"Price Tag" Escalation Timeline: Jan 1, 2011 - Oct 18, 2017

The following is a timeline of major "Price Tag" attacks (as reported by Israeli sources).  It documents a clear escalation in attacks, and the increasing spread of attacks inside the Green Line.  Italics indicate so-called "triggers" - events or developments that appear to be linked to subsequent attacks - although as has been noted in the Israeli press, "According to the Shin Bet, the right-wing extremists no longer appear to need a 'trigger' to take action, while the targets of the violence are also widening..." We will update this regularly.

18 October 2017: Rabbis for Human Rights documented four cases in three different locations in the past week in which settlers were caught red-handed vandalizing Palestinian olive trees. Israel Police detained four settlers on suspicion of involvement, but all were released.

15 September 2017:  For the third time in a week, Palestinian olive trees in the northern West Bank were uprooted by Israelis from neighboring settlements, according to the rights group Yesh Din. Twelve olive trees were found cut down, belonging to farmers from the Palestinian village of Kalil, south of the Har Bracha settlement in the northern West Bank.

30 June 2017:  Suspected Jewish extremists set fire to a Palestinian olive grove near the West Bank village of Burin, burning hundreds of trees. The attackers reportedly came from the radical settlement of Yitzhar. 

26 June 2017: Three Jewish settlers were arrested in the West Bank settlement of Yitzhar after several residents threw rocks at Israeli security personnel who dismantled an illegally built structure in the community. No one was injured in the incident, in the course of which the settlers also blocked the road to security vehicles. The incident came a few hours after some two dozen olive trees belonging to residents of Burin, a nearby Palestinian town, were found damaged, with the Hebrew word for “revenge” painted on a rock near the trees.

10 June 2017: For the second time in one week, vandals targeted Arab vehicles and property in Jerusalem early Friday morning; several cars were slashed and the words “Kahane was right” and “Price Tag” were spray-painted in blue on a nearby wall in the Arab neighborhood of Beit Safafa.

8 May 2017: About 20 vehicles were vandalized in East Jerusalem, some with their tires slashed and others were spray-painted with the words "administrative price tag."  Also, two buildings in Na'ura, an Arab village in northern Israel, were spray-painted with the words "administrative price tag" and "administrative revenge." The vandalism was apparently in response to an administrative restraining order restricting a right-wing extremist settler from the West Bank for four months. 


10 February 2016: A 40-year-old Israeli settler, resident of Karnei Shomron, was detained today for allegedly throwing an ax into a Palestinian vehicle near Azzoun. The ax shattered the windshield and landed near the driver but did not hit the driver. (Hebrew link has longer article with photos; English-language short brief here)

19 January 2016: A car wash was set alight in Petah Tikva (central Israel). Graffiti left at the site by the attackers read “Jews don't employ Arabs.”

17 January 2016: Hate graffiti was left on the walls of Jerusalem’s Dormition Abbey, which has been repeatedly targeted by extremist Jew.s (October 2012, May 2013, February 2015). YNET: “According to the church, more than ten different Hebrew inscriptions were spray-painted on the wall, ‘seemingly written by different hands, translate to 'Christians go to hell', 'death to Christians, the heretical enemies of Israel,' 'the revenge of the children of Israel is on its way', and 'may his (Jesus's -ed.) name be obliterated'.” 


22 December 2015: Apparent Price Tag attack northwest of Ramallah, in the village of Beitillu. Attackers broke a kitchen window around 1:30am and threw two tear gas canisters into the house, where a father, mother, and their 9-month old baby were sleeping. No one was injured. The attackers also left Hebrew-language graffiti on the house, reading “Revenge” and “Regards from the detainees of Zion” – an apparent reference to settler youth being held by Israeli security in connection with the arson in Duma that killed a father, mother, and their baby. 

20 November 2015: In the village of Mazra’a al-Qabliyyah, near the settlement of Talmon, windows were shattered and graffiti was sprayed saying “revenge” and “Jews, Wake up! Death to the Arabs.” Rocks were found inside the home. No further damage. This happened overnight; police are investigating.  (Hebrew only)

13 August 2015: Attackers set on fire a tent in a Bedouin encampment near Ramallah. The tent was unoccupied at the time and no one was injured. The attackers left behind Hebrew-language graffiti reading "revenge" and "administrative." The latter appears to be a reference to the Israeli government move to use a controversial policy called administrative detention (holding people without formal charges or due process, normally reserved for Palestinians) to clamp down on Israeli right-wing extremists in the wake of the July 31 arson/murder in Duma (below). Also see here.

31 July 2015: Attackers set fire to two homes in the Palestinian village of Duma, killing an 18-month old boy. The attack also left his parents and 4-yr old brother critically wounded, with burns covering up to 70 to 90 percent of their bodies -- the father subsequently died in an Israeli hospital; the mother subsequently died as well in an Israeli hospital. The attackers left behind typical "price tag" Hebrew-language graffiti reading "Long live Messiah the king" and "Revenge," along with the Start of David. Duma has previously been targeted with Price Tag attacks.

30 June 2015:  Anti-Arab graffiti was found on the walls of the Hand-in-Hand bilingual school in Jerusalem.  The graffiti included racist remarks about Arabs and swastikas. Back in November 2014, the same school was the site of an arson attack (see below for details and links).

13 January 2015:  A suspected Price Tag attack took place in East Jerusalem, in the Palestinian neighborhood of Beit Safafa.  Tires were slashed on 11 Palestinian-owned cars, and Hebrew-language graffiti painted on one of the vehicles referenced an IDF term associated with the removal of settlers from illegal outposts.  More here and here.


29 November 2014:  A Price Tag attack targeted the Hand-in-Hand school in Jerusalem, where Jewish and Arab students attend classes together in a bilingual environment.  The arson attack completely destroyed one classroom and damaged another; in addition, a pile of books was burned.  The attackers left behind racist Hebrew-langauge graffiti reading "There is no coexistence with cancer" and "Kahane was right."  (also here and here).  Three Israeli-Jewish youths, all associated with the openly racist anti-miscegenation Lehava organization, confessed to the attack and were subsequently charged with breaking and entering as well as vandalism, but NOT for committing a hate crime.  The three appeared unconcerned and smiling at their indictment.

22 November 2014:  A Palestinian home was set on fire in what appears to have been another Price Tag attack.  According to YNet, the attack occurred "after a violent weekend saw string of nationalistically and ethnically motivated incidents.  Palestinians from the village of Khirbat Abu Falah report that overnight settlers began to bang on the doors of the house, and when no one answered, poured a flammable liquid on house and set it alight."  Graffiti left behind in Hebrew read "Death to Arabs" and "Vengeance."

21 November 2014:  Three apparent racist attacks took place inside Israel: acid was poured on the car of the imam of an Acre msoque;  a Jewish-Israeli resident of Hadera was arrested for threatening violence against Arab workers at a local restaurant; and four activists from the openly racists Lehava organization were arrested for attacking Israeli police in Petah Tikva.  

