In Search of a Diplomatic Solution with Iran:

irancollage350x700APN Analysis & Activism in Support of the Current P5+1 Negotiations with Iran


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1.  APN Statements & Opeds

April 15, 2015: APN to Congress: You’ve Legislated Oversight of a Deal – Now Give Iran Diplomacy a Chance to Work
April 12, 2015: Ernest Moniz in The Washington Post: A nuclear deal that offers a safer world
April 3, 2015: APN Welcomes Framework Agreement to Prevent Iran from Obtaining a Nuclear Weapon
March 10, 2015:  Oped - The Senate GOP's Hail Mary Pass on Iran
March 3, 2015:
Oped in the Forward - 11 Lies Netanyahu Told Congress on Iran

March 3, 2015: Following Netanyahu Speech: Give Diplomacy a Chance!
March 2, 2015:  APN to Senate: Reject Unnecessary, Dangerous New Iran Bills
March 2, 2015:  Press Release: APN to Netanyahu: Use Congressional Speech to Repair Damage!
February 27, 2015: "Prepare for Netanyahu’s Washington Speeches:  Listen for these 11 Bogus Arguments against an Iran Deal"
February 27, 2015:The Iran Deal: 2/27 Briefing call with Larry Hanauer and Joseph Cirincione
November 24, 2014: "APN to Congress: Allow Iran Negotiations to Continue Unhindered during Extension."
November 24, 2014: "National Grassroots Call on Diplomacy with Iran."
November 14, 2014: "Barbara Slavin of the Atlantic Council and al-Monitor briefing call on Iran."
February 12, 2014:"APN Applauds House Letter Supporting Diplomacy with Iran."
January 23, 2014: "Proposed new Iran sanctions all wrong." (Mark Silverberg in the Cleveland Jewish News)
January 14, 2014:  "APN Urges Congress and US Jewish Groups to Stop Pushing New Sanctions."
January 9, 2014:   “Thwarting Iran Diplomacy: Not Good for the Jews” (Lara Friedman in the Huffington Post)
December 27, 2013:  “Taking ‘yes’ for an answer on Iran” (Lara Friedman in the Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle)
December 20, 2013: “APN Condemns New Iran Sanctions Bill in Senate
December 13, 2013:  “APN Commends Congress for Giving Iran Diplomacy a Chance to Work; Applauds Activists for their Engagement
November 24, 2013: “APN Welcomes Interim Agreement to Freeze Iran's Nuclear Program
November 8, 2013: “Netanyahu, Decoded: The Only Good Iran Deal is No Deal” (Lara Friedman on the APN blog)

2.  APN Action Alerts

April 7, 2015: Tell Your Senators: Reject Anti-Diplomacy Iran Bills
March 2, 2015:  Action Alert -Tell Your Senators: Oppose AIPAC-backed Iran Bills
February 25, 2015:Take Action - Sign the petition: Don’t Let Netanyahu & Friends Abort an Iran Deal
February 6, 2015: Take Action: Tell Your Elected Officials: Demand that March 3 Netanyahu Speech to Congress Be Delayed
January 29, 2015: Tell Speaker Boehner to reschedule Netanyahu's speech before Congress
December 4, 2014: "Tell your Representatives and Senators to continue to support diplomacy with Iran."
January 6, 2014: “Tell Senate: Reject S. 1881, the New Anti-Iran-Diplomacy Bill
December 20, 2013: “Tell Your Senators: Reject New Anti-Diplomacy Iran Sanctions Push
December 11, 2013: “Tell Congress: Give Iran diplomacy time to work
November 13, 2013:  “Tell Your Senators: Don't Undermine Iran Diplomacy with New Sanctions

3.  Legislative Round-Ups:

March 6, 2015: Oversight over Iran Deal vs. Scuttling a Deal – the Fight in the Senate; Members Weigh in on Bibi Speech
February 13, 2015: The Bibi Speech Political Storm Continues + Members on the Bibi Invite, Possible Boycott
February 6, 2015: Backlash Still Building over Boehner’s Bibi Bid + Members on the Bibi Invite, Possible Boycott
January 30, 2015:New Iran Sanctions? State-of-Play in the Senate + Iran Sanctions Markup – the Amendments
January 16, 2015:APN on Kirk-Menendez: Support Iran Diplomacy, Oppose New Iran Sanctions
January 9, 2015:Iran in the Congressional Crosshairs
July 25- Aug 2, 2014: Bills, Resolutions & Letters re: Iran diplomacy
July 3-25, 2014:Bills, Resolution & Letters re: Iran diplomacy
Feb 28-Mar 14, 2014: AIPAC Policy Conference – 2014 Edition (including details of Iran initiatives)
Feb 28, 2014: Senate GOP Goes Nuclear of Iran Sanctions, AIPAC policy conference Hill initiatives - preview of 2014, review of 2013
Jan 27-Feb 12, 2014: Pro-Diplomacy Forces Gain Ground in Iran Hill Battle
January 17, 2014: Includes “The Fight Over Iran Sanctions in the Senate (and House)” and “Plan B: Shifting Focus from Sanctions to Imposing Conditions on an Iran Final Deal”
January 10, 2014 – Includes “The Fight over Iran Sanctions in the Senate - S. 1881.”  Also includes details of other introduced or rumored Iran legislation in the House and Senate.
December 13, 2013 – Includes “Iran & the Hill - The Latest Chapter,” and “House members & Senators on Iran.”  Also includes details of various newly-introduced Iran bills and resolutions, as well as Congressional letters on Iran.
November 22, 2013 – Includes “Obama vs. ‘Pro-Israel’ Groups on Iran, Part IV,” “Congress, Diplomacy, Sanctions, and Israel - Where Things Stand, What Next,” “White House Implores Senate to Give Time for Talks,” “NDAA Amendments in the Spotlight,” “Members Sound Off on Iran - Letters” and “Members Sound Off on Iran - Statements, Op-eds, Etc.”  Also includes details of other newly-introduced Iran bills/resolutions.
November 14, 2013 – Includes “Obama vs. ‘Pro-Israel’ Groups on Iran, Part III” and “Congress, Diplomacy, Sanctions, and Israel - state-of-play.”  Also includes details of Iran-related letters sent by Members of Congress, and various newly-introduced Iran bills, and a rumored House resolution on Iran.
November 8, 2013 – Includes “Obama vs. "Pro-Israel" Groups over Iran Sanctions - Part II” and “Congress Moving on Iran Sanctions?”)
November 1, 2013  - Includes “Obama vs. ‘Pro-Israel’ Groups (and other Outside Groups) over Iran Sanctions” and “Obama Reaches out to Congress on Iran Sanctions.”  Also includes details of Iran-related letters sent by Members of Congress, an Iran “Authorization of Use of Force” bill in the House, and a rumored House Iran sanctions bill.
October 25, 2013 – Includes “Will Congress Ignore Obama & Pass New Iran Sanctions?”
October 18, 2013 – Includes “Iran P5+1 Talks Meet Congressional Skepticism and Scorn.”  Also includes details of newly-introduced Iran-related legislation and Iran-related letters signed by Members of Congress.

4. Recommended Reading:

April 12, 2015 - Ernest Moniz in The Washington Post: A nuclear deal that offers a safer world