Why Consider a Gift in Your Will

What a gift says about you
When you make the important decision to leave a gift to Americans for Peace Now in your will, you demonstrate your commitment to our work to achieve true peace in Israel. A legacy gift shows your belief in the value of our voice and our advocacy. You know that your dedication to peace and your generosity now will be transformational for those who come after.

The benefits of charitable planning
When you make a will and specify those loved ones you wish to remember as well as the charitable causes that are important to you, you ensure that your assets will be distributed according to your wishes. While many people assume that their children or attorney will remember what causes they gave to during their lifetimes and continue those gifts, there is no guarantee this will happen. The only way to make sure that the organizations whose values you share, such as Americans for Peace Now, will receive a share of your assets, is to detail your gift in writing in your will. While your gift and your will are private and entirely up to you, please remember that if you let us know that you’ve made a gift, it will help us continue our work to achieve and then maintain peace.

Putting your loved ones and favorite causes first
We know your family comes first. After you take care of family members, you could designate a percentage of your estate to Americans for Peace Now. Your gift could go a long way toward creating peace for Israel.