APN/Peace Now in the News: January 23 - January 30, 2015

LA Times - January 27, 2015
APN's Lara Friedman quoted in a story on Congress' holding Iran sanctions legislation

Chicago Tribune (LA Times Syndication) - January 27, 2015
APN's Lara Friedman quoted in a story on Congress' holding Iran sanctions legislation

Haaretz - January 30, 2015
Peace Now: Israeli government issues tenders for 450 West Bank settlement housing units

Associated Press - January 30, 2015
Peace Now report: Israel's government issues West Bank settlement building tenders

APN/Peace Now in the News: January 9-January 16, 2015

Boston Globe - January 12, 2015
APN's Ori Nir op-ed: Israelis need optimism

The Forward - January 9, 2015
APN participates in progressive list running in elections for WZO

The Wrap - January 15, 2015
Peace Now's Yariv Oppenheimer to take part in premiere of new Travel Channel series

APN/Peace Now in the News: December 19, 2014 - January 2, 2015

The Forward - December 23, 2014
APN's Lara Friedman opinion piece: Stop Babying Israel at the U.N. Security Council

People's World - December 19, 2014
APN sponsors Jerusalem lecture with Daniel Seidemann

San Diego Jewish World - December 24, 2014
APN press release re: UNSC vote reprinted in entirety

Intermountain Jewish News - December 31, 2014
APN's Debra DeLee participates in Denver panel on Israeli-Palestinian peace

APN/Peace Now in the News: January 2 - January 9, 2015

Al-Monitor – January 4, 2015
Peace Now estimates: cost of settlements to national budget is 2 billion Shekels annually

Jerusalem Post – January 6, 2015
High Court sides with Peace Now petition and orders remaining Migron settler structures demolished

Cleveland Jewish News – January 7, 2015
APN's Ori Nir to kick off series of events on discussing controversial subjects in a spirit of understanding

The Forward – January 9, 2015
APN participates in progressive list running in elections for WZO  

APN/Peace Now in the News: December 12, 2014 - December 19, 2014

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 14, 2014
APN's Ori Nir quoted in Trudy Rubin's column on Israeli elections


Associated Press - December 15, 2014
Peace Now's Lior Amihai: Significant growth in settlement construction under Netanyahu


San Diego Jewish World - December 15, 2014
APN press release on UN Action reprinted in its entirety

APN/Peace Now in the News: December 5 - December 12, 2014

Associated Press - December 10, 2014
Peace Now: No new settlement plans since Bibi-Obama meeting in October

Washington Jewish Week - December 10, 2014
APN's Ori Nir: Poll data shows how strongly Americans criticize Israel's West Bank settlement policy

Haaretz - December 11, 2014
APN's Ori Nir op-ed: Ahead of Israeli elections, US Jews should publicly assert their vision of Israel's future

APN/Peace Now in the News: November 24 - December 5, 2014

The Forward - November 23, 2014
APN's Lara Friedman: The Terror Rocking Jerusalem Is Not About God

Haaretz - November 24, 2014
Ori Nir's op-ed: The sickness in both Israeli and Palestinian societies

New York Times - November 25, 2014
APN Ori Nir's article quoted by NYT's Thomas Friedman

Ynet - November 29, 2014
Large turnout for Peace Now demonstration in Jerusalem

Jerusalem Post - November 29, 2014
Anger and defiance at Peace Now demonstration in opposition to "Jewish State" bill

Times of Israel - November 30, 2014
Thousands turn out for Peace Now Jerusalem demonstration against "Jewish State" bill

Haaretz - November 30, 2014
At demonstration organized by Peace Now, over 1,000 protest Jewish nation-state bill outside PM's residence

Jewish Currents - November 30, 2014
Profile of APN Board Member Mandy Patinkin mentions his 2012 Peace Now speech

The Forward (JTA story) - December 2, 2014
APN among Jewish groups opposing "Jewish State" bill

Diamondback (UMD campus newspaper) - December 3, 2014
APN's Ori Nir and ATFP's Ghaith al-Omari speak at UMD

APN/Peace Now in the News: November 14, 2014 - November 21, 2014

JTA – November 20, 2014
Pro-Palestinian US organization that runs joint program with APN is downsizing

Jerusalem Post (JTA story) – November 21, 2014
Pro-Palestinian US organization that runs joint program with APN is downsizing

TLV1 (online - Israel) – November 18, 2014
Peace Now's Lior Amihai: Jerusalem violence filling vacuum created by absence of peace process

APN/Peace Now in the News: November 7, 2014 - November 14, 2014

Jerusalem Report (JPost's magazine) - November 11, 2014
APN's Lara Friedman and Daniel Seidemann: Underlying cause of current crisis is dysfunctional Israeli rule in East Jerusalem

Times of Israel - November 12, 2014
Peace Now's Lior Amihai condemns new planned construction in East Jerusalem

John Hopkin's Newsletter - November 13, 2014
APN's Ori Nir and ATFP's Ghaith Al-Omari speak at Johns Hopkins University

APN/Peace Now in the News: October 31, 2014 - November 7, 2014

Washington Jewish Week - November 5, 2014
APN's Alana Suskin op-ed: Keep the Status Quo on the Temple Mount

Haaretz - November 6 ,2014
APN's Lara Friedman op-ed on the meaning of US midterm elections for Israel-Palestine

Fathom Journal - Autumn 2014
Interview with Peace Now's Lior Amihai

Associated Press - November 3, 2014
Peace Now's Hagit Ofran: Netanyahu building settlements instead of building peace

Al Arabiya (AFP story) - November 3, 2014
Peace Now: Israel approves 500 homes in East Jerusalem settlement

i24 News (Israeli online) - November 3, 2014
Peace Now: Jerusalem District Planning and Building Committee approves 500 new housing units in East Jerusalem settlement

+972 (Israeli, online) - November 6, 2014
Peace Now highlights 'epidemic' of incitement in Israel

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