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".... The question of boycotting settlements has sparked a spectacular public display of Jewish angst. Apparently, many who view themselves as the judges and juries of what is 'kosher' progressive Jewish activism have ruled that such a boycott is simply unacceptable. This, despite the fact that most American Jews recognize that settlements are a problem in terms of Israeli security, Israel's ability to have peace, and in terms of Israel's reputation.  Wringing one's hands about settlements and the fate of the two-state solution does not substitute for actually doing something to try to stop Israel careening down this self-destructive path. Continued settlement expansion represents a clear existential threat to Israel as a democracy and as a Jewish state. Supporting Israel means taking concrete action to prevent Israel from continuing down a path that leads either to a bi-national state, which, by definition, will no longer have a Jewish character, or to an apartheid-like reality, in which Israeli democracy will be lost and Israel will become an international pariah..."

They Say, We Say: BDS & Criticism of Israel

APN Policy

5/19/16: APN policy on BDS-Related Legislation (Federal & State)
2/8/16: APN Action Alert: Tell Congress: Pro-Settlements is NOT Pro-Israel
2/12/14: APN: on efforts to combat BDS by undermining academic freedoms and free speech
March 2013:  APN Weighs in on BDS, Criticism of Israel (expanding position to explicitly support boycott/activism targeting settlements & occupation)
7/19/11: APN Joins Peace Now's Call for Boycotting Settlements (press release)
4/23/10: APN on Criticism of Israel and BDS - New Policy Language

Boycotting Occupation vs. Boycotting Israel

2/16/16: APN's Lara Friedman: Setting the Record Straight (again) on U.S. Labeling Policy [UPDATED*]
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2/1/16: APN's Lara Friedman in LobeLog: Obama Admin Is Right to Reject “Settlements=Israel” Conflation
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4/27/15: APN's Lara Friedman in The Hill: Dear Congress: ‘Pro-Israel’ is not ‘pro-settlements’
4/20/15: APN's Lara Friedman in Haaretz: A defeat for Israel, a victory for settlers and BDS
3/2/14 Lara Friedman debate with Daniel Gordis in the New York Times: Is a Settlement Boycott Best for Israel?
2/4/14: Lara Friedman op-ed - Sodastream, ScarJo, and the Myth of Benevolent Occupation
1/28/14: Debra DeLee op-ed - Love Israel. Oppose BDS. Reject SodaStream.
2/12/14: Lara Friedman on Al Jazeera America's "The Stream" - episode on BDS (clips available here)
7/11/12: Debra DeLee blogpost: Upon Reflection (on APN's 7/4 statement - covered in Haaretz, here)
7/4/12: Press Release: APN to Presbyterian Church (USA): Don't support Israel-related divestment
3/29/12: Lara Friedman blogpost - Call to boycott settlements picks up steam!
3/25/12: Lara Friedman op-ed - Stop the excuses, boycott the settlements
3/1/12: Jo-Ann Mort op-ed - The Dishonesty of Park Slope Coop's BDS Debate

Israel and the Israel’s "Anti-Boycott Law"
7/28/11: Peace Now - Peace Now’s FB Page “So Sue Me – I Boycott Products of the Settlements” Ranked 5th most important Israeli Protest Page 7/20/11: Articles on APN's position boycotting settlements (JTA, Forward, JPost)
7/19/11: Hagit Ofran oped - The Forgotten Incentive of Settlement Businesses
7/14/11: Lara Friedman op-ed - Israel's New Boycott Law and U.S. Law: Like Apples and Orangutans
7/13/11: Lara Friedman blogpost - Boycotting Settlements ("Monday will go down in history as the day that the Israeli Knesset voted to suspend democracy in Israel."