11 November 2014:  A mosque was apparently set on fire in the West Bank village of Al-Maghir, causing significant damage.  While the burning of the mosque made headlines as another Price Tag attack, Israeli firefighters subsequently concluded that there was no evidence of arson and that the fire was most likely caused by a space heater.

13 October 2014:  Another West Bank mosque was the target of a Price Tag attack.  This time, the mosque is in the village of Aqraba, located near the settlements of Tapuah and Itamar, was set on fire.  Graffiti was left behind at the site reading "Price Tag” and “Tapuah is Kahane.” (also here and here, with pix and video)

11 October 2014:  Two Israelis from the extremist settlement of Tapuah were arrested for attacking Palestinians who were picking olives as part of the annual olive harvest.  According to Israel police, a Palestinian woman was beaten with a stick and subsequently hospitalized.

21 August 2014:  Four settler teenagers were caught on film leaving the scene of a Price Tag attack in Hebron.  The four set fire to a small restaurant in Dura, just outside of Hebron and left behind graffiti reading "revenge."

09 August 2014:  A Price Tag attack took place inside the Green Line, in the northern Israeli town of Kfar Yasif.  A car was set on fire and Price Tag graffiti was left on the walls of a house owned by a Palestinian citizen of Israel.

09 July 2014:  Graffiti was left in central Jerusalem reading, “Death to Arabs” and “price tag” (also here).

06 July 2014:  Israeli police arrested 6 Jewish Israelis in the murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir.

04 July 2014: Graffiti was left in the Israeli-Arab section of Ashdod (inside Israel) reading, “Death to Arabs” and “price tag”.

02 July 2014:  A Palestinian boy, Mohammed Abu Khdeir, was kidnapped and murdered in East Jerusalem.

02 July 2014:  Reported “price tag” attack near Nablus.  Hebrew-language graffiti left on Palestinian buildings read “Price tag blood vengeance,” and an agricultural building was set on fire.

30 June 2014: In what appears to be a new twist on “price tag” a house in the settlement of Shilo – being built by Palestinian laborers – was vandalized with Hebrew graffiti reading “price tag.”

30 June 2014:  The bodies of the three kidnapped Israeli yeshiva students were found near Hebron.

24 June 2014: Suspected “price tag” attack on a JNF peace site, defacing 20 commemorative stone plaques in “Grove of Nations” in the Jerusalem Forest. Plaques were broken and toppled, and graffiti left behind called for the release of three teens kidnapped in the West Bank and also said “Kahane was right!” (referring to Meir Kahane, the openly racist late rabbi whose party was barred from the Knesset for anti-Arab racism, and whose movement and its successors are labeled foreign terrorist organizations by the U.S.).

14 June 2014: Three Israeli yeshiva students were kidnapped in the West Bank.

23 May 2014:  Just days before the Pope's visit,  ther was another apparent anti-Christian “price tag” attack.  Graffiti was left on Be'er Sheva church (inside Israel) reading, “Jesus is a son of a bitch.”.

09 May 2014:  With the Pope due to arrive in Israel in less than two weeks, a second anti-Christian Price Tag attack (in less than a week) was carried out in Jerusalem.  This time, graffiti was found left on a wall adjacent to a church reading "Price tag, King David is for the Jews, Jesus is garbage." Additional graffiti reading "Death to Arabs" was found on a home in the Old City of Jerusalem.  More here and here.

07 May 2014:  Another Price Tag attack took place in the city of Yokneam, targeting the office of a dentist who is Druze.  Grafitti left at the site read "death to Arabs" and "price tag."  This was the second attack in three weeks targeting the same office.

05 May 2014:  An apparent Price Tag attack targeted offices owned by the Vatican in East Jerusalem, just two weeks before the Pope is due to visit.  Graffiti in Hebrew reading “Death to Arabs and Christians and those who hate Israel” was painted at the Notre Dame center, a Vatican-owned complex opposite the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City, on Monday, the Roman Catholic church said, over the offices of the Assembly of Bishops.  More here.

04 May 2014: Two apparent Price Tag attacks took place in Arab areas inside the Green Line.  In one, Afula police said that a Kafr Kana resident reported that vandals punctured the tires of his car and spray painted a Star of David on its door while the vehicle was parked in Yokne’am (also here).  The other took place in Kiryat Yearim, outside of Jerusalem (near Abu Ghosh), and involved graffiti left at a construction site, reading "Price Tag" and "Kahane was Right."

02 May 2014:  An Israeli Arab woman was reportedly attacked with pepper spray on the Tiberias boardwalk, allegedly by a young boy wearing a kippah.  The victim believed she was targeted for being an Arab.  In a separate incident, an Arab cemetery inside Israel was vandalized, with graffiti left behind reading "Price Tag Tzipi Livni" and "thanks for Memorial Day," along with the name of US Secretary of State John Kerry.  The YNet link includes a graphic entitled "Wave of Hate" tracking recent incidents inside Israel.

30 April 2014:  In Yokneam (a mainly Jewish town), in the second hate incident inside Israel in 24 hours, the tires on a car belonging to a Nazareth resident (Arab) were slashed and a Star of David painted on the car.

29 April 2014:  An apparent Price Tag attack was carried out in the Israeli-Arab town of Fureidis - the second attack in 2 weeks targeting a mosque.  Grafitti spray painted on the outside of the local mosque read "Shut Down Mosques, Not Yeshivot." A Star of David was spray painted inside the mosque.  Tires on at least 20 vehicles belonging to local residents were also slashed.  More here, here and here.

27 April 2014:  In the Israeli town of Yoknean (in the Galilee), tires were slashed on a car owned by an Arab.  Grafitti left on the car read "price tag" along with a Start of David.  More here and here (last one with photo).

23 April 2014:  Israeli authorities arrested three minor Israeli Jewish girls on charges of defacing Arab graves in East Jerusalem.  The girls reportedly attempted to carve the words "price tag" into multiple headstones in a Muslim cemetery.  According to media reports, this was not the first time these three girls have committed this kind of crime.  All were released to their parents' custody on the condition that they stay at least 100 meters away from this specific cemetery for 30 days. Also reported here.

18 April 2014:  An apparent Price Tag attack, targeting a mosque, took place in the city of Umm al-Fahm, in northern Israel (inside the Green Line).    The front door of the mosque was set on fire and graffiti was painted on the building reading "Arabs Out."  The attack was reportedly caught on the mosque's video security sytem (video of the attack has been posted on YNet, here).

08 April 2014:  Settlers clashed violently with Israeli border police in the settlement of Yitzhar, and then went on a rampage, destroying a nearby Israeli military outpost (situated at the site to protect Yitzhar settlers from Palestinians).  Israeli forces had entered the settlement to demolish illegal structures.  As reported in Haaretz, "Forces were confronted by hundreds of violent settlers who threw rocks, burned tires and blocked streets. Security forces responded with riot dispersal methods. Six Border Police officers were wounded by rocks; two required hospitalization."  Following the clash with border police, it was reported that "Dozens of settlers raided a military outpost outside the West Bank settlement of Yitzhar overnight Tuesday."  Video  available here.  Settlers had condemned the demolition in Yitzhar as an unacceptable "price tag" against them carried out by Israeli forces in retaliation for the slashing of a senior IDF official's tires two days earlier.  Reporting on the clash from Arutz Sheva, the settlers' media outlet, is here.

