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Wednesday August 9, 2017
Quote of the day:
"If we take the international reputation of the club, of course it would sound weird for this club to get an anti-racism award. But the truth is, in the past year the fans have put in a lot of work and have sought to change."
--Sports newscaster Uri Levy said the infamously anti-Arab fan club of the Jerusalem soccer team Beitar Jerusalem had "significantly reduced" the number of racist chants after being slapped with a series of fines.**

Front Page:
Yedioth Ahronoth
  • The skies fell - Auschwitz and the IDF, Shoah and Resurrection, Major Dudi Zohar and his grandmother Frania Gldher symbolized the story of the state of Israel. In this photo, published in Yedioth a half a year ago, Frania, who is a survivor of a concentration camp, is waving to her grandson, the Apache helicopter pilot,Dudi, with an arm on which the Nazis stamped a number. Yesterday, Dudi was laid to rest, after his helicopter crashed
  • Entering jail (photo of Elor Azaria)
  • Trump: I will respond with fire that the world has never seen
  • Indictment for bribery crimes against former deputy minister Faina Kirschenbaum
Maariv This Week (Hebrew links only)
  • Nine minutes of horror - and the crash
  • South is heating up - Rocket launched from Gaza Strip fell in open area near Asheklon; no injuries or damage
  • The response to the investigations - Netanyahu and Bitan are waiting for the activists and supporters
  • Waiting for (Chief of Staff) Eizenkot - Today: Elor Azaria enters Prison #4
  • Bribery, fraud and breach of trust - Indictment against Faina Kirschenbaum
Israel Hayom
  • The blood connection - Israeli tragedy: Dudi (pilot killed) named his son after a friend who passed - the uncle of the pilot who was injured
  • It’s good the IDF put an end to the rumors // Aharon Lapidot
  • Request for postponement rejected: Azaria goes to jail today
  • “North Korea reached military nuclear capability”
  • For hours: Minister Deri and his wife Yafa were interrogated again by police
  • Indictment for bribery against MK Faina Kirschenbaum: “Acted methodically and with sophistication”
  • Central Bureau of Statistics report: Residents of Rishon L’tzion feel safest

News Summary:
An IDF helicopter crash killed a beloved man and led to malicious rumors that it was the Chief of Staff who was killed, the ‘Shooting Soldier from Hebron,’ Elor Azaria, enters prison today, a rocket was launched from the Gaza Strip and Israel responded injuring four, a former deputy minister from Yisrael Beiteinu and nine others were indicted for bribery along with the latest on numerous other corruption cases made top news in today’s Hebrew newspapers.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his coalition whip, MK David Bitan, are hoping for a big turnout tonight at the rally Bitan organized to show support for Netanyahu amid the investigations against him for graft. Bitan pressured Likud ministers and MKs saying they should resign if they think Netanyahu did something wrong and that he expected them "to stand on the front lines of the battle for public opinion.” Netanyahu also slammed Transport Minister Yisrael Katz for allegedly planning to replace him in the event he is forced to resign amid the numerous corruption investigations.

Meanwhile, Haaretz+ reported that former Netanyahu-confidante-turned-state-witness, Ari Harow, reportedly received a hefty ‘consulting fee’ from a right-wing US group after he served as Netanyahu’s bureau chief. In another corruption case, state witness, Miki Ganor, is expected to provide recordings and texts implicating officials in bribery, including Netanyahu’s personal lawyer and cousin, David Shimron. And the Inteior Minister, Arieh Deri, and his wife, were questioned again by police over possible corruption.
