News Nosh 4.24.17

APN's daily news review from Israel
Monday April 24, 2017
Quote of the day:
“Every threat is a threat to survival, every Israel-hating leader is Hitler. According to this approach, the essence of our collective Jewish identity is escape from massacre by joint means. And the world is divided into two, the 'Righteous among the Nations' on the one hand, and anti-Semitic Nazis on the other. And in any case, any criticism of the State of Israel is anti-Semitism. This approach also is fundamentally wrong, and is dangerous for us a nation and as a people.”
 --In a speech on the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin rejected the approach by which Israelis relate to the Holocaust, whereby it “becomes the lens through which we view the world.” He also rejected the approach that deals only with the universal aspects and lessons of the Holocaust.*
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News Nosh 4.23.17

APN's daily news review from Israel
Sunday April 23, 2017
Quote of the day:
"We do not know yet whether we will reschedule this tour to another date this year or whether we’ll have to suspend our Israel Study Tour program indefinitely, until the law is either revoked, amended or applied in a way that does not impact APN, its staff members, board members and activists.”
--Americans for Peace Now notified prospective participants that its 2017 Israel Study Tour won't take place as planned this summer due to fear participants will not be allowed entry into Israel following legislation banning people who support the boycott of Israeli settlements in the West Bank. The popular tour has been taking place annually for some 30 years.* 
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Interview with APN's Debra DeLee in J, the Jewish News of Northern California

Trump the peacemaker? Peace Now activist ponders the possibility


A Jewish American group struggling to keep alive the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict hopes to get a boost from an unlikely source — Donald Trump. In February, the president publicly disavowed it as the best solution to Mideast peace and also appointed a staunch opponent of the plan as the U.S. ambassador to Israel.

Debra DeLee, president and CEO of Americans for Peace Now, who still sees the two-state solution as the only viable way for Israel to survive as an independent and democratic nation, said Trump’s reputation as a non-ideological dealmaker could be a “terrible detriment or it could be a very small, possible ray of hope.”

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APN/ Peace Now in the News: February 13-17, 2017

The Palm Beach Post: February 17, 2017
Israeli Settlement Sees Friendly Face in Trump Ambassador Pick,” Peace Now reveals that Israel’s latest approved settlement plans were developed by Sukkat Ovadia Learning Center, a beneficiary of Friends of Beit El, an organization supported by David Friedman and his family.

i24: February 16, 2017
"Former ambassador calls Trump's Israel Envoy pick 'unqualified,' too 'extreme,'" APN among groups opposing confirmation of David Friedman as US ambassador to Israel.

The Forward (JTA Story): February 16, 2017
"Jewish Groups Slam 'Dangerous' Trump For Trashing Two-State Solution," quoted APN's statement in a story on US Jews' reactions to the Trump-Bibi meeting.

Haaretz: February 16, 2017
American Jewish Leaders Call Trump’s Ideas on Israel 'Terrifying' and 'Bizarre',” APN’s Ori Nir warned that the discussion of the possibility of a one-state solution undermines Israel’s chances for peace and its future as a democratic and Jewish state.

The Times of Israel: February 16, 2017
Trump’s Pick for Israel Ambassador Faces Dicey Senate Hearing,” APN, the New Israel Fund, and the National Democratic Jewish Council urge American Jews to call their senators to oppose David Friedman’s nomination.

Times of Israel: February 15, 2017
"Israel's envoy to apologize for calling liberal Jews 'kapos,'" APN among groups advocating against confirmation of David Friedman as ambassador to Israel.

Times of Israel: February 15, 2017
"For some left-wing groups, Trump-Bibi meet-up is not top protest priority," quoted APN's press release on the meeting: "Prime Minister Netanyahu knows what agenda he should advance in the White House if he wants to demonstrate true statesmanship and prudent leadership. If, however, he wants to continue importing Israel's petty politics to Washington - as he has been doing for years - he will be serving neither the interest of Israel nor that of the United States."

JTA: February 14, 2017
"Letters from rabbis, Holocaust survivors decry Trump Israel envoy pick David Friedman," APN and other groups supporting the two-state solution have been organizing the push to block Friedman's nomination as ambassador to Israel for his use of the term "kapo," among other reasons.

UPI: February 14, 2017
Donald Trump, Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss tough line on Iran,” APN’s Ori Nir said Trump will only get tougher on Iran after his meeting with Netanyahu earlier this week.

VOA: February 13, 2017
"Trump Interview in Israeli Press Renews Confusion Over US Mideast Policy," Ori Nir quoted saying "As a dealmaker, Trump should know that actions speak louder than words. If he really wants to make a difference and make a deal, he should resist being manipulated by Israeli, Palestinian, or other politicians and pursue what he knows best serves America's national security interests: a two-state solution based on guidelines set by consecutive U.S. administrations. This imperative should guide the president when he meets with Prime Minister Netanyahu next week."