06 April 2014:  Settlers slashed the tires on the jeep of a senior IDF official -- Colonel Yoav Yarom, commander of the Israel Defense Forces' Samaria Brigade -- while he was visiting the Yitzhar settlement.  Settlers at Yitzhar previously slashed this same official's tires in January 2014 - report here.

03 April 2014:  An apparent Price Tag attack took place in the village of Jish, located inside Israel, in the Galilee.  Vandals slashed the tires on around 40 cars, and extremist graffiti was left on the walls, including, "Only Gentiles Should be Removed from our land".  More reporting here and here.

01 April 2014:  The Dir-Rifaat monastery -- located inside Israel in the town of Beit Jimal, near Beit Shemesh (west of Jerusalem) -- was the target of a Price Tag attack.  Grafitti painted on the walls of the monastery and nearby cars read "Price Tag - Peace Agreement" and "America is Nazi Germany."  Tires were also slashed on several vehicles.  See more here.  This same village was the target of previous Price Tag attack in August 2013.  In 2007, a bomb attack near the monastery wounded one monastery employee; an American-Israeli (Jewish) terrorist - Jack Teitel - later confessed to the carrying out that attack.

24 March 2014: An apparent Price Tag attack took place in the East Jerusalem Palestinian neighborhood of Beit Hanina.  Vandals slashed tires on 34 cars owned by Palestinian residents, and left behind racist graffiti.  See more here.

11 March 2014: An apparent Price Tag attack took place in the Palestinian-Israeli town of Jaljulia, located inside the Green Line in an area known as the "triangle".  Reportedly 19 cars were vandalized and racist graffiti was left behind.  It was reportedly the first attack of this kind in this area.  See more here.

21 February 2014: An apparent Price Tag attack took place in the Palestinian-Israeli town of Kfar Kassem, located inside the Green Line.  The attack involved major property damage to a local nursery, with graffiti left behind reading, “buy just from Jews” and "Price Tag."  This comes on the heels of a Price Tag attack on this same town in January.

18 February 2014:  An apparent Price Tag attack took place in the East Jerusalem Palestinian neighborhood of Sharafat, near the settlement of Gilo.  This attack involved slashing tires on as many as 30 vehicles, with anti-Arab graffiti left behind reading “No coexistence” and “Arabs = thieves.”  YNet notes: “These attacks, which occur on a regular basis, are known as "price tag" attacks as they are considered to be a direct reply by far-rightists to peace moves with the Palestinians.”  Further reporting here, here, and here.

10 February 2014: An apparent Price Tag attack took place in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan, with tires reportedly slashed on as many as 19 cars and anti-Arab graffiti (“Enough Arab workers – enough assimilation!”) painted on a bus.  One report suggested the attack could be revenge for the stabbing one day earlier of a Jewish-Israeli man by a Palestinian in East Jerusalem, at one of the gates to the Old City (that man was lightly wounded).  Additional reporting here.

14 January 2014: Overnight, an apparently Price Tag attack, targeting a mosque, took place in the Palestinian village of Dir Aista, near the West Bank settlement of Ariel.  A fire was set at the door of the village mosque; villagers reportedly were able to put out the fire before it spread.  Hebrew graffiti was left on mosque reading "Arabs Out," "Regards Qusra," and "Revenge for the spilled blood of your servants Qusra."  The last two messages refer to the January 7 incident, Palestinians in the village of Qusra prevented settlers from carrying out attacks and held the settlers until they were turned over to the IDF. Additional reporting with photos of graffiti here.  

10 January 2014: The tires of a senior IDF official were slashed while he was in a meeting with representatives of the settlement of Ytizhar, near Nablus.  

9 January 2014: A Price Tag attack took place in the town of Kfar Kassem (inside the Green Line).  According to Israeli media, 30 fruit trees were cit down, and left a sign reading "Greetings [or "Regards"] Esh Kodesh."  The sign is an apparent reference to events in the West Bank days earlier, when Palestinians prevented settlers from carrying out attacks and held them until they were turned over to the IDF.  The settlers were reportedly taking revenge for IDF action against the illegal settler outpost of Esh Kodesh. Further reporting, including photo of sign, here.

9 January 2014: Israeli police arrested 3 settlers outside the home of an Israeli official (who lives in a kibbutz inside Israel).  The settlers reportedly targeted the officials because he is a West Bank land inspector who has ordered demolitions of illegal settler structures.  The settlers were stopped after they hung posters.  Police reportedly "found containers filled with gasoline on the three men, and suspect they intended to burn the inspector's car or home." Also see here.

8 January 2014: The Israeli human rights organization Btselem released a video showing Israeli settlers, some masked, stoning a Palestinian home and school in the village of Ourif, near Nablus.  The footage was taken on January 6, 2014.  Notably, the settlers are accompanied by uniformed IDF soldiers, who did nothing to stop the settlers and appear to be acting as the settlers' security detail.  Video here.  YNet report here.

7/8 January 2014: Overnight, a suspected Price Tag attack took place in Jaffa (inside the Green Line).  Vehicles were damaged and anti-Arab graffiti was left behind.

7 January 2014: A Price Tag attack took place in the village of Madama, south of Nablus, apparently in revenge for the thwarting of a price tag attack earlier that day in Qusra (see below).   Two vehicles were burned and graffiti was left behind linking the attack to the illegal outpost of Esh Kodesh, which was linked to the attack in Qusra.

7 January 2014: A group of settlers apparently intending to carry out a Price Tag attack in the village of Qusra were captured by Palestinians.  The settlers were reportedly beaten but ultimately protected from serious harm by Palestinian activists, and were ultimately handed over to the IDF.  The IDF has corroborated Palestinian reports that the settlers descended on the village with the clear intent to carry out an attack, reportedly in response to clashes that had taken place earlier in the context of the Israeli security forces evacuating an illegal settler structure.  Also see here and here.    

7 January 2014: Israel forces reportedly thwarted a potential series of Price Tag attacks, when they stopped a car near Bethlehem carrying a group of reportedly known right-wing Israeli activists in possession of  "several cans of spray paint, tear gas, gloves, knives, clubs, iron rods, an ax, a slingshot and screwdrivers."  One of the Israelis was reportedly in violation of a house arrest order, and two were in violation of restraining orders barring them from entering the West Bank.  


31 December 2013: Price Tag attack in the Palestinian village Jalazone, near the settlement of Beit El.  Cars were set on fire and a home was vandalized.  Graffiti was left behind reading "Regards to John Kerry," "blood will flow in Judea and Samaria" and "this is war."  A star of David was also scrawled on a wall.  Also see here and here.  

10 December 2013: Price tag attack in Arab village in the Galilee (inside the Green Line), involving racist grafitti and tires slashed on dozens of cars.  Grafitti left behind read "Stop assimilation, Arabs out" and "Don't touch our daughters, Price Tag."  

