After Las Vegas Mass Shooting, Prayers Are Not Enough

Last night’s act of terror in Las Vegas has left all of us at Americans for Peace Now heartbroken. As we watch the toll of dead and injured climb, following a depraved gunman’s barrage of bullets aimed at concert goers, our prayers go out to the victims fighting for their lives and to the families of those confirmed dead. Las Vegas Mayor Carol Goodman no doubt spoke in understatement when she said, “It’s been a hugely traumatic time for all of us.”

We also recognize that our response must go beyond prayer. Just as we do not confine our response to prayer when it comes to tragic developments in Israel and the occupied territories, Americans cannot hope that prayer will be enough to end the epidemic of gun violence gripping our country. We must help our politicians find the will to act to protect the lives of those who would otherwise become the victims of the next American tragedy.

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