May 8, 2014
APN campaign to stop Price Tag attacks

“King David is for the Jews, Jesus is garbage." This is today’s graffiti found on a Jerusalem church the day after the Vatican called on Israel to protect Christian sites.

This is happening nearly every day. No longer just in the West Bank but in Israel proper.

These Price Tag attacks, perpetrated primarily by extremist Israeli settlers and their supporters, have escalated focusing on Arab towns and villages inside Israel. Private property and places of worship are targeted with grotesque destruction and graffiti. Whether it is a Church or a Mosque—it doesn’t matter. Jewish sites have been vandalized in retaliation.

Some may dismiss these attacks because they “just” focus on buildings and cars but as Yossi Alpher writes in this week’s Hard Questions Tough Answers although no Palestinian has been physically attacked or killed in the price tag actions, it is almost certainly only a matter of time until that happens. It is pathetic that it has gotten to this point. It is disgusting that these perpetrators haven’t been caught and dealt with. And it is pathetic that it is only a matter of time...

Price Tag
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Alpher goes on to say: This will not end well. We need to bring world-wide attention to these criminal acts. Join us and demand that Israeli authorities hold extremist settlers accountable. Join us in stopping this Price Tag campaign. Please use the hashtag #StopPriceTag. Please share on Facebook too. Because if the security officials don’t bother, we must...

Because if we don’t, this will not end well.

Rabbi Alana Suskin
Director of Strategic Communications
Americans for Peace Now

P.S. Price tags are not a new phenomenon; We have tracked this escalation in recent years online – have you?