flags350x323…if someone asked me if I wanted peace to happen right now, I would say that I would have liked peace to happen 20 years ago. I think it would be easier if it happened 20 years ago, both politically and in terms of facts on the ground. I think every day we wait it gets harder.

In terms of my faith in the final outcome being a two-state solution, that hasn’t changed because there is no other solution. Your alternative to a two-state solution is continued fighting until people come back to the table because they don’t want to fight anymore.

When we talk now about the window closing on the two-state solution, what we’re talking about is that you look at the ground and say, ‘If there were the political will to reach agreement today, it could be implemented on the ground and we could have two states.’ If we wait much longer, even if the political will is there, we will have to undo so much more. That doesn’t mean it goes away, and the window closing on the two-state solution doesn’t mean we have another option. It just means we have to wait until the parties decide again that this is the only solution.

There are folks on both sides, on the Israeli and Palestinian side and in the U.S., who want a zero-sum solution and who are happy to see this thing drag out, either hoping that God will work it out in their benefit, or something else will happen and change the ground…”

-Lara Friedman, in a Feb 25, 2014 interview in the Oberlin student newspaper

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Why The Two-State Solution?


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