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News Nosh 3.16.21

APN's daily news review from Israel - Tuesday March 16, 2021

Number of the day:

--Percentage of legislative bills proposals for order submitted by the Arab Knesset members that dealt with social issues concerning all Israeli citizens - despite the common belief among Jewish Israelis that Arab MKs focus mainly on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.*

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News Nosh 3.15.21

APN's daily news review from Israel - Monday March 15, 2021

Quote of the day:

“Achievements cannot be destroyed because of a desire for revenge.” 
--Unnamed senior official at Israel Ports Authority said after Israeli Prime Minister BinyaminNetanyahu closed Israel's airspace to flights from Jordan after Jordan delayed Netanyahu's flight to the United Arab Emirates.*

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News Nosh 3.11.21

APN's daily news review from Israel - Thursday March 11, 2021

You Must Be Kidding: 
A video shows Israeli soldiers pushing and pulling five Palestinian children between the ages of 8 and 12 near the West Bank village of al-Rakiz into jeeps. Then they brought them to an Israeli police station in a settlement after settlers accused the children of trespassing on their outpost settlement. The children and Israeli activists said they were foraging for wild plants, as their pails attested.**

Breaking News:
Netanyahu visit today to UAE cancelled. More in Top News summary.

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News Nosh 3.10.21

APN's daily news review from Israel - Wednesday March 10, 2021


Quote of the day:

“The amount of condemnation of the incidents (on Capitol Hill) was so great and from so many directions that it’s doubtful that there will be a significant part of the public that will turn in that direction in Israel. And I don’t expect any influential (Israeli) leader to go with that claim (of a ‘stolen election’) in a significant way in light of the bitter experience of Trump.”
—Professor Tamar Hermann of the Israel Democracy Institute speaks about the results of a survey showing that one-third of Israelis will doubt the results of the upcoming elections.*

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News Nosh 3.9.21

APN's daily news review from Israel – Tuesday, March 9, 2021


You Must Be Kidding: 
At the instruction of Israel’s Public Security Minister Amir Ohana, Israel police dispersed an International Women’s Day event in East Jerusalem.**

In 2020, 574,000 posts on social media included violent anti-Arab text, making a rate of one out of every 10 posts about Arabs.
—A report by 7amleh - The Arab Center for Social Media Advancement - reveals how has the corona pandemic has affected the discourse of racism and incitement against Arabs and Palestinians on Israeli social media networks.***

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News Nosh 3.8.21

APN's daily news review from Israel - Monday March 8, 2021


Quote of the day:

“I think it is very much in Israel’s interest to end the occupation, and anyone who thinks this policy [of maintaining the settlements] can continue without a price is mistaken.” 
--Meretz leader, MK Nitzan Horowitz, responded to those who slammed him for saying “there were grounds for” the International Criminal Court investigation against Israel for war crimes.*

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News Nosh 3.7.21

APN's daily news review from Israel - Sunday March 7, 2021


You Must Be Kidding: 
"Also in warfare, I will not accept (a soldier being) a captive unless he is, G-d forbid, a corpse..."
--A message an IDF commander sent to his soldiers.**

Breaking News:
Palestinians Claim Three Gaza Fisherman Killed by Israeli Fire; Army Denies
Nizar Ayash, chairman of the Gaza Fishermen's Association, said that the three fishermen were hit by a projectile near to Khan Younis. The Israeli military said in response that "the Israeli navy did not fire" at the Strip, and that it is investigating the reports. Earlier in the day, WAFA reported that Israeli forces opened fire and water cannons at fishermen while sailing at about three nautical miles from the shore, causing partial damage to at least one boat and forcing fishermen to return to the shore. (Haaretz+ and Maariv

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News Nosh 3.4.21

APN's daily news review from Israel - Thursday March 4, 2021

Quote of the day:

"What difference is there between that and measuring the length of a Jew’s nose or preserving the purity of the Aryan race?"
--Haaretz+ journalist Gideon Levy writes in an Op-Ed about ultra-Orthodox MK Yitzhak Pindrus' reaction to the High Court ruling that Conservative and Reform Jewish conversions be recognized by the state in which he said a woman not converted by the ultra-Orthodox is "a shiksa" and is not the "seed of Israel."* 

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News Nosh 3.3.21

APN's daily news review from Israel - Wednesday February 3, 2020

Quotes of the day*:

“There was a rain of bullets. I thought that was it. All my dreams, everything I have done - it’s all over.”
—Dr. Mohammed Aramush, who was injured by gunfire in the shootout between police and criminals on his street in the Arab-Israeli town of Tamra. Aramush was in his yard when he was hit. His friend, nursing student Ahmed Hijazi, was killed.

“While it’s necessary for the police to enter Arab communities and actively deal with crime, they cannot turn these communities into the Wild West.”
—Haaretz Editorial after police killed Ahmed Hijazi.

“Instead of firing targeted fire, the police fired in all directions. There is no reason to shoot in this way. I do not hear of such incidents in Tel Aviv or Netanya. There are no police officers with M-16 (assault rifles) in Bnei Brak or any other (Jewish cities)."
—Ja’afar Farah, Director of the Mossawa Advocacy Center for Arab Palestinian Citizens of Israel.

“Our public indeed demands a fight against criminals and the eradication of crime, but not to kill the best of our sons.”
—Joint List MK Ahmad Tibi. 

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News Nosh 3.2.21

APN's daily news review from Israel - Tuesday March 2, 2021


Quote of the day:

"We believe that using JNF (Jewish National Fund) money to buy private lands in the West Bank will not make Israel better. We worry that doing so will inflame antagonism in the territories. Also, we believe that it will further alienate many American Jews, especially young American Jews, from Israel and from Zionism itself, which too many see as inseparable from the dispossession of land from Palestinians."
--From a petition by 250 graduates of the Hadassah-supported youth group Young Judea, imploring the Hadassah Women's Zionist Organization to reconsider its abstention from voting against the JNF plan to allocate $11.6 million for future purchases of land in the West Bank.*

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