APN Legislative Round-Up: March 18, 2016

1. Bills, Resolutions, & Letters
2. Hearings
3. On the Record

1. Bills, Resolutions, & Letters

(NEW IRAN SANCTIONS) S. 2725: Introduced 3/17 by Ayotte (R-NH) and 11 all-GOP cosponsors, “A bill to impose sanctions with respect to the ballistic missile program of Iran, and for other purposes.” Referred to the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs. Ayotte’s press release touting introduction of the bill is here; her section-by-section explanation of the bill is here. Text of the bill is here. Portman (R-OH) statement in support of S. 2725 is here; Rubio’s statement of support is here.

(NEW IRAN SANCTIONS) S. 2726: Introduced 3/17 by Kirk (R-IL) and 15 all-GOP cosponsors, “A bill to hold Iran accountable for its state sponsorship of terrorism and other threatening activities and for its human rights abuses, and for other purposes.” Referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations. Kirk’s press release touting introduction of the bill is here; text is here. Portman (R-OH) statement in support of S. 2725 is here; Rubio’s statement of support is here.

NOTE: The Iran-related advocacy page on the AIPAC website does not, as of this writing, indicate any specific piece of legislation or other initiative that will be the focus of AIPAC’s activists lobbying next week in the context of the upcoming 2016 AIPAC policy conference. Given that neither S. 2725 nor S. 2726 has bipartisan support, it is unlikely that either bill will fit the bill. Likewise, based on a press release issued 3/18 by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s chair and ranking member, Senators Corker (R-TN) and Cardin (D-MD), it appears that so far no bipartisan agreement has been reached around an SFRC-led piece of Iran-sanctions legislation – but that efforts to do so continue. For additional reporting, see this piece and this piece, both from al-Monitor, and this piece, from the Washington Post. Stay tuned.

(MORE US-ISRAEL COOPERATION)  HR 4810: Introduced 3/17 by Stefanik (R-NY) and no cosponsors, “To authorize the Secretary of Defense to cooperate with Israel to develop directed energy capabilities to detect and defeat ballistic missiles, and for other purposes.” [“Directed energy capabilities” refers to lasers of various kinds.] Referred to the Committee on Armed Services and the Committee on Foreign Affairs. Text of the bill is here.  Stefanik’s press release touting the bill is here. Oddly, a press release issued by  MacArthur (R-NJ) touts the legislation as being a bipartisan measure introduced by himself, Stefanik, and Norcross (D-NJ), despite the fact that the Congressional Record shows neither MacArthur nor Norcross as cosponsors.

(CONDEMNING PALESTINIAN ATTACKS/CONDEMING ABBAS) H. Res. 651: Introduced 3/17 by Hastings (D-FL) and no cosponsors, “Condemning the recent violent terrorist attack against Taylor Force and the recent wave of terrorism against Israel and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' failure to condemn such attacks.” Referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. Hastings’ press release touting introduction of the resolution is here. Also on 3/17 from Hastings’ office: **MEDIA ADVISORY** Hastings to Speak at AIPAC Policy Conference)

(IRANIAN DISSIDENTS IN IRAQ) H. Res. 650: Introduced 3/17 by Poe (R-TX) and 3 cosponsors, “Providing for the safety and security of the Iranian dissidents living in Camp Liberty/Hurriya in Iraq and awaiting resettlement by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and permitting use of their own assets to assist in their resettlement.” Referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

(NON-MUSLIM SYRIAN REFUGEES: WELCOME!) S. 2708: Introduced 3/17 by Cotton (R-AR) and no cosponsors, “A bill to provide for the admission to the United States of up to 10,000 Syrian religious minorities as refugees of special humanitarian concern in each of the fiscal years 2016 through 2020.” Referred to the Committee on the Judiciary. Cotton’s press release touting the bill is here. Note: Syrian religious minorities (code for non-Muslims) account for only around 4% of the total number of refugees coming from Syria.

(SYRIAN WAR CRIMES) H. Con. Res. 121: Introduced 3/1 by Smith (R-NJ) and having 4 cosponsors, “Expressing the sense of the Congress condemning the gross violations of international law amounting to war crimes and crimes against humanity by the Government of Syria, its allies, and other parties to the conflict in Syria, and asking the President to direct his Ambassador at the United Nations to promote the establishment of a war crimes tribunal where these crimes could be addressed.” Referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs. On 3/14, brought to the floor under suspension of the rules and passed by a vote of 392-3. Floor consideration of the bill – with statements from Smith (R-NJ) and Sherman (D-CA) – is here.

(WAR CRIMES/CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY/GENOCIDE IN SYRIA AND IRAQ) H. Con. Res. 75: Introduced 9/9/15 by Fortenberry (R-NE) and having 213 cosponsors, “Expressing the sense of Congress that the atrocities perpetrated by ISIL against religious and ethnic minorities in Iraq and Syria include war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide.” On 3/14, brought to the floor under suspension of the rules and passed by a vote of 393-0.


(ISRAEL-PALESTINE PEACE “TENETS”) Lowey/Granger AIPAC letter: AIPAC has helpfully posted on its website the letter that will be its Israeli-Palestinian-related “ask” (or one of them) when AIPAC conferees are on the hill next week.  The letter lays out six (relatively) non-controversial “tenets” for U.S. policy regarding Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts, including calling on the U.S. to veto “one-sided” UN Security Council resolutions (bearing in mind that “one-sided” in these matters is entirely in the eye of the beholder).