The Arab Weekly: February 13, 2017
"Trump and Netanyahu to discuss tough line on Iran," Ori Nir quoted saying "Netanyahu will try to pocket some of the toughening in the US attitude towards Iran and present it as his own achievement. He really believes in getting tougher on Iran."

Haaretz: February 13, 2017
Over 600 Rabbis and Cantors Sign Petition Opposing David Friedman as U.S. Ambassador to Israel,” APN, in collaboration with other progressive Jewish organizations, helps collect signatures to petition Donald Trump’s nomination for David Friedman as US Ambassador to Israel.

APN/ Peace Now in the News: February 6-10, 2017

APN's Ori Nir in Haaretz: February 8, 2017
As Netanyahu Cozies Up To Trump, American Jews' Alienation From Israel Escalates

Israel’s newly adopted, patently unconstitutional “Regularization Law” further distances most American Jews from the government of Israel and the State of Israel.

It does so by further underscoring the similarities between Israel’s leadership and U.S. President Donald Trump’s campaign of constitutionally controversial executive orders. It thus further deepens the sense of dissonance in the minds of American Jews regarding the U.S.-Israel relationship. Continue Reading...

Haaretz: February 9, 2017
Trump's Israel Ambassador Linked to New Expansion of Radical West Bank Settlement,” Peace Now opposes Donald Trump’s pick for David Friedman as Ambassador to Israel and condemns the organization he heads, American Friends of Beit El, which funds construction of Israeli settlement homes on private Palestinian land.

The New York Times: February 7, 2017
Israeli Allies Condemn Settlement Law as Lawsuits Loom,” in light of Israel’s new law, retroactively legalizing settlements built on private Palestinian land, Peace Now’s spokesperson, Lior Amichai, declares their plans to challenge the law in court.

Haaretz: February 7, 2017
Explained: Israel's New Palestinian Land-grab Law and Why It Matters,” APN explains that the new law authorizes retroactive legalization for more than 50 outposts and settlements.

Haaretz: February 7, 2017
U.S. Jewish Leaders Come Out Against Land-grab Law: 'This Isn’t the Israel We Want to See',” Peace Now, alongside the New Israel Fund, J Street, American Jewish Committee, Rabbi Rick Jacobs of the Union for Reform Judaism, and the Anti-Defamation League, criticized the law for making theft “an official Israeli policy.”

The Boston Globe: February 7, 2017
Israel Passes Provocative Law to Retroactively Legalize Settlements,” Anat Ben Nun, Peace Now’s Director of External Relations, warns that the law is “deteriorating Israel’s democracy, making stealing an official policy and bringing us one step closer to annexation.”

Algemeiner: February 6, 2017
Jewish Leaders Denounce Palestinian Authority’s ‘Fort of Torture’,” APN’s Ori Nir disapproves of the Palestinian security services’ actions to torture detainees, despite any cooperation they might have with Israel in the battle to fight terrorism.

APN/ Peace Now in the News: January 30 - February 3, 2017

Fox News: February 3, 2017
"Trump to Israel: Settlements 'May Not Help' Achieve Peace in the Middle East," in the wake of Netanyahu's promise to build new West Bank settlements after the evacuation of Amona, Peace Now reports that Israel has not built new settlements since 1992, but has only expanded upon existing ones.

Deutsche Welle: February 2, 2017
"'Israeli Settlements are Not an Obstacle for Peace,'" Peace Now reports that more than 130 Israeli settlements and 909 outposts have been built without government approval in the West Bank since 1967, threatening the viability of two states living side by side in peace and security.

Washington Jewish Week: February 1, 2017
"Israeli peace camp must respond to people's fears, says Peace Now head," David Hozel features Avi Buskila, Peace Now's new director general, in a piece for the Washington Jewish Week.

Haaretz: February 1, 2017
"Amona Live Updates: After Years of Delay, Israel Evacuates Illegal West Bank Outpost," Peace Now condemns Netanyahu's decision to build new settlements in the West Bank for settlers recently evacuated from Amona.

CNN: February 1, 2017
"Israel to Build Entirely New Settlement in West Bank," according to Peace Now, Netanyahu's announcement of 2,500 new housing units marks one of the largest settlement expansions since 2013.

Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata: February 1, 2017
"Peace Now 'Alarmed' by 3,000 More Settler Homes in West Bank," Peace Now speaks out against Prime Minister Netanyahu's recent settlement expansion in areas not likely to be under Israeli jurisdiction in future agreements.

