

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