Shushan on The Spin Room

The Spin Room, a news debate program on Israel's i24 News, is a smart, fast-paced current events show hosted by veteran journalist Ami Kaufman. Debra Shushan, APN's Director of Policy and Government Relations is a frequent guest on the show. View her appearances (often including Dr. Shushan's legendary facial expressions) here.

Israel i24 News "The Spin Room" (7/18/18)

APN's Director of Policy and Government Relations Debra Shushan appeared on "The Spin Room" on Israel's i24 News on July 18. WATCH by clicking the pop-out button (top-right) and fast-forwarding to 1:39. 

Topics debated by Shushan and fellow guests Colette Avital (former MK, Labor), Ruthie Blum (Gatestone Institute), and moderator Ami Kaufman included President Trump's Helsinki performance, Israel's Nation-State Law, incendiary kites from Gaza, and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's visit to Israel. 

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