They Say, We Say: " Political agreements with Arab leaders are worthless"

They Say We Say We know that pro-Israel does not mean blindly supporting policies that are irrational, reckless, and counter-productive. Pro-Israel means supporting policies that are consistent with Israel's interests and promote its survival as a Jewish, democratic state.

You've heard the arguments of the religious and political right-wing, and so have we. They've had their say. Now, we'll have ours.

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Is Peace Possible?

They Say:

Political agreements with Arab leaders are worthless because they will be built on treacherous foundations. Arabs may make agreements out of expediency, but they won't feel obligated to adhere to them.

We Say:

Peace agreements based on a balance of interests have a demonstrated track record of success. Under such treaties, Israel's partners, like Egypt and Jordan, have as much interest as Israel in ensuring their stability. Such treaties, more than anything else, address Israel's fundamental security needs.

Trust, while desirable, will never be the sole, or even the primary, basis of such agreements. Peace agreements, in the Middle East and elsewhere, require far-reaching verification measures and guarantees. These measures may involve both the parties to the treaty and third-party monitors and guarantors. Even if Israelis were convinced that all Palestinians were prepared to embrace Israel, any peace agreement would still include comprehensive security arrangements to ensure that - no matter what might happen among the Palestinians or in the region - Israel's security would be protected.

Only over time can former enemies build mutual trust. This process can only begin once the core issues of the conflict are resolved. As time passes and the historic resentments recede into memory, and as people on both sides experience the tangible benefits of peace, warmer relations between governments and peoples can begin to be built.