Quick Hits:
  • (Israeli-Arab doctors) Visit to Gaza: "We do not care who is right. They want food, water, health" - The largest delegation of Arab-Israeli doctors visited the Gaza Strip last week and performed marathon of operations over more than 24 hours, conducted specialty training for hundreds of doctors and examined hundreds of patients. The visits are carried out every two months through Physicians for Human Rights, and took place against the background of the electricity crisis, shortage of medicines and medical equipment, the water pollution problem and the reduction in medical permits to Israel. (Maariv)
  • Israel Held Secret Talks With Russia, U.S. Over Cease-fire in Southern Syria - Meetings held in Jordan and Europe days before Moscow and Washington announced the Syria deal. Jerusalem raised objections that pact empowers Iran, allies in war-torn country. (Haaretz+)
  • Violence pays off? The policemen from the incident in Umm al-Hiran are not expected to stand trial - The DIP is once again backing up police violence: It recommends not putting the police officers involved in the killing of Abu al-Qian and the death of Erez Levy on trial. (Arab) MK Ayman Odeh: "Failure to prosecute - is like giving a license to kill Arab citizens." (Maariv, p. 10 and Sichah Mekomit and i24 news)
  • In light of terrorism, support for Israel in Iraq rises - The Israeli Foreign Ministry is surprised to receive thousands of messages from Iraq in support of Israel in light of the crisis on the Temple Mount and recent terror attacks, with Iraqis saying they 'recognize the State of Israel,' and even calling Palestinians 'traitors and terrorists.' (Yedioth/Ynet)
  • Female soldier waits 12 years for her sisters from Ethiopia - The two sisters of Zemenech Bililin were not permitted to immigrate to Israel together with the whole family because they were already married. Twelve years have passed since then, and Bililin, now a combat soldier in the IDF, expects the state to help; 'My sisters have to be here, not alone in Ethiopia. They suffer there.' (Ynet)
  • 1 child wounded and 6 ultra-Orthodox arrested after Mea Shearim rioters throw stones to protest Lieberman visit - Arrests made after ultra-Orthodox rioters hurl objects at cops escorting Defense Minister Lieberman while he was visiting a mourning family in the Jerusalem neighborhood; eight-year-old girl lightly hurt after being hit by stone thrown by rioters. (Ynet and Maariv, p. 4)
  • After International Hunt, Israeli Teens Charged for Tens of Thousands of Cyber Attacks - The two defendants, who were minors when the alleged offenses were committed, also earned over $613,000 from their illegal business. (Haaretz+)
  • Israeli [religious] TV channel fined for keeping Conservative, Reform Judaism off screen - Channel 20 breaks licensing terms requiring broadcast time for non-Orthodox Jewish groups. (Haaretz and Israel Hayom)
  • We will not become a bi-national city": High Court ruling threatens to set Afula alight again - Judging by the social networks and parliaments in cafes, Afula is in turmoil as some come out strongly against the High Court's decision to annul the Nazareth District Court's decision a year ago and to approve the tender for the construction of 45 housing units in Afula, which only Arab residents won. (Maariv)
  • *Israeli soccer club wins award for improving its racist behavior - President Reuven Rivlin awards anti-racism prize to Beitar Jerusalem, known for anti-Arab chants and far-right fan base • He voices hope Beitar "will continue on the right path" • Sports newscaster: "Fans have put in a lot of work, have sought to change." (Israel Hayom)
  • Palestinian family petitions Israel's top court to evacuate settlers from Hebron home - The Abu Rajab family claims that the Machpelah House in Hebron was illegally sold to several Jewish families, who broke in two weeks ago and stayed. (Haaretz+)
  • East Jerusalem family fights Israeli ruling to evict them from their home of 53 years - A Jerusalemite Palestinian family is facing eviction on Wednesday from the home where they have lived for more than 50 years, after Israeli courts ruled that the house was Jewish property. Ayoub Shamasna said his family had exhausted all legal avenues after Israeli courts ruled that the family had to be evacuated from the home, where 84-year-old Shamasna has lived since 1964, in the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah. (Maan)
  • Israeli forces destroy Palestinian home in East Jerusalem, leaving 4 homeless - The owner of the home, Hamza Shaludi, told Ma’an that bulldozers, escorted by Israeli Jerusalem Municipality crews and large Israeli police forces broke into the family home “without prior notice” and “coerced the family into evacuating the home quickly.” (Maan)
  • Report: Israeli forces detain 880 Palestinians, including 144 children, in July - Among the detainees were 144 children and 18 women, the report pointed out, adding that the majority of the detentions took place in East Jerusalem and the Jerusalem district of the West Bank, with a total of 425 detentions. (Maan)