8 December 2013: Apparent "Price Tag" attack in Baqa al-Gharbiyya (inside the Green Line).  Anti-Islam hate graffiti was left behind on the local mosque, reading "Mohammed is a pig", "Mutual responsibility" and "Terror stones."  Grafitti was also left reading, "Greetings from Boaz and David Hai." JPost reports that this is a reference "to two West Bank settlers whose movement has been limited by police and army restrictions."  JPost also reported a price tag attack the same night in the West Bank village of Jalud, near the settlement of Shilo (report from Palestinian press here).  Also see here (includes photos). 

18 November 2013: On December 30, 2014, two settlers from the illegal outpost of Havat Gilad signed a plea bargain for a Price Tag attack they committed on November 18, 2013.  Under the pleas bargain, they will serve 30 months in prison.  The two admitted to the attack in the West Bank village of Far'ata, which involved burning vehicles and graffiti.  The prosecution reportedly asked for leniency against the two because they cooperated with police and expressed remorse (despite the fact that this is not their first offense).  Indeed, according to YNet, "the prosecution asked for the court's support and cooperation in relaying to settlers that if they cooperate with the prosecution in the early phases of hate-crime investigations and admit to their crimes, their punishment will be more lenient."

17 November 2013: For the second time in the same week, attackers defaced a Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem, leaving graffiti reading "revenge" and "price tag" on headstones and mausoleums [see link for photos.  Also see here].   

17 November 2013: YNet reported that "Hundreds of haredim who were protesting the arrest of Rabbi Yoram Abergel are suspected of having hurled stones in the direction of a car passing by. Reportedly, the men had targeted the car because its driver was Arab.  According to a witness, a group of haredi men "attacked several Arabs, including a young Arab man, ho was driving a car, as they are swearing at him and laughing.'"  The car's windshield was smashed and the driver fled.  [see link for photos and video].  

16 November 2013: YNet reported, "Two [Israeli] youth were arrested Saturday night [Nov 16] under suspicion of planning to price tag a Jerusalem monastery.  The two, aged 16 and 17, were under surveillance by the nationalistic crimes unit of the Shai district police. The police said that the youth were stopped with spray paint cans, pepper gas, and awls." 

14 November 2013: Attackers set fire to a house in the Palestinian village of Sinjil in the middle of the night. Price tag-style graffiti was left outside the home, linking the attack to the murder the previous day of an IDF soldier by a Palestinian teenager.  The attack threatened the lives of 5 members of a Palestinian family inside, all of whom were hospitalized for smoke inhalation, in addition to causing damage.    An IDF spokesman, commenting on the attack, noted that "The IDF considers with great severity events which divert the security forces' attention from their main task of fighting terror and that destabilize the area" - a comment that fails to note any concerns about the inherent evil of setting fire to a house full of innocent civilians. Also see here, here, and here

9 October 2013: Price tag attackers targeted a mosque in the village of Burka (leaving price tag graffiti on it), near Ramallah. They also vandalized cars. Also see here (including photos). 

9 October 2013: A brazen attack by settlers in the village of Jalud, near Nablus, reportedly in revenge for the razing of an illegal outpost by the IDF.  Masked settlers reportedly attacked a Palestinian school (where children were in class), vandalized 5 cars, and burned 400 olive trees.  Six minors and four adult settlers were reportedly arrested.  An IDF spokesman said that the IDF "frowns on such grave actions which destabilize the region and deviate security forces' attention from their main mission -- combating terror." (Also here, including video footage).   

6 October 2013: Following the arrest of two Israelis for a Price Tag attack in Sheikh Jarrah on September 29, Israeli police arrested a total of 14 Israeli boys, ages 13-18, suspected of being part of a price tag "gang" that has carried out numerous attacks.  All have been released to house arrest (the four youngest on Oct. 6, the rest on Oct. 9) as the investigation continues.  (Also see report from Arutz Sheva, here and here).    

3 October 2013: With respect to the September 29 vandalism in a Christian cemetery in East Jerusalem, and notwithstanding reports that Israeli police witnessed the latter attack and the suspects engaged police in a prolonged chase, Arutz Sheva (the settler media outlet) reported that all suspects were released, because the only person testifying against them was "an Arab" and "police found no evidence tying them to the crime" (the Arutz Sheva headline concludes that this proves the "Arab Witness 'Lied.'"    

30 September 2013: Inside the Old City, tires of 5 Palestinian-owned vehicles were slashed and nearby was left behind graffiti in Hebrew reading "price tag."   

29 September 2013: Price tag attackers were caught in the act of carrying out two attacks inside East Jerusalem, one in Sheikh Jarrah, where eight cars were vandalized (and two Israeli youths were arrested - see also here) and another in a Christian cemetery on Mount Zion, near the Old City, where a reportedly a dozen headstones of graves were smashed (four Israeli youths were arrested - see also here, here and here).   

22 September 2013: In the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of East Jerusalem, tires were slashed on five cars.  Two were vandalized with black spray pain and another had the words "price tag" spray painted on it in Hebrew. 

27 August 2013: An apparent "price tag" attack took place in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Safafa.  Reportedly "tens of cars" were damaged and graffiti reading "price tag" was painted on nearby walls. 

19 August 2013:  A monastery near Jerusalem was the target a "price tag" attack.  A firebomb was thrown into the entryway of the monastery, and price tag hate graffiti was sprayed on the monastery's walls (see link for photo).  The grafffiti read:  "price tag," "death to gentiles," and "revenge."  This was just the latest attack targeting a Christian or Muslim place of worship.

23 June 2013:  An apparent "price tag" attack took place overnight in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina, with tires slashed on 21 vehicles and graffiti of a Star of David left behind, along with the words "We do not remain silent in the face of stone throwing."

17 June 2013:  What appears to have been a major "price tag" attack took place inside Israel, in the Arab town of Abu Ghosh (west of Jerusalem).  The attack involved the slashing of the tires on 28 cars (including, reportedly, the tires on the car belonging to Avrum Burg, former Speaker of the Knesset) and racist graffiti was left behind, reading "Arabs Out" and "Racisim of Assimilation" (pix here). 

14 June 2013:  An apparent "price tag" attack took place in East Jerusalem's Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.  Two vehicles were torched and graffiti was left nearby reading "Price Tag." (Also here.)

12 June 2013:  A "price tag" attack took place overnight in Jaffa (inside the Green Line).  In a Christian cemetery, Stars of David were spray-painted on gravestones along with graffiti reading "price tag" and "revenge."  Grafitti of the same nature was found on a building nearby, and five cars in the area had their tires slashed. 

30 May 2013: The Church of the Dormition - an historic Franciscan church in Jerusalem - was the target of an apparent "price tag" attack.  Graffiti was left on the walls reading "Havat Maon" (a reference to an illegal outpost) and "Jesus is a monkey."  The tires of two cars parked at the church were also slashed.  In addition, tires were slashed on cars near Ramallah, and graffiti left behind read "revenge" and "price tag - regards from Baruch Tzuri to Eviatar" (a reference to a settler murdered last month).  Also here, here and here.

