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Friday, April 21, 2017
Quote of the day:
“Freedom has no price.” 
-- Mohammed Khaled Ibrahim, an Israeli citizen, said upon leaving Megiddo prison where he spent 11 months in jail without ever being charged. Ibrahim was set free on Thursday because the Haifa District court ruled last month that he should be released if the state didn’t indict him by April 20, which it failed to do.

Front Page:
Yedioth Ahronoth
  • Bereaved parents to Netanyahu: We demand condemnation in a clear voice of the harsh attack on us
  • “My mother would have given me a hard slap for that” – MK Zohar admitted to Yedioth that “I made a mistake, I shouldn’t have interrupted the bereaved mother, I’m ashamed”
  • And they shut me up // Michal Kasten Keidar – widow of Brig. Gen. Dolev Keidar
  • Terror before the elections (in France)
  • As of today: smartphones are hundreds of shekels cheaper
  • How I became addicted to Bar Refaeli, even though she doesn’t interest me // Daniella London Dekel
  • Who are you to call me a traitor, to doubt my love for this place // Orna Banai answers Hanoch Daum
  • Back to the Warsaw Ghetto: A back-to-his-roots tour for singer Ivri Leader and his mother
  • How does it feel to be a Muslim Israeli youth in Auschwitz
Maariv Weekend (Hebrew links only)
  • Terror in Paris: Two policemen murdered at Champs Elysee
  • Erdogan’s show - The oppression, the silencing, the arrests and the anti-democratic legislation: How Erdogan took over Turkey on his way to an almost limit-less presidency and what is expected in the future
  • The great democtator // Udi Segal writes that Erdogan is establishing his rule without destroying the rules of the system and compared to Syria, Iran and ISIS, he’s not the worst thing in the region
  • Exclusive: The memoirs of the first US ambassador to Israel from the beginning of the new state
  • The Twitter war of (Likud MKs) Hazan and Zohar
  • When they ran out of respect // Ben Caspit
  • Likely: Indictment against Sara Netanyahu
  • Where’s the money: The sources of financing for Minister Kahlon’s economic program
  • Hezbollah in the crosshairs – US ambassador to the UN accused the organization of being one of the central sources of the deterioration of the Middle East 
  • The Kibbutz channel: In Nahalal, they are responding to the latest storm of Minister Regev (who said that author Meir Shalev was ‘chatzuf’ because he said Mizrachim were not part of his childhood in Kibbutz Nahalal)
  • The dollars affair of Rabin: The Pandora’s box has only just opened
  • Between hope and despair: The moving ghetto diary of the Polish Anne Frank
  • The Czech Schindler: The unbelievable story of the unknown Righteous Among the Nations
Israel Hayom
  • Eve of elections: Shooting attack on Champs Elysee
  • The tax was cancelled – prices of cellular phones drop
  • 14,411,000 Jews in the world
  • Waiting for them (photo of Adir F-35 jets)
  • The battle over the Sabbath: (Minister) Deri proposes law that will cancel the municipal law
  • The Dutch Schindler: This is how the heir to the ‘Philips’ empire saved his Jewish employees during the Holocaust
  • Europe is following with concern: Who will be France’s next leader
  • Strong together: A photographic report of the joint exercise that Golani soldiers held with Marines

News Summary:
Today’s Hebrew papers focused on the fallout after a couple Likud MKs acted rudely towards parents of fallen soldiers during a Knesset debate about Operation Protective Edge, on the terror attack in Paris and the drop in prices for smartphones today as a result of Minister Moshe Kahlon’s economic program. The papers also discussed the new US policy to focus on Hezbollah and Iran and and not on Israel and they ran numerous Holocaust-related features ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day, which begins Sunday evening. Meanwhile, U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis landed in Israel Thursday to discuss the Syrian civil war, the fight against ISIS and the Trump administration’s policy on Iran.    

Prepared for APN by Orly Halpern, independent freelance journalist based in Jerusalem.
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