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Friday September 8, 2017
You Must Be Kidding: 
“It’s like Holocaust deniers, it’s the same thing. They shout about Holocaust deniers in Iran, but they deny more than Holocaust deniers."
--Former chief rabbi of Israel, Shlomo Amar, compared Holocaust deniers and Reform Jews and concluded Reform Jews were worse because they reject traditional Jewish law.

Front Page:
  • Tension in north due to exceptional attack on missile factory deep in Syria, which Israel is accused of
  • Message to Putin // Amos Harel
  • Attorney General expected to announce today indictment against Sara Netanyahu in Prime Minister’s Residence case
  • Submarines affair: Suspicion that (former PMO chief of staff) Sharan received bribes while he ran Netanyahu’s (Prime Minister) office
  • Without income, asylum seekers are pushed into the Israeli prostitution zone
  • From the Greek island to the jungle in Paraguay: 30 years of a failed chase by the Mossad after Mengele
  • Israeli researchers found a way to trick artificial intelligence of an automatic car
  • How did Moodi Sandberg, Chairman of Keren Hayesod, turn into a multi-tentacle octopus? // Shuki Sadeh
Yedioth Ahronoth
  • Indictment against Sara Netanyahu
  • There isn’t anything? Actually, there is // Sima Kadmon
  • “Israel attacked in Syria”
  • Assad is stuck // Alex Fishman
  • Precise attack // Yossi Yehoshua
  • Rivki’s choice - What I asked from my husband, the most badly injured soldier in Operation Protective Edge
  • The hero from Halamish - Officer A. tells how he neutralized the terrorist and stopped a murderous massacre
  • The goal: Mengele - The Mossad case on th ehunt for the Nazi criminal comes to light
  • Expose: This is how Peres established the (nuclear) reactor
Maariv Weekend
  • “Assad won’t respond to the attack on the chemical facility”
  • New red line // Alon Ben-David
  • Message to Iran // Yossi Melman
  • State of Israel vs. Sara Netanyahu
  • (Arnon Milchan) The supplier and gift giver // Ben Caspit
  • Dollar rate falling again
  • “Let us live honorably” - Handicapped protest continues
  • Fill the space: The vision of Shimon Peres didn’t die // Oz Rosenberg
  • Neighborhood muscle: ON the roads with Shefi Paz, the leader of the struggle against (African) Infiltrators in south Tel-Aviv
  • Closed studio: Why was it decided to take the educational TV broadcasts off the screen?

Israel Hayom

  • Exceptional attack - and a message to the powers // Yaakov Amidror
  • The target attacked: Heart of the industry of advanced missiles of the Shiite axis
  • Attorney General to announce: Sara Netanyahu - to be prosecuted
  • Advisor Tzachi Lieber interrogated in submarines affair: “David Sharan said, ‘Go to Ganor - and bring the money’”
  • Yaron Dekel concludes a story term in Army Radio and speaks about the successes and failures
  • Ilan Laufer, a 34-year-old Israeli, went from Rishon L’Tzion to the seat of a minister in Romania
  • The financial incentive to encourage Palestinian emigration: MK Smotrich’s radical plan

News Summary:
The Attorney General is expected to announce today that Sara Netanyahu, the wife of the Prime Minister, will be indicted for fraudulently receiving items worth some 400,000 shekels ($113,000) and Israel reportedly attacked an alleged chemical weapons factory in the depths of Syria making the top stories in today’s Hebrew newspapers.

The analysts write that this airstrike in Syria was different from others because it targeted a Syrian army facility and not a Hezbollah convoy. The analysts agree that Israel was sending a message to US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin: "You still need to take our security interests into account; we’re capable of disrupting the process of a future settlement in Syria if you insist on leaving us out of the picture." The attack came in the midst of the largest military drill in 20 years, in which Israel is simulating war with Hezbollah. Following the airstrike, Syria filed a complaint against Israel at the UN, accusing Israel of supporting terrorism because they protect al-Nusra Front and ISIS.

And the latest on the corruption cases, Yedioth’s political commentator Sima Kadmon writes that after delaying and postponing the indictment, Attorney General Mendelblitt dropped the three other cases against Mrs. Netanyahu and only went on the money case probably “because he preferred not to be accused of being petty.” Meanwhile, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s former chief of staff is accused of dealing with elicit funds in the submarines affair.

Barely making news, Trump said that a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict 'is something that could happen.’ Meanwhile, his appointed ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, was rebuked for referring to the occupation as “alleged.” Friedman was speaking in an interview to the Jerusalem Post last week and said that the Israeli left-wing is opposing the "alleged occupation." The spokeswoman for the US  State Department clarified and said that the US still defines the territories conquered by Israel in 1967 as occupied.
Prepared for APN by Orly Halpern, independent freelance journalist based in Jerusalem.
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