Revisiting Rabin's Assassination, And The Peace That Might Have Been

Fresh Air (2015)
Twenty years ago, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was killed by a Jewish religious zealot. Dan Ephron, author of Killing a King, discusses the assassination and its effect on the peace process. (37:59) Listen >

Israel's Channel 10 Report - Honenu

Channel 10 News (2015)
Reports on Honenu, a tax-exempt organization that provides legal aid to Israeli Jews indicted for terrorism. Reveals that the individuals convicted of terrorism and their families also receive funds. (7:01) Watch >

Standing Idly By: IDF Soldiers’ Inaction in the Face of Offenses Perpetrated by Israelis Against Palestinians in the West Bank

Yesh Din (June 21, 2015)
Addresses Israeli soldiers’ practice of standing idly by in the face of crimes committed by Israeli civilians against Palestinians and their property in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT), a common practice that is "almost as old as the occupation itself." Read More >

Mock Enforcement: The Failure to Enforce the Law On Israeli Civilians in the West Bank

Yesh Din (May 17, 2015)
Finds that there has been a profound failure of the law enforcement apparatus in the West Bank and an inability by Israel to uphold its obligations under both Israeli and international law to protect the Palestinian population living in the areas it holds under military control. Provides specific, operative recommendations for addressing each of the identified deficiencies. PDF >

Israel's Dark Future

Max Fisher / Vox (April 13, 2015)
Account of present Israeli political and societal trends that severely undermine Israel's democratic character and are largely a consequence of Israel's continued occupation of the West Bank. Read More >

Meet Bibi’s New Tribulation-Courting, Jew-Converting, Demon-Exorcising American Allies

Rachel Tabachnick / The Daily Beast (March 22, 2015)
Netanyahu and Christian Zionists have long enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship. But with a new, more radical sect ascending within the movement, the marriage may be in trouble. Read More >

Under the Radar: Israel’s Silent Policy of Transforming Unauthorized Outposts into Official Settlements

Yesh Din (May 17, 2015)
Finds that, since 2011, alongside the official, well-known track for government approval and advancement of building plans in the settlements, Israel has been advancing the establishment of new settlements and expanding the areas under its control in the West Bank using a secret parallel track of retroactively approving dozens of illegal outposts. PDF >

APN's Aaron Mann in The Huffington Post: "Netanyahu's 'Mr. Security' Mirage"

Ahead of Israel's March 17 election, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has arrived in Washington on a mission to undermine President Obama's Iran policy. This, his latest and greatest diplomatic affront, has starkly revealed the degree to which many here have tired of his shtick.

But what may come as a surprise is that Israelis are sick of Bibi too.

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Israel–Palestine Conflict: Religion, The Third Rail

Tim Mathew (February 18, 2015)
Analysis of the historical religious aspects that have helped fuel the conflict, the role that religion currently plays in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and how religion can be utilized going forward to help resolve the conflict. Read More >

Periphery: Israel’s Search for Middle East Allies

Yossi Alpher | Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (2015)
Book Review (Brookings) | CampusBooks

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