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News Nosh 3.3.21

APN's daily news review from Israel - Wednesday February 3, 2020

Quotes of the day*:

“There was a rain of bullets. I thought that was it. All my dreams, everything I have done - it’s all over.”
—Dr. Mohammed Aramush, who was injured by gunfire in the shootout between police and criminals on his street in the Arab-Israeli town of Tamra. Aramush was in his yard when he was hit. His friend, nursing student Ahmed Hijazi, was killed.

“While it’s necessary for the police to enter Arab communities and actively deal with crime, they cannot turn these communities into the Wild West.”
—Haaretz Editorial after police killed Ahmed Hijazi.

“Instead of firing targeted fire, the police fired in all directions. There is no reason to shoot in this way. I do not hear of such incidents in Tel Aviv or Netanya. There are no police officers with M-16 (assault rifles) in Bnei Brak or any other (Jewish cities)."
—Ja’afar Farah, Director of the Mossawa Advocacy Center for Arab Palestinian Citizens of Israel.

“Our public indeed demands a fight against criminals and the eradication of crime, but not to kill the best of our sons.”
—Joint List MK Ahmad Tibi. 

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News Nosh 3.2.21

APN's daily news review from Israel - Tuesday March 2, 2021


Quote of the day:

"We believe that using JNF (Jewish National Fund) money to buy private lands in the West Bank will not make Israel better. We worry that doing so will inflame antagonism in the territories. Also, we believe that it will further alienate many American Jews, especially young American Jews, from Israel and from Zionism itself, which too many see as inseparable from the dispossession of land from Palestinians."
--From a petition by 250 graduates of the Hadassah-supported youth group Young Judea, imploring the Hadassah Women's Zionist Organization to reconsider its abstention from voting against the JNF plan to allocate $11.6 million for future purchases of land in the West Bank.*

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News Nosh 3.1.21

APN's daily news review from Israel - Monday March 1, 2021

Quote of the day:

"Vying in the elections is not a 'prize' afforded only to model citizens or to those whose opinions conform to others."
--Justice Daphne Barak-Erez wrote in the High Court ruling that overruled the disqualification of Arab Labor party candidate Ibtisam Mara’ana for statements she made a decade ago.* 

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News Nosh 2.24.21

APN's daily news review from Israel - Wednesday February 24, 2021

NOTE: News Nosh will be off on Thursday, February 25th, for Purim holiday, and return on Sunday, February 28th. 

Quote of the day:

"Any delay lowers his chances of recovery and may result in irreversible damage."
--Dr. David Schul wrote in his medical opinion, calling for Israeli medical respiratory and physical rehabilitation of Harun Abu Aram, who was completely paralyzed when an Israeli soldier 'misfired' into his neck on January 1st. Israel's Physicians for Human Rights Israel has called on the Israeli Ministry of Defense to provide Abu Aram with the treatment. The ministry has yet to provide any care for Abu Aram.*

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News Nosh 2.23.21

APN's daily news review from Israel - Tuesday February 23, 2021


Quote of the day:

“The possibility that Israel gathers shepherds into its knapsack as though they were assets in a virtual reality game, is horrifying. The arrest of people for bargaining purposes is an act that suits criminal gangs, which treat people like tradable property. It strips the kidnapped people of their humanity and turns the kidnappers into human traffickers. If the defense establishment – which has already committed such abductions in the past, as in the famous affair of the bargaining chips from Lebanon (which ended in the High Court of Justice decision to release them) – has not uprooted this practice, it is embroiling itself in a grave criminal act that cannot be ignored. Objectifying human beings is a clear act of dehumanzation, whether it is sexual objectification or security objectification."
—Human rights attorney Michael Sfard raises the chilling questions over the imprisonment of two Syrian shepherds, who were released in exchange for the Israeli woman, who crossed the border into Syria on her own accord.*

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News Nosh 2.22.21

APN's daily news review from Israel - Monday February 22, 2021

You Must Be Kidding: 
Israeli forces detained Aws Ghazi Najeeb, 8, and his brother Mohammed, 6, while they were near their home in the town of Hizma.**

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News Nosh 2.21.21

APN's daily news review from Israel - Sunday February 21, 2021


Quote of the day:

"The proposal talks about 'redeeming the land,' as if we were living under the Ottoman Empire...This is a decision aimed solely at harming a future Israeli-Palestinians settlement. If there were a responsible adult in the region, they would have prevented it. But right now, no such person can be found."*
--In an Op-Ed in 'Israel Hayom,' Yossi Beilin slams the Jewish National Fund (JNF/KKL) plan to invest $11.6 million toward the purchase of lands in the West Bank. The JNF stipulates that only Jews can buy, mortgage or lease JNF-owned land.*

You Must Be Kidding: 
In a survey of 1,100 teens aged 16-18 who constitute a representative sample of Israel’s different “tribes” – secular, religious Zionist, ultra-Orthodox and Arab, Arabs are the group most feared and hated by Jews of all kinds. This view was expressed by 24%, 42% and 66%, respectively of secular, religious Zionist and ultra-Orthodox teens. Fully 49% of religious Zionists and 23% of secular Jews favored stripping Arabs of the right to vote.**

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News Nosh 2.18.21

APN's daily news review from Israel - Thursday February 18, 2021


You Must Be Kidding: 
Israel gives Palestinians permits to work in Israel, but won't give them vaccines.**

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News Nosh 2.17.21

APN's daily news review from Israel - Wednesday February 17, 2021


Word of the day:

--Now erased from the entry regarding the Palesitnian Territories by Hebrew Wikipedia community of volunteer editors on Hebrew Wikipedia, who replaced it with Israel’s “rule” or “control."** 

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News Nosh 2.16.21

APN's daily news review from Israel - Tuesday February 16, 2021


Quote of the day:

"The Jewish National Fund’s decision this week to officially work to expand settlements and continue planting forests as part of a policy of seizing land in the West Bank is yet another milestone in the growing gap between the two communities. While Netanyahu’s governments have actively advanced this approach, along with the settlement enterprise and the occupation as a whole, Diaspora Jewry long ago distanced itself from the legendary blue JNF collection boxes."
--Haaretz+ political affairs correspondent, Noa Landau, writes that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has long followed the dictates of the ultra-Orthodox and right-wing religious Zionist communities, rather than reaching out to American Jews, whose views are liberal and pro-peace and whose support he needs.*

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