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Freedman/Friedman/Lewis Day 3


We are living in the first era of Jewish independence since the time of the Maccabees. It was over 2000 years ago that Jews last controlled their own destiny before the creation of the modern State of Israel. The independence the Maccabees gained lasted about 80 years. Modern day Israel is 67 years old.

DonateIt was internal divisions and rival factions amongst ourselves that led to the loss of sovereignty then and we may well be heading in the same direction today.

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Gunther/Nir Day 2


The current Israeli-Palestinian violence demonstrates how damaging national-religious incitement can be. But it’s not just Palestinian incitement. The extremist rabbis of the ideological West Bank settlers are as responsible for Jewish violence as Muslim clerics are for Palestinian violence.

The most blatant case of incitement-inspired Jewish political violence since the establishment of the state of Israel was the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin.

Donate Dan Ephron’s Killing a King is a must-read book that follows both Rabin and his assassin, Yigal Amir, through the year or two that preceded the murder. It invites the reader to continue following these two lines – the progressive, peace-seeking Israel that Rabin led and came to represent, and the extremist, reactionary Israel – beyond the disastrous point of their intersection on November 4, 1995.

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The following message from Tom Feldman and Michael Walzer is the first in a series of messages that you will be receiving from members of APN’s Board of Directors and staff during the eight days of Hanukkah.

These messages are our way of exchanging gifts: offering you the gift of learning -- for you or a loved one -- in exchange for your contribution to APN.

We call it Spreading the Light. It’s a celebration of ideas and learning to nourish our hearts and minds and bring some much-needed light into our lives and into the lives of people we love.

For us, the best way to spread the light, to enlighten, is through books that we find eye-opening. The books that we will be offering you during the week – gifts to convey our appreciation for your support -- include fascinating chapters in the history of Israel and the Palestinians, and the conflict between them, as well as an Israeli-Palestinian cookbook, a book by Israel’s leading modern poet, and a whimsical book on the role that words play in Jewish tradition, co-authored by Israel’s leading contemporary novelist, a founder of Israel’s Shalom Achshav (Peace Now) movement, and his daughter.

Thank you for all that you do to support our efforts to counter the darkness of war, violence, intolerance and extremism, and advance hope for a better future for Israel and its neighbors.

Happy Chanukah,
Jim Klutznick, Chair, and Debra DeLee, President and CEO,
Americans for Peace Now

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Change THIS Status Quo


Saturday night’s Shalom Achshav (Peace Now) rally brought out thousands of people, Israelis sick of the status quo, to protest the Netanyahu government’s intransigence, its diplomatic inaction and its fomenting of violence and brutality.

Under the slogan “There is no Security without a Political Solution,” thousands of Israelis urged their government to choose dialogue over demagoguery and incitement, diplomacy over force and subjugation, to offer Israelis hope, and to lead Israelis toward peace with the Palestinians.

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You are probably following with horror the news from Israel and the West Bank.


You are probably following with horror the news from Israel and the West Bank. It’s easy to despair in the face of all the misery. Israelis and Palestinians have been deadlocked in this violent embrace, unable to find a way to separate into two states living side by side in peace and security.

In such times, when there is no political horizon to give us hope, we can find solace in the work of individuals, people on both sides – yes, on both sides – who despite the trouble around them choose to reach out and build bridges.

One such hero is my friend David Broza, the famous Israeli singer-songwriter, who is a committed peace activist and a longtime friend of Israel’s Peace Now movement.

David recently made an album, produced by Steve Earle, devoted to peace, collaborating with Palestinian musicians to build musical bridges to Palestinians in East Jerusalem. His album, and a documentary that tells the story of the making of this album, are now available as a set, exclusively to APN donors like you.

Please read David’s letter below. It will give you hope, and – hopefully – inspiration.

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APN Board Member Martin Bresler: Give Pause...


Although the High Holidays have concluded, we have an obligation to continue reflecting on our thoughts, words and actions - not just as individuals, but as a Jewish community. I hope that during this time of continued contemplation, we can take an honest accounting of the current state of the land of Israel - not only its many accomplishments and gifts, but its frightening move towards intolerance and violence. Former APN chair, Martin Bresler, has eloquently made the case for this self-examination in his essay below; APN makes the case every day for the imperative to act against this danger. We ask that during this holiday season you support our critical work. It's not about right and left, it's about right and wrong.

Debra DeLee, President and CEO, APN

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APN and Israeli superstar David Broza wish you a Shanah Tovah - a sweet new year

David Broza-guitar


For this High Holiday season, Americans for Peace Now is partnering with Israeli superstar David Broza, a peace activist and longtime supporter of Israel’s Peace Now movement. Donate to APN and we will send you an exclusive set of David’s East Jerusalem West Jerusalem CD and a DVD with a fascinating film documenting the making of this album.

With your donation of $72 or more, we will send you an exclusive set of David’s East Jerusalem West Jerusalem peace CD/DVD set. Please note in the comment section on the donate page that you want us to send it to you.*

David is known for his song Yihiye Tov (It Will Be Okay), which became an anthem of Israel’s Peace Movement. Watch this video for David’s Rosh Hashanah greeting and join him in the hope that “Yihiye Tov.”

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Read, listen and watch David Broza



DonateRosh Hashanah, a time of renewal and regeneration for Jews world-wide, is a time to reflect on the fundamental imperatives of our lives and to re-commit to them.

On this Rosh Hashanah, following a year of disappointments, let’s recommit to hope. Not only because we must never lose hope, but because we must kindle it and regenerate it.

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You'd never know from AIPAC...

Iran Resources

Dear Friend,

You'd never know from AIPAC's furious campaign to derail the Iran nuclear agreement that three dozen retired American generals and admirals from every branch of the armed services released an open letter a few days ago supporting the Iran agreement, calling it, "....the most effective means currently available to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.” Signers included Navy Rear Admiral Harold Robinson (Retired), a rabbi and former naval chaplain.Signers included Navy Rear Admiral Harold Robinson (Retired), a rabbi and former naval chaplain who in a recent interview made clear that he is “a lifelong Zionist” and wanted to speak out now to show that “those of us who love Israel in the United States are not of one mind and one voice on this matter.”

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Checkpoint header

Dror Moreh wrote this letter for Americans for Peace Now, because the only reasonable way to resolve the conflict is a two-state solution. And that's the message former Shin Bet directors make in his documentary The Gatekeepers.

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