APN/ Peace Now in the News: January 23-27, 2017

APN's Lara Friedman in The Hill: January 27, 2017
"David Friedman is the wrong choice for US ambassador to Israel"

The nomination of David Friedman to be the next ambassador of the United States to Israel has stirred a fierce debate, focused primarily on Friedman’s well-documented bombastic rhetoric and his views on settlements, the occupation, and the Palestinians — views that are at odds with decades of bipartisan U.S. policy.

As the Senate gets ready to consider Friedman’s nomination, what has been largely overlooked is the fact that, based on his own very clear and public record, Friedman is by any objective standard disqualified from serving as America’s diplomatic envoy to any country, and especially to Israel. Continue Reading...

I24 News: January 26, 2017
No action after closed door UN Talks on Israeli Settlement Construction,” Peace Now says that Netanyahu is taking advantage of Trump’s recent election as President of the United States to appeal to Israel’s right-wing settler population.

The Jerusalem Post: January 26, 2017
Peace Now: Israel Begins to Act On 73% of the 2,500 Settler Homes,” Following the Housing Ministry’s approval of tenders for new housing units in the West Bank, Peace Now urges Netanyahu “to take responsibility for the future of Israel by halting settlement construction and assuring the future of Israel as both Jewish and democratic.”

Haaretz: January 24, 2017
Israel Approves Construction and Planning of 2,500 Settler Homes in West Bank,” Peace Now speculates that by approving construction of new settlement homes, Netanyahu is trying to appease the right in response to their criticism of his actions during Operation Protective Edge.

The Times of Israel: January 24, 2017
PA: Trump Encouraged Israel to Okay 2,500 Settlement Homes,” Americans for Peace Now says that the construction of 2,500 new settler homes may be the largest number approved since 2013.

VICE News: January 24, 2017
Israel Just Approved Construction of 2,500 Settlements in the West Bank,” Ori Nir, spokesperson for Americans for Peace Now, warns that moving the American embassy to Jerusalem would have “destabilizing repercussions in the region.”

APN/ Peace Now in the News: January 1-13, 2017

APN's Lara Friedman in the Huffington Post: January 6, 2017
"Think Trump's Policies On Israel-Palestine Have Nothing To Do With You?"

Back in 2012, I warned a friend who was working on international trade issues: pay attention to what’s happening with the Palestinians at the UN, because it could cause problems for the U.S. on a wide range of issues, including the ones you deal with. I recall clearly his response, mainly because it was so patronizing. In essence, he told me: “don’t kid yourself – nobody is going to let a boutique issue like Israel-Palestine harm truly important U.S. interests (like trade).” Continue Reading...

Jewish Exponent: January 12, 2017
"Jewish Groups Tussle over Friedman Pick," APN among Jewish groups opposing David Friedman as US Ambassador to Israel.

Globes: January 10, 2017
"How much do the settlements really cost?" Peace Now's research is featured in this story about the real cost of Israeli settlements.

The Arab Daily News: January 5, 2017
"A tribute to my friend Daniel J. Steiner," Arab American journalist and comedian, Ray Hanania writes a heartfelt and inspiring tribute to David, talking about their shared vision of peace and David's work with APN and his local community in Chicago.

APN/Peace Now in the News: December 10 – 16, 2016

NPR: December 16, 2016
Trump's Pick For Ambassador To Israel: 'End The 2-State Narrative,'” Several left-wing U.S. Jewish groups — among them Americans for Peace Now and J-Street — say they will work to defeat David Friedman’s nomination.

JTA: December 16, 2016
Jewish doves vow to lobby Senate to block Trump’s nominee for ambassador to Israel,” Americans for Peace Now called Friedman’s nomination “destabilizing.” “Friedman opposes the very essence of APN’s values and mission,” it said in a statement.

The Guardian: December 16, 2016
Donald Trump's Israel ambassador is hardline pro-settler lawyer,” Lara Friedman, of Americans for Peace Now, tweeted: “I don’t know about the Palestinians, but I know Jews who truly care about Israel’s security, democracy & place in the world are outraged.”

Times of Israel: December 16, 2016
Liberal Jewish groups rage against Trump’s Israel ambassador pick,” Lara Friedman, the director of policy and government relations for Americans for Peace Now, did not mince words either, tweeting: “I don’t know about the Palestinians, but I know Jews who truly care about Israel’s security, democracy & place in the world are outraged.”

New York Times: December 15, 2016
Hanukkah Event at a Trump Hotel Highlights a Rift Among Jews,” Ori Nir, the communications director at Americans for Peace Now, a group that declined an invitation to the event, said he and his colleagues initially thought the invitation was a hoax. The group wrote a letter to the Conference of Presidents expressing its concerns. “As members of the conference we try to be discreet,” he said. “But this time around it was so insensitive that it really merited a public expression.”