  • Israeli forces raid office and detain 5 Palestinian municipal inspectors in Hebron - Some 30 civilian municipal inspectors, whose job is to maintain calm and security in southern Hebron, work at the inspectors’ office in southern Hebron City, which falls under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority's Hebron governorate. (Maan)
  • Palestinian tour guides accused of anti-Israel 'brainwashing' - Israeli guides say that while leading visits to Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial, Palestinian and Israeli Arab tour guides compare Israel's actions to the Nazis' • Tourism Ministry: Issue "concerns 0.5% of tour guides in Israel." (Israel Hayom)
  • Palestinian Authority says won’t resume security coordination with Israel unless demands are met - PA demands that Israel first cease all military activity in Area A -- the 18 percent of the occupied West Bank officially under full PA control -- as well as grant the PA the right to control border crossings.The PA’s security coordination with Israel has been denounced for funneling Palestinian activists from PA jails to Israeli prisons, and is seen as a primary reason for the growing unpopularity of PA President Mahmoud Abbas. (Maan)
  • Palestinian Authority Tops UN List of Fastest-growing Tourist Destinations - Israel snags 10th spot on list. One can only imagine the potential for tourism growth in both places if and when the two sign a peace treaty. (Haaretz+)
  • Gazan travelers face new security restrictions from Israel - Restrictions include a ban on laptop computers, hard-shell suitcases and toiletries; restrictions imposed due to security concerns, but exceptions to be handled 'case by case.' (Agencies, Ynet)
  • Israel to allow Palestinian Jerusalemites to enter Gaza in effort to 'encourage investment' - The statement highlighted that "businessmen and others who want to help improve economy, infrastructures, and humanitarian conditions in the Gaza Strip will be allowed to visit Gaza." (Maan)
  • The ruling party in South Africa boycotts Israeli Knesset members - A parliamentary delegation from Israel will arrive in Johannesburg and meet with members of the Jewish community. Grandson of Nelson Mandela: "Parliament continues my grandfather's path and commitment to stand by the Palestinian cause." (Maariv)
  • Swedish-Palestinian Center attacks Israel in anti-Semitic demonstrations - The Helsingborg Police is investigating an anti-Semitic demonstration by a pro-Palestinian organization in which activists said Jews were 'offspring of apes and pigs'; the group frequently posts anti-Semitic videos, pictures and posts online. (Yedioth/Ynet)
  • Lebanon's Army Prepares to Clear Border Area of ISIS Militants - The operation is directly aided by the United States and Britain, and will include cooperation with Hezbollah and the Syrian army. (Agencies, Haaretz)
  • U.S. Attack 'Kills Dozens' From Iranian Militia Fighting ISIS - Sources report the deadly airstrike took place in the desert region of the Syria-Iraq border. (Haaretz)
  • Despite Campaign Promises to Appoint Women, Iran's Rohani Swears in All-male Cabinet - Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif will remain in his position. (Agencies, Haaretz)
  • U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren Comes Out Against anti-BDS Bill - 'I think the boycott is wrong, but I think outlawing protected free speech activity violates our basic constitution,' she says. (Haaretz)
  • Israeli, German lawmakers urge Germany to outlaw terror groups - "It cannot be that terrorist organizations are allowed to plan events and recruit supporters in Germany," lawmakers write to interior minister • They say Hezbollah and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine "have no place in a civilized world." (Israel Hayom)

When the Israeli Occupation Meets a New York Moving Company
In Joshua Cohen’s new novel, two discharged Israeli soldiers join a moving firm and evict tenants as if they’re giving grief to Palestinians. The young American writer tells Haaretz about his complex relationship with Israel. (Tzach Yoked, Haaretz+)
Bylaws: No Entry for Arabs (Haaretz Editorial) Israel has never ceased to demonstrate creativity when it comes to discriminating against Arab citizens of the state. Hiran and Kochav Yair are just the latest examples.
Why Jews and Arabs must not give up on each other (Yaniv Sagee, Yedioth/Ynet) If we blindly follow the voices of fear and hate coming from both nationalities that share this land, our lives will become hell on earth. A shared life, the common interest of the vast majority of Israeli citizens, is the only thing that can ensure the security the Jewish society yearns for and the equality the Arab society longs for.
Those who invite over to us enemies like Saeb Erekat are crazy (Kalman Liebeskind, Maariv) It is impossible to understand anyone who suggests to those, who in their day-to-day lives are responsible, directly or indirectly, for the murder of Jews, to receive medical assistance in Israel. Someone higher-up has to stop it, and the sooner the better.
