APN-OC: Op-eds - Israeli Settlements

Ibish_SettlementsIllegal Of Course Settlements are Illegal
Hussein Ibish / Foreign Policy
May 15, 2013

"One of the most tiresome things about a long-term engagement with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the endless need to push back against those who insist on living in a more pleasurable but entirely fictive alternate reality . . ." Read More >


Laying Bare The Facts About Netanyahu And The Settlements
Lara Friedman / The Daily Beast
January 18, 2013
"On December 31, 2012, Time Magazine published an article entitled, “The West Bank’s 2012: The Year of the Israeli Settlement.” Earlier this week, the Israeli Peace Now movement released a new report that makes a case for a different title: 2009-2013: the Years of the Israeli Settlements . . ." Read More >


Lara Friedman Responds to Dani Dayan
Lara Friedman / The Daily Beast
July 26, 2012

"Today’s New York Times features an op-ed by Dani Dayan, the head of the Yesha Council (the group that represents settlers and their interests). There isn’t really any news here: it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the settlers want the world to believe that settlements are good, peace efforts are pointless, and that the way forward should be premised on leaving all settlements in place, and leaving the West Bank under Israeli control . . ." Read More >


How Settlers Prevented The Construction of a Palestinian Hospital
Hagit Ofran / The Huffington Post
February 18, 2010
"Once again, even Americans can not stand up to a small group of settlers, who show - more often than not - that they have the last word on what takes place in the West Bank. This time, a small group of settlers insisted, and succeeded, to squash a plan for building a hospital for Palestinian children at "Oush Grab" ("the Crow's Nest") east of Bethlehem . . ." Read More >


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