Jerusalem Post: December 14, 2016
Jewish groups opt for White House bash over Trump hotel Hanukkah party,” Americans for Peace Now among Jewish groups who stand against the Conference of President’s Hanukkah party at Trump hotel.

The Jewish Week: December 14, 2016
Ellison Acceptable,” J Street and Peace Now are two of the most pro-Israel pro-peace groups . . . If J Street and Peace Now support Ellison it shows that he is responsive to our concerns about the peace process and Israeli occupation.

American Prospect: December 14, 2016
The Last Thing Netanyahu Wants to Say is ‘Annexation,’” according to Hagit Ofran of Peace Now, 41 families are still living in Amona in mobile homes and the grace period has ended.

Times of Israel: December 11, 2016
Ministers back bill barring national service volunteers from B'Tselem,” the Ministerial Committee for Legislation gave the go-ahead for a bill barring national service volunteers from working with organizations that get most of their funding from foreign sources – this bill is seen as targeting human rights groups like B’Tselem and Americans for Peace Now.

i24 News: December 11, 2016
Bill barring completion of Israeli national service at B'Tselem heads to Knesset,” the bill was initiated by Amir Ohana of the ruling Likud party after human rights NGOs B’Tselem and Americans for Peace Now testified against Israel's West Bank settlement building policies at a United Nations Security Council forum in October.

The Hill: December 10, 2016
Jewish groups divided over Hanukkah party at Trump hotel,” Americans for Peace Now among the progressive Jewish organizations objecting to the Conference of President’s Hanukkah party at Trump hotel with the Republic of Azerbaijan.

APN/Peace Now in the News: December 5 – 9, 2016

Times of Israel: December 5, 2016
Attorney General Says Outpost Bill Still Illegal, Even Without Amona”  Peace Now warns that regardless of whether or not settlements in the West Bank were built in “good faith,” the Regulation Bill still legalizes outposts and Israeli settlement expansions on privately-owned Palestinian land.

Arutz Sheva: December 5, 2016
Regulation Law Passes Preliminary Reading” Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked sardonically thanks Peace Now and other left-wing organizations for unwittingly enabling the Regulation Law to pass during its preliminary reading.

Ynet New: December 7, 2016
Regulation Bill Passes First Knesset Reading” Restating Shaked’s remarks, HaBayit HaYehudi party leader and Education Minister, Naftali Bennett, gives thanks to Peace Now for helping the Regulation Law pass as a bill.

Times of Israel: December 7, 2016
Four Liberal Jewish Groups Join Call on Trump to Nix National Security Adviser Choice” Americans for Peace Now, J Street, T’ruah, and the National Council for Jewish Women urge President-elect Trump to revoke his appointment of Mike Flynn as the next National Security Advisor.

Haaretz: December 7, 2016
Four Jewish Groups Join 53 Organizations Calling on Trump to Rescind Michael Flynn's Nomination” Americans for Peace Now signed a letter condemning Trump’s appoint of Gen. Michael Flynn to National Security Advisor, arguing that his explicit malice towards Muslims and Islam and his retweeting of an anti-semitic tweet renders him unfit to represent the country.

The Jewish Week: December 7, 2016
Battle Over Ellison Heats Up As Some Dems Warn Party” Americans for Peace Now and other American Jewish organizations reaffirm support for Keith Ellison amidst a series of attacks on his Israel platform, citing him as a progressive ally towards brokering a peace deal between Israelis and Palestinians.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency: December 7, 2016
8 Liberal Jewish Groups to Skip Conference of Presidents Party at Trump’s DC Hotel” Americans for Peace Now, in partnership with 7 other liberal Jewish members of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, will not attend its Hanukkah Party at the Trump International Hotel on December 14, maintaining that the venue location misrepresents the interests of most American Jews.

The Yeshiva World News: December 7, 2016
Yair Lapid To Peace Now: Where Is A Minimum Of Respect For The Dead?” Yesh Atid party leader, Yair Lapid, calls upon Peace Now to support an extension for the destruction of a memorial for two fallen IDF soldiers that was built on private Palestinian-owned land in the West Bank.

Al-Monitor: December 8, 2016
Israel's Controversial Settlement Bill Provokes Palestinian Blitz” Peace Now expresses concern over Israel’s Regulation Law that would retroactively legalize at least 55 outposts and 72 settlements in the West Bank, enabling the government to expropriate nearly 8,000 dunams of Palestinian land.

The Forward: December 9, 2016
Like Houdini, Netanyahu Is a Great Escape Artist — Just Look at His Contortions On Settlements” Recalling Peace Now and other organizations’ lawsuit brought against Amona’s construction in 1995, the Regulation Bill’s support for outposts and settlements on Palestinian property may trigger actions from the Obama Administration and the UN Security Council.

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