The New Right-wingers Are Self-hating Israelis (Chemi Shalev, Haaretz+) They detest leftists, academics, journalists, artists, Arabs, Tel Aviv, democracy, the army and the rule of law.
The rise and decline of Benjamin Netanyahu (Ben-Dror Yemini, Yedioth/Ynet) With his impressive list of achievements, our talented prime minister should have led Israel and himself to much better and higher places. But as a hedonist, his appetite grew, and the personal interest repeatedly came before the national interest.
Netanyahu Case Presents Rare Opportunity to Break Hold of Media Boss Mozes (Nati Tucker, Haaretz+) Police investigation of Netanyahu and Yedioth Ahronoth publisher, titled Case 2000, gives Israelis a chance to put an end to deals between the press and politicians
Washington and Jerusalem: Two leaders, one fate? (Orly Azoulay, Yedioth/Ynet) Both Netanyahu and Trump believe the multiple investigations against them and their people and relatives are the fruit of conspiracies fostered by the left-wing media in a bid to ensure they are ousted.
Once bitten, twice shy (Yossi Beilin, Israel Hayom) Following our unfortunate experience on the Temple Mount, those who want to keep this Pandora's box closed should exert extra caution in the absence of a final agreement with the Palestinians.
Peace Plan for a New Era: Israel and Palestine Should Apply to Join the EU (Bradley Burston, Haaretz+) What if there were a peace plan that actually offered the people on both sides something that they would truly want?
Once ISIS is eliminated, Hezbollah will take its place (Dr. Yaron Friedman, Yedioth/Ynet) Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Yemen are all up to their necks in wars taking place in their territories or near their borders. After the war on jihadist terror is over and the Islamic State is destroyed, Hezbollah will become the region’s leading terror organization—and a close and imminent problem for Israel.
Courageous Selfishness (Amira Hass, Haaretz+) Those who refuse to serve in the army spare themselves the experience of jolting awake one morning with the realization that they were directly involved in a crime.
Netanyahu is different (Amnon Lord, Israel Hayom) The prime minister's every move is being scrutinized unfairly, but unlike his predecessors, he has not buckled under the pressure.
It’s difficult to find decisions of the Ministry of Communications under Netanyahu that were made in a business-like manner (Tal Schneider, Maariv) When the High Court comes to decide on the decisions made during Netanyahu's term as communications minister, it should pay attention to the last paragraph in the ruling forcing him to reveal the dates of his talks with Adelson. "Israel, Hayom” writes Justice Handel, plays a prominent role in the market. "Without the need for an accurate analysis of the authority of the Minister of Communications with regard to the newspaper, the reciprocal relations between the written and broadcast media, and the affiliation of the two branches to a broad media arena that the minister is responsible for, it is important to learn about the real link between Netanyahu's public role and the areas of activity of his long-time friends, Amos Regev And Sheldon Adelson."
Israeli Public, Not Its Leader, Is in Check (Zvi Bar'el, Haaretz+) In this democracy, the summer is too hot for protests, the winter is too damp and the spring is too short to waste on upheavals
In the campaign against Netanyahu, it is hard to find smart thinking and integrity (Nadav Haetzni, Maariv) Many of the leaders of the campaign to topple the prime minister are running the same spin and disguises of virtues that were used in the past to bring down the rule of the nationalist camp.
At Sheldon Adelson's Hotel (Nitzan Horowitz, Haaretz+) Nevada is the embodiment of the American dream. Everything here is free: the gambling, the prostitution, the alcohol. Above all, you’re free to lose your money.
Al Jazeera is a weapon (Ariel Bolstein, Israel Hayom) Just as we would be appalled to find Islamic State's channel on our cable box, so too is there no place for Al Jazeera or other such hate networks.
The True Message Behind Jordan’s King Abdullah’s West Bank Visit (Daoud Kuttab, Haaretz+) Jordan's beloved king is facing a level of public anger that he hasn't encountered in his 17-year rule. His visit sends a message to two audiences: Israel and his fuming constituency.

Prepared for APN by Orly Halpern, independent freelance journalist based in Jerusalem.
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