29 May 2013: Overnight,  a series of Price Tag attacks marked the 30-day anniversary of the murder of a settler.  Nine cars were torched in two Jordan Valley villages, and graffiti was left linking the attacks to the murder.  In East Jerusalem, 7 cars were vandalized and, again, graffiti was left linking the attack to the murder.  An additional attack was reported near Ramallah.  According to the report from A7 (the settlers' media outlet), an IDF statement condemned the attacks, not because they are illegal or represent attacks on innocents, but because the Price Tag campaign "distracts security forces from their primary goal of fighting terrorism and protecting citizens of the state of Israel, and erodes the relative stability in the region."  Also here (including pix).  

23 May 2013:  Price Tag attack in Jerusalem damages both Jewish- and Arab-owned cars.  Media reports "Most likely targeting Arabs, 'price tag' act hits segregated Jerusalem street, causing damage to both Arab, Jewish property. Local residents slam racist act: 'Whoever wanted to harm Arabs got confused, though we as neighbors don't advocate such segregation'"

15 May 2013:  It was reported that a Price Tag attack took place near Afula (inside the Green Line).  Cars were torched and Price Tag graffiti left behind (pix available at link).

13 May 2013:  Overnight, a Price Tag attack in the village of Um al Qutuf in target Wadi Ara (inside the Green Line).   Three vehicles were set on fire near a mosque.  Graffiti was left on a wall of the mosque linking the attack to the murder of a settler on April 30.  Earlier that day, the Safed police reportedly launched an investigation into the spraying of racist graffiti in that city, including graffiti stating: "Arabs out."

30 April 2013:  Following clashes, settlers overnight entered the village of Beit Ilu, near Ramallah and left "price tag" graffiti.  Beit Ilu has previously been the target of price tag attacks (also here).

30 April 2013:  In retaliation for the murder of a settler from Yizhar (below), settlers launched a wave of revenge attacks (also here, here and here), including the stoning of a bus carrying Palestinian schoolchildren which injured two young Palestinian girls and burning fields and olive trees.

30 April 2013:  A Palestinian murdered an Israeli resident of the settlement of Yizhar (also here), in the first such murder since 2011. 

24 April 2013:  Hate graffiti - reading "Death to Arabs," "Go away," and "Price tag" - was left on the door of an apartment in Tel Aviv (an apartment where Arabs, presumably citizens of Israel, live).  The apartment was also burglarized.  Further reporting (including photo of graffiti) here.

23 April 2013:  Four cars were set on fire in a village near Safed (inside the Green Line).  Graffiti left on the scene read "price tag" and "leave our girls alone" - an apparent reference to an ongoing case in which two Israeli (Jewish) young men were arrested for attacking an Israeli (Arab) man for dating a Jewish girl (also here).

22 April 2013:  Ten (or 11, according to another report) Palestinian-owned vehicles were reportedly torched in Deir Jarir, near Ramallah. 

11 April 2013:  A Palestinian was seriously injured in clashes with settlers in West Bank, three days after two mosques were vandalized in a Palestinian town near Bethlehem.  Haaretz reported that the incident began "when three settlers from the neighboring newly founded outpost of Netzah Binyamin, near the Efrat settlement, entered the village and began beating the Palestinian man with steel pipes, villagers said...A Netzah Binyamin resident told Haaretz that the incident occurred when residents of Silwad ventured close to their outpost."

11 April 2013: Israeli authorities are reportedly investigating an incident in which around 90 trees were damaged near Bethlehem; suspected "price tag" graffiti was left in the area.

7 April 2013: Two mosques in the West Bank village of Tuqu, near Bethlehem, were vandalized in an apparent price tag attack.  Hate graffiti was left on the walls of the mosques and vandals also slashes the tires of cars in the area.  The graffiti indicated that the attack as a response to Palestinian stone throwing on West Bank roads.  (More here).

9 March 2013: Apparent price tag attack near Nablus, involving the cutting down of 100 olive trees and with price tag graffiti left behind.

4 March 2013: Price tag attack in the industrial zone of the Shiloh settlement, involving vandalizing of Palestinian-owned vehicles, reportedly including slashing tires and spray-painting hate-graffiti (i.e., "death to Arabs," "price tag").  The suspect was caught in the act and arrested.  He was previously arrested in connection with other price tag attacks. (More here).

21 February 2013:  Six Palestinian cars were torched in an alleged price tag attack in the West Bank village of Kusra.  Subsequently, a Palestinian villager who went to the Israeli police to testify about the attack was arrested for "contradictions" in his testimony, and police announced that the incident was believed to have been faked.  Minister of Internal Security Yitzhak Aharonovich subsequently rebuked the police, saying that the "announcement on the fabricated 'price tag' incident at the Qusra village was 'premature' and that the investigation was continuing.

18 February 2013:  Tires of three cars were slashed cars and price tag graffiti was left on a nearby wall in the  village of Yasuf, in the northern West Bank near the settlement of Kfar Tappuah.   

14 February 2013: Vandals desecrated graves in a Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem, apparently in retaliation over the demolition of structures in the illegal outpost of Ma'aleh Rehavim.  They vandals spray painted slogans on gravestones, including "Price Tag" and the name of the outpost, as well as Jewish stars.

4 February 2013:  Two Palestinian-owned cars were torched in a price tag attack in the West Bank village of Deir Jariri, located east of Ramallah.  Vandals left behind spray painted slogans supportive of Meir Kahane, whose political party was outlawed in Israel and whose affiliated organizations (Kach and Kahane Chai) are defined as terrorist organizations under U.S. law.   

3 January  2013: Palestinians reported that in a village southeast of Nablus, four cars with slashed tires were discovered. Additionally, they found the words "Solidarity with Esh Kodesh" (an illegal outpost) and a Star of David spray painted on a nearby wall.  The attack was caught on video by security cameras at the gas station where it took place.

1 January  2013: A Palestinian car was torched and threatening graffiti was scrawled on a wall in the village of Beit Umar, near Hebron.  "Price tag. The only good Arab is a dead Arab. Vengeance for Yitzhar" and "This time on buildings, next time on humans," were scrawled on walls in the village.


12 December 2012: Price-tag attacks took place overnight in Jerusalem and Ramallah.  In Jerusalem, hate slogans were spray-painted in Hebrew on a monastery (the second time this monastery has been targeted), tires were slashed on three cars, and graffiti in Hebrew reading "Happy Hanukka - Triumph of the Maccabees" was left on another car (also here).  In Ramallah, a car was torched and price-tag graffiti was left nearby.

3 December 2012:  Israeli police arrested three Israelis as they were carrying out a price-tag attack in the West Bank town of Al Samu'a.  The three had already carried out an attack in the West Bank town of Ad-Dhahiriya, where they torched a car and spray painted graffiti reading "price-tag" and "Congratulations Effi" - the latter apparently in honor of a settler who had just gotten married.

25 November 2012:  Tires were found slashed on 8 cars in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Shufat, accompanied by spray painted graffiti with the message: words "Gaza Price Tag" (also here).

4 November 2012: Price-tag attack in the East Jerusalem Palestinian neighborhood of Shuafat.  Attackers spray painted "price tag," "Death to the enemy," "Freedom for the homeland" and "the knitted skullcaps" on cars and walls.   Also wrote "Regards from Ettinger," an apparent reference to right-wing activist Meir Ettinger, indicted for tracking IDF activity and collecting military information.  In addition to the graffiti, the perpetrators damaged six cars, slashing some tires.

