Camp David: The Tragedy of Errors

Robert Malley and Hussein Agha | The New York Review of Books (August 9, 2001)
Recount of the course of events at the 2000 Camp David peace talks. The writers offer an alternative to former Israeli Primer Minister Ehud Barak's version of the summit, in which Yasir Arafat receives all of the blame for the failure of the talks, and demonstrate that mistakes were made by all the parties involved. Read More >

Camp David II: Assumptions and Consequences

Shibley Telhami | Current History (January 2001)
Examination of what led to the failure of the 2000 Camp David negotiations, including an analysis of the issue of Jerusalem and how it led to the collapse of the talks. Misplaced assumptions about the Middle East are also addressed, as well as the increasing transformation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from a nationalist to a religious one. PDF > (requires ProQuest login)