Increasing Need, Decreasing Access: Tightening Control On Economic Movement

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (January 2008)
Examination of how economic decline and the resulting humanitarian needs in the West Bank are inextricably linked to the decline in trade as a result of imposed closures and movement restrictions as well as drops in remittances from Palestinian jobs in Israel. PDF >

Toward a Final Settlement in Jerusalem: Redefinition rather than Partition

By Shaul Arieli | June 2005
(Available for download here)

The ninety-nine papers and proposals formulated during the twentieth century regarding the future of Jerusalem(1) testify to the importance of the city for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam - and to the ongoing battle of interests being waged between the diplomatic and political representatives of these three religions. Each of the proposals considers the local and global balance of power in the boundaries of the city and attempts to ensure freedom of worship and internal management of the holy places.

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The International Court of Justice Opinion on the Route of the Israeli Security Barrier in the West Bank

Americans for Peace Now (November 2004)
Analysis and summary of the ICJ's opinions concerning key arguments over the Israeli security barrier and the possible international legal consequences to its construction. Read More >

Checkpoint ("Machssomim")

Yoav Shamir (2003)
Israeli documentary showing the everyday interaction between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian civilians at several IDF checkpoints in the West Bank and Gaza. (80:00) Watch >

Erased In A Moment Suicide Bombing Attacks Against Israeli Civilians

Human Rights Watch (October 2002)
Examination of the nature and consequences the human toll of the suicide bombings and other attacks on civilians, reviews the relevant international humanitarian law standards and the obligations they impose, and describes the nature, structure, and objectives of the Palestinian armed groups that have carried out these attacks. Also looks at the role of the Palestinian Authority, including Yasir Arafat. PDF >

West Bank Curfews: Politics By Other Means

Adam Hanieh / Middle East Report (July 24, 2002)
Examination, written during the Second Intifada, of curfews imposed on Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, the inconsistency of their implementation and removal, and their effects on the population. Read More >

Land Grab: Israel's Settlement Policy in the West Bank

B'tselem (May 2002)
Definitive report examining the history of Israeli policy toward settlements in the West Bank and the results of this policy in terms of human rights and international law. Read More >

Jerusalem's Religious Significance

Yitzhak Reiter and Marwan Abu Khalaf / Palestine-Israel Journal (2001)
Israeli and Palestinian professors provide a thorough explanation of the meaning of Jerusalem in the faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Read More >

Fatalities in the first Intifada

B'Tselem (2000)
Lists of Israelis and Palestinians killed between 1987 and 2000. Includes Israelis and Palestinians killed in the Occupied Territories and well as those killed within the Green Line. Read More >

Treaty Of Peace Between The State Of Israel and The Hashemite Kingdom Of Jordan

October 26, 1994
Treaty normalizing relations between Israel and Jordan, and resolving territorial disputes between the two countries. The treaty was closely linked with the efforts to create peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and made Jordan only the second Arab country, after Egypt, to normalize relations with Israel. Read Document >

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