2 November 2012:  Vandals spray-paint slogans, try to torch cars in 'price tag' attack in Palestinian village of Burqa, near ramallah.  Police suspected that extreme right wing activists entered the village of Burqa, scrawled "Ramat Migron knits a skullcap! Price tag!" on a wall and attempted to torch some cars.

21 October 2012:  J'lem youths suspected of setting Palestinian taxi ablaze.  Settlers set taxi cab on fire, spray 'price tag' graffiti on Palestinian family's property in village of Daharia, in the south Mount Hebron area.  Police: Graffiti referenced arrest of 3 right-wing activists by undercover police. Graffiti slogans reading "Price Tag Susya" were found on the fence of a Palestinian family's home.

2 October 2012:  Vandals deface Franciscan monastery in Jerusalem, just outside the Old City, with graffiti, "Jesus, son of a whore, price tag."  Also here and here.

11 September 2012:  Graffiti reading "Price tag Migron" found on the wall of mosque in a village southwest of Hebron in the West Bank.  Also here.

4 September 2012: Christian monastery near Jerusalem vandalized, door set on fire.  The incident, suspected to be a 'price tag' attack. Graffiti sprayed on the monastery walls included the words "Migron," and "Jesus is a monkey."  Also see here.

29 August 2012:  In a Palestinian neighborhood close to the West Bank settlement Beit El, vandals conducted price-tag attacks, spray-painting racist graffiti on a wall and lighting a car aflame while trying to burn another.  The graffiti, written in Hebrew, read, "death to the enemy, freedom for the homeland, price tag Migron, vengeance against Arabs, regards from those banished."  "Migron" was also spray-painted on both cars.  Also see here and here.  

28 August 2012: The Israel High Court rejects an appeal by Migron settlers and rules that the outpost must be evacuated by September 4.

28 August 2012:  A suspected "price tag" attack took place near Hebron. "Regards from Asher Palmer" and "Revenge" sprayed-painted on vehicles in the Palestinian village of Kafr Sayeer.  Asher Palmer and his eight-month-old son were killed about a year ago when their car went off the road after it was stoned near the settlement of Kiryat Arba, adjacent to Hebron.

27 August 2012:  Two masked men attack 67-year-old Palestinian shepherd in South Hebron Hills.

22 August 2012:  Palestinians in Awarta say that unidentified vandals entered the West Bank village overnight, spray painted hate slogans on a building and attempted to torch two cars. The assailants fled after drenching the vehicles in gasoline.   The sources branded the incident as a "price tag" act. (Also here)

20 August 2012:   Arsonists attempt to burn down home in Far'ata; Police investigating possibility incident in Palestinian village was a 'price tag' attack.  (Also here).

17 August 2012:  In suspected Jerusalem lynch, dozens of Jewish youths attack 3 Palestinians.  One of the Palestinians was seriously wounded and hospitalized in intensive care; eyewitness: Today I saw a lynch with my own eyes.

16 August 2012:  A firebombing of a Palestinian taxi near the settlement of Bat Ayin injures 6 Palestinians, including 2 children (also here, including photo of the burned out vehicle).  Police subsequently detain 3 youths from the settlement of Bat Ayin in connection with the attack (also here).

5 August 2012:  New special feature in Haaretz: "Lambs to the settlers' slaughter, screaming and unheard - There were more than 50 reports of Israelis assaulting Palestinians in the West Bank last month. In the start of a regular series, Haaretz details one particularly violent attack."  Includes map with details of attacks by Israelis against settlers across the West Bank.

1 August 2012: Hebrew slogans reading "Don't touch our lands" and "Price Tag" were found on the walls of a house in the village of Sinjil north of Ramallah.  Three gas tanks were found near the house. Security forces are investigating the incident.  More here and here.

23 July 2012: Residents of the village of Shab el-Butum in south Mount Hebron discovered 24 mutilated olive trees. The words 'price tag' were spray painted nearby, according to B'tselem.

16 July 2012:  Death threat graffiti painted on home of Hagit Ofran, head of Peace Now's Settlement Watch.  Graffiti reads: "Kahane was Right" and "Hagit Ofran of blessed memory [z'l] You're Dead."  Third death threat vandalism against Hagit.  Also here.

7 July 2012:  "Price Tag" spray-painted on water tanks in Susiya.  Photo here, graffiti reads "Price Tag!" and "Death to Arabs."

3 July 2012:  IDF soldier dismissed for refusing to go after price tag settlers who commit "price tag" attacks.

2 July 2012:  Price tag graffiti painted in the village of Susiya (which faces demolition orders) reading "Price Tag," "Avenge the Arabs!" "Price tag forever" and "Greetings from the goat!" [reportedly referring to a goat settlers stole from Palestinian residents].  Israeli activists who attempted to paint over the hate graffiti arrested for property damage.

25-28 June 2012: Ulpana evacuation takes place.

25 June 2012:  Israeli human rights organizations called upon Israeli security authorities Monday to prevent any "price tag" actions that may arise in the wake of a number of planned evacuations of settlers.

19 June 2012:  Former IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz, commenting on the mosque arson, stated on Army Radio that the authorities did not do enough to crack down on "price tag" vandalism... "If we wanted, we could catch them and when we want to, we will," Mr. Halutz said on Army Radio.

19 June 2012:  Mosque torched in village of Jaba, near Ramallah.  Spray-painted Hebrew slogans on a mosque read, "Ulpana war" "The war has started" and "Pay the price."  Also reported here and here.

11 June 2012:  Police investigate pamphlets calling for 'Price Tag' acts against IDF discovered in several West Bank settlements.  Suggestions include slashing the tires of military vehicles, filling their gas tanks with sugar and sand, and spray-painting slogans on IDF bases.  Details of the booklet here.

10-11 June 2012: Cars belonging to Arab residents of the Shuafat refugee camp in East Jerusalem were vandalized overnight: in an apparent "price tag" attack, vandals spray-painted "Ulpana" on one of the cars and punctured the tires of seven.

8 June 2012:  Price tag vandals attack Jewish-Arab village, Police chief says Neve Shalom vandalism is 'especially severe.'  Tires slashed on 14 cars; spray-painted messages on the elementary school, public buildings and three cars: "Revenge," "Regards from Ulpana" and "Regards from Gilad Farm," "Death to Arabs" and "Kahane was right."

6 June 2012: Knesset votes down legislation that would have allowed legalization of illegal outposts and "saved" illegal outpost of Ulpana, which the Israeli High Court of Justice has ruled must be removed by July 1.

20 February 2012:  Graffiti was left on a church in West Jerusalem, including "Price Tag."  The graffiti also read: "Jesus was a son of a whore," "we will crucify you," and "death to Christianity."  Tires of cars parked in the church compound were also slashed.  Photos of the graffiti are available here.

16 February 2012:  Vandals torched a car belonging to Palestinians and spray-painted "price-tag" on a private residence in the West Bank village of Nabi Elias near the Palestinian city of Kalkilya.

