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Mental illness soars in Gaza
Rasha Abou Jalal / Foreign Policy
May 7, 2014

"Abu Ashraf, a 47-year-old Gazan, spends the majority of his time in his small room with no means of entertainment and only leaves to use the restroom. He sits on his bed for long hours, smoking, with no desire to see or talk to anyone . . ." Read More >


Palestinians and Israelis can coexist if occupation ends
Hussein Ibish / The National
January 18, 2013

"The unstable and unhealthy relationship of dominance and subordination, of discipline and control through violence, built into Israel’s occupation was graphically illustrated this week in two separate, tragic and bloody incidents . . ." Read More >


Racism in Israel: A Predictable Byproduct of Occupation
Lara Friedman / APN Blog
July 26, 2012

"Two generations of Israelis have now been born and raised in an Israel that must constantly find ways to justify the occupation, including justifying both the denial of rights and freedoms to Palestinians and the ever-growing settlement enterprise . . ." Read More >


Go to Hebron
Ori Nir / APN Blog
May 5, 2009

"Go to Hebron. Observe how several hundreds of ultra-national Israeli settlers, a minority in a Palestinian town of 160,000 - have turned the lives of its Palestinians residents into a living hell. . . ." Read More >


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