11 February 2012:  Unidentified assailants scrawled racist graffiti on a playground at a bilingual Jewish-Arab school in East Jerusalem over the weekend, police officials said.  This comes only days after another such attack on the same school.  Police spokeswoman Luba Samri said unknown attackers had spray painted "Death to Arabs" and "Kahane was right" on the school's playground in the Arab east Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Safafa.  Photos of the graffiti are available here.

8 February 2012:  Extremists vandalized again in Jerusalem in an apparent "price tag" attack against Peace Now's Jerusalem offices. The extremists sprayed "No leftists, no terror attacks" on the fence outside of the office, located in the German Colony neighborhood. The attack came two days after the most recent "price tag" incident in Jerusalem. On Tuesday, two cars and a stone fence at the Valley of the Cross Monastery, below the Israel Museum, were covered with anti-Christian graffiti and the cars' tires were slashed. The vandals wrote "Jesus drop dead," "Death to Christians" and "Kahane was right." They called themselves "The Maccabees of Migron" and left the words "price tag."  Vandals also attacked the Hand in Hand Center for Jewish-Arab Education elementary school in the Patt neighborhood, where they spray painted "Kahane was right" and "death to Arabs" on the wall.

7 February 2012: A Jewish-Arab bilingual school and a Christian monastery in Jerusalem were defaced with graffiti in a suspected "price tag" attacks carried out by Jewish extremists.  "Death to Arabs" and "Kahane was right" was daubed in Hebrew on a wall outside the bilingual school.

7 February 2012:  An IDF soldier who is a member of the Golani Brigade (and resident of the Itamar settlement) and  two young women committed a price-tag attack in the Palestinian village of Luban al-Sharqiya near Nablus.  They were caught on security camera video committing the attack.  They sprayed the caption "Muhammad is a pig" on one of the walls and sabotaged a construction materials shop and the IDF soldier threatened Palestinian residents of the village with his weapon.  The IDF soldier has confessed.  Two young women - one a settler from the settlement of Tapuach (home to some of the most extremist settlers in the West Bank) and one from Jerusalem and known for West Bank "activism" - were also arrested.

12 January 2012: Police are investigating an investigating a case of vandalism against a Palestinian nursery, next to the entrance of the Ariel settlement. Vases and ceramic floor tiles were smashed, and grafitti was spray painted.

11 January 2012: In the Palestinian village of Deir Istiya, near Nablus (north of Shilo) settlers reportedly entered the village overnight, torching three Palestinian cars and leaving graffiti reading "Price Tag - Gal Aryeh Yosef" on the village mosque.

9 January 2012: An illegal outpost called Gal Yosef,near the settlement of Shilo, was demolished (it was previously demolished and rebuilt by settlers.

[Note: On 5 January 2012 a senior Israeli security official told a Knesset committee that in the past year, 228 incidents of attacks by right-wing activists on security forces were recorded - not including verbal threats - and that dozens of mosques were set alight. He added that 65 indictments were served against rightist activists on charges of assault and vandalism. "Ten people were arrested, but they were not indicted so they were released... We have a problem with gathering evidence due to the location of where the crimes are committed."]

4 January 2012: Two Palestinian-owned vehicles burned in East Jerusalem, graffiti at scene reads: "revenge" and "price tag."  (Also here and here).


29 December 2011: Israel arrests settlers for "tracking" IDF activities in the West Bank, considering espionage charges against them.

19 December 2011: West Bank mosque (Bani Na'im, near Hebron) spray painted overnight with slogans including "price tag" and "Yitzhar," the illegal outpost where IDF razed 2 buildings earlier. Also anti-Muslim hate graffiti. (Also here).

15 December 2011: Mosque torched in the West Bank village of Burqa (near Nablus).Defamatory slogans found on the walls, including several reading "Mitzpe Yitzhar".

15 December 2011: A settler sprayed slogans reading "price tag" and "Nazis" on an IDF post in Taphuah Junction. He was arrested and taken in for questioning.

15 December 2011: The IDF demolished two structures in the illegal outpost of Mitzpe Yitzhar (despite the settlers placing stones, nails and spikes on the road leading to the outpost in order to disrupt IDF movements).

14 December 2011: Early morning arson attack on Jerusalem mosque, "Price-tag" and racist/anti-Muslim graffiti left behind. (Also here).

14 December 2011: Israel right-wing extremists clash with Jerusalem police following price tag attack; they slash police-car tires, smash windows following attempt to arrest suspects following the arson of a historically significant mosque in the capital. (Also here).

12-13 December 2011:: There was a series of serious "price-tag" attacks linked to the pending demolition of the illegal Ramat Gilad outpost, starting late December 12th and continuing into early December 13.  (On December 20th, the Israeli government and the settlers subsequently reached an "agreement" to avoid demolition of the outpost, sending the message to settlers that the Price Tag strategy works).

13 December 2011 here, here, and here).

12 December 2011: Two trucks and a car were torched in the Palestinian village of Duma near Nablus, with the inscription "camaraderie Mitzpe Yitzhar" spray painted nearby.

12 December 2011: Right-wing extremists breach Israel-Jordan closed border zone, threaten to protest closing of Mughrabi Gate, to send threatening message to Jordan.

12 December 2011: For the second night in a row, a series of SMS messages and telephone calls alerted activists of troop movement in the Samaria area consistent with pre-evacuation activity. In response, around 11:30 p.m. an estimated 300 right-wing extremists attacked Palestinian cars in the Samaria area and injured one Palestinian woman, according to security sources.  On Route 55, Israeli extremists surrounded an IDF vehicle. At one point, an extremist opened the vehicle's door and threw a rock at the commander of the Ephraim Brigade, Col. Ran Cahana, according to security sources. An IDF spokesman said that at that time, they received numerous reports of rock throwing incidents against Palestinians. (also here)

8 December 2011: Mosque torched in another apparent 'price tag' attack, along with a tractor and a car, in 2am attack, at village of Burkin, near Ariel.  In addition, the name of the head of the Shin Bet security service's Jewish division [something that under Israeli law is illegal to disclose publicly] was spray-painted on a wall of the mosque.

6 December 2011:  3 IDF soldiers arrested over link to 'price tag' attacks in West Bank (also here and here).

5 December 2011: 7 female Jewish settlers arrested for 'price tag' attacks in West Bank.

3 December 2011: Israel MK Zahava Gal-On assigned bodyguard after death threats from right-wing extremists.  Right-wing MK dismisses concern, saying she isn't important enough for anyone to threaten.

27 November 2011: Suspect in "Price Tag" attacks against Peace Now activists (previously released) emails new death threats from house arrest.  Identity of suspect (not a minor) under gag order, ostensibly to protect identity of his parents (but following email threats from personal email account, identity made public online).

10 November 2011: (Inside the Green Line) Historic Muslim graveyard in West Jerusalem desecrated, "Death to Arabs" and "Givat Asaf" (the name of an illegal outpost slated for demolition) spray painted on the gravestones in Mamilla Cemetery (next to the site of the "Museum of Tolerance").

10 November 2011 (no link):  (Inside the Green Line) Israel's Army Radio reports that the writing "Oslo criminals to justice" and "price tag" were sprayed on a monument for IDF soldiers in Bnei Brak. The police have begun an investigation.

9 November 2011:  Israel Police: New Attack On Palestinian Property, three cars torched, house defaced with graffiti reading "Price Tag"

8 November 2011:  Date that the Netanyahu government was obliged to update the Court on its plans to remove outposts on private land, per the policy it announced in March (Israeli government asked the court for a second delay).

8 November 2011: (Inside the Green Line) Death threats spray-painted on home of Peace Now official in Jerusalem, including "Rabin is waiting for you" and "Hagit Ofran z'l" (the Hebrew acronym for rest in peace) (also here).

6 November 2011:  (Inside the Green Line) Jerusalem offices of Peace Now evacuated after bomb threat, "Price Tag" graffiti left on building (also here).

1 November 2011:  Date that the Netanyahu government was obliged to update the Court on its plans to remove outposts on private land, per the policy it announced in March (Israeli government asked the court for a delay).

31 October 2011:  The Abu al-Abed restaurant in Jaffa was torched and spray-painted with 'price tag' and 'Kahane was right' slogans overnight on Monday."

30 October 2011:  (Inside the Green Line) Arab restaurant torched in Jaffa, phrases "Price Tag" and "Kahane was right" marked on its walls (also here).

25 October 2011:  20 trees owned by an Arab family in Beit Safafa, Jerusalem, were uprooted. A Price Tag sign was posted nearby (also here).

11 October 2011:  (Inside the Green Line) Vandals desecrate the Yitzhak Rabin memorial in Tel Aviv, spraying the words "Price Tag" and "release Yigal Amir" on the memorial.

9 October 2011:  (Inside the Green Line) Anti-Arab hate slogans sprayed in Bat Yam, "Death to Arabs" and "Kahane was right" spray-painted on two structures in Bat Yam.

7 October 2011:  (Inside the Green Line) A Christian and a Muslim cemetery were defaced in Jaffa (also here).  "Death to Arabs" and "Price Tag" spray painted on the graves.

3 October 2011:  (Inside the Green Line) Price Tag - Mosque burned in the Bedouin town Tuba -Zangariyye, "Revenge" and "Price Tag" spray-painted on mosque.

29 September 2011:  Palestinian olive trees mutilated in West Bank, spray paint "Halhul Price Tag," Star of David.

25 September 2011:  Suspected Price Tag: 100 olive trees torn down near Nablus.

23 September 2011:  Kiryat Arba settler and his son killed in car crash after car hit by stones.

11 September 2011:  (Inside the Green Line) Threats spray painted inside the stairwell leading to the apartment of Peace Now official Hagit Ofran in Jerusalem.  The messages included "Price Tag Migron," "Migron forever, suppression of traitors," and "Peace Now, the end is near."

9 September 2011:  Price Tag operations in West Bank - Hebrew hate slogans sprayed on walls of mosque, Birzeit University near Ramallah.

8 September 2011:  Settlers deface a mosque in the village of Yatma, near Nablus, including spray painting "PT [Price Tag] Migron". Cars in a nearby village also burned.

7 September 2011: Price Tag attack on IDF base in West Bank - tires of jeeps slashed, Price Tag graffiti left inside base walls, including writing "Ramat Migron" (also here).

5 September 2011:Israel demolishes three houses in an illegal outpost.

5 September 2011: Settlers torched the mosque of Qusra, south of Nablus.

28 June 2011: Palestinian village of Beit Ilu sustains yet another attack by vandals in form of racist graffiti - graffiti: Stars of David, "Mohammed is Dead," "Settlement 18" (possibly a reference to an evacuated illegal outpost).  One of many Price Tag attacks against village.

26 July 2011: West Bank demolitions prompt riots, arrests, Price Tag missions - protests, blocking roads, attempt to torch a field, reported attack on village with a Palestinian resident injured (also here). Note: According to Reuters, there has been a 57% rise in Price Tag attacks in the first seven months of 2011.

25 July 2011: Civil Administration razes two caravans and a goat pen built in the illegal outpost of Givat Ronen.

19 June 2011: Four girls arrested for Price Tag violence in May 2011 (multiple acts suspected, including arson).

6 June 2011: Mosque torched in Al Mughayyir, near Ramallah; graffiti left reading: "Ali Ayin," "Price Tag," and "This is only the beginning" (also here).

2 June 2011: Evacuation and demolition of four structures in the illegal outpost of Ali Ayin.

24 April 2011: Price Tag: Settlers stone Palestinian cars; injure boy.

24 April 2011: Shooting of Israelis en route to Joseph's Tomb, including killing of settler Ben-Yosef Livnat, by Palestinian policemen near Nablus.

21 March 2011: Palestinian stabbed near settlement several days after attack on construction worker in Shilo, Price Tag suspicions surface again (also here).

17 March 2011: Price Tag? Two cars set on fire near settlement of Qedumim.

17 March 2011: 5-7 settlers, armed with a metal pipe and tear gas, attacked two Palestinian workers renovating a house in the settlement of Shilo. (also here).

16 March 2011: (Inside the Green Line) Price Tag spreading to Galilee? Safed: Two cars torched; anti-Arab slurs spray painted.

14 March 2011: Two vehicles set on fire north of Ramallah - possible Price Tag retaliation.

13 March 2011: Price Tag? Five cars set on fire in Huwara.

12 March 2011: Price Tag revenge attacks for Itamar murders - settlers attacked Palestinian houses.

11 March 2011:  Massacre by Palestinian terrorists of Fogel family in the settlement of Itamar.

11 March 2011: (Inside the Green Line) Graffiti threats spray-painted near the West Jerusalem homes of the Israeli activists, including "Price Tag for Sheikh Jarrah" and "Leftists out."

3 March 2011: Another Price Tag operation in Beit Ilu? Car set on fire.

28 February - 3 March 2011: Right-wing activists block traffic on Route 1, set tires on fire at entrance of Jerusalem, try to block train near Modi'in; carry out Price Tag attacks.

28 February 2011: Civil Administration demolishes structures in the illegal outpost of Havat Gilad.

28 February 2011: Price Tag:  windshields of dozens of Palestinian cars smashed in Hebron.

28 February 2011: Molotov cocktail hurled at Palestinian house, Army believed it to be part of Price Tag activity.

18 February 2011:  Another apparent Price Tag attack in village of Beit Ilu, "Death to Arabs" and other racist, anti-Muslim graffiti on spray painted on walls.

15 February 2011: Settlers arrested trying to set fire to a vineyard owned by Palestinians as part of the settlers' Price Tag policy.

January 2011: Civil Administration issues demolition orders for a number of structures in the illegal outpost of Bat Ayin.

27 January 2011: Palestinian vehicle torched, graffiti nearby read: "Eye for an eye - we won't forget" in Hebrew.

26 January 2011: Palestinian tractor torched in the West Bank, graffiti nearby read: "Price Tag Bat Ayin" and "revenge for Arabs."

15 January 2011: Israeli Army demolitions makeshift structures comprising the illegal outpost Ramat Migron.