(US-ISRAEL MOU) Coons/Graham letter: AIPAC has also helpfully posted on its website this letter signed by Senators Coons (D-DE) and Graham (R-SC), calling for a “substantially enhanced” new long-term agreement “to help provide Israel the resources it requires to defend itself and preserve its qualitative military edge.”  The letter is dated March 16, but neither Coons nor Graham has posted anything about it on their respective websites (something like this would normally merit a press release, at the very least). As of this writing, it seems like a good bet that this letter will be another lobbying “ask” when AIPAC conferees are on the hill next week.  

(DON’T GIVE $$ TO TERROR-SUPPORTING IRAN REGIME) Poe/Ros-Lehtinen letter to Kerry: On 3/7, Reps. Poe (R-TX) and Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), along with an all-GOP line-up of 50 cosigners, set a letter to Secretary of State Kerry expressing serious concern over “the Obama Administration’s payment of $1.7 billion to the Iranian regime – a U.S. designated State Sponsor of Terrorism.”  The letter suggests that this payment will “encourage radicals in Iran and elsewhere to take more Americans hostage.” The signers lament that Congress was not part of negotiations over the payment, dispute Iran’s claim to the funds in the first place, and argue that the real issue is that “Iran should pay American victims of Iranian terror…not be rewarded with American taxpayer dollars for a dubious claim.” Statements from Poe and Ros-Lehtinen on the letter are here.


2. Hearings

4/5: The Senate Foreign Relations Committee will hold a hearing entitled, “Recent Iranian Actions and Implementation of the Nuclear Deal.” As of this writing the only scheduled witness is Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Thomas Shannon.


3. On the Record

On the latest Iran missile tests

(Recommended reading for Members of Congress and the public: from the New York Times, Q&A by Rick Gladstone on the missile launches and what they do and don’t mean; and from the Arms Control Association: “The Iranian Ballistic Missile Launches That Didn't Happen”)

Coons (D-DE) 3/17: Lengthy floor statement on enforcement of the JCPOA and the importance of funding the IAEA - opening with comments on latest Iran missile tests: “these missile launches are profoundly disturbing and suggest a regime that is content on continuing to destabilize the region and threaten our vital allies and its neighbors. They don't technically violate the terms of last summer's nuclear agreement, but they do serve as a vital reminder that Iran remains a revolutionary regime that does not respect world opinion and does not share our values or interests.  America and our allies must seek every opportunity to push back on Iran's aggressive behavior--especially behavior such as this that is outside the parameters of the nuclear deal--by enforcing existing sanctions on Iran's illegal ballistic missile tests, its ongoing human rights abuses, and its support for terrorism across the Middle East and the world.  Another critical way the international community can demonstrate we are serious about holding Iran accountable is by aggressively enforcing the terms of the nuclear deal...

Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) 3/17: Praising Arab action(!) on Hezbollah to attack Obama on Iran: “earlier this month, the Gulf Cooperation Council pledged to designate Hezbollah, an Iranian proxy, as a terrorist organization. This positive move was followed up with a similar designation by the Arab League. This is in stark contrast to President Obama's strategy, where he continues to appease the Iranian regime at the expense of our traditional alliances in the region…instead of allowing Iran's continued provocations to pass without repercussion, the Obama administration should be holding Iran accountable for its actions. It is long past overdue.”

Nadler (D-NY) 3/15: “…as I have regularly stated and as Iran has proven time and again, we cannot trust a regime that pledges itself to the destruction of the United States and Israel to abide by its obligations or commitments.  That is why my focus in deciding to support the nuclear deal was making sure the inspection and verification requirements were sufficient—i.e. not based on trust—and why I have been so vocal in demanding accountability for Iran’s non-nuclear bad behavior…”

Poe (R-TX) 3/14: “…Iran once again has blatantly scoffed at the West by breaking its agreements… Iran must be stopped. Sanctions must be enforced, and eventually the citizens of Iran must change their government.”

Boozman (R-AR) 3/11: “If Iran is allowed to continue to provoke and intimidate Israel, it is clear that the already unstable region will spiral further out of control. This situation calls for strong U.S. leadership. The Obama Administration needs to come off the sidelines and ensure that the Iranian regime understands that these provocations will not be tolerated.”    

Delaney (D-MD) 3/10: “Iran’s ballistic missile tests this week show the need for stricter sanctions and for hyper vigilance. While these tests are not a direct violation of the JCPOA, we must not let Iran break UN Security Council resolutions without a strong international response. I urge UN Ambassador Samantha Power to bring Iran’s newest violations to the UNSC for immediate action. The international community must show Iran that we will not tolerate this behavior. Additionally, I call on Speaker Ryan to take up my bipartisan bill H.R. 4342, the Iran Ballistic Missile Prevention and Sanctions Act, to stop Iran from acquiring ballistic missile technology and advanced conventional weaponry and exporting them to terrorists in the region.”

Thornberry (R-TX) 3/10: “The latest missiles launches are further evidence of Iran's aggression and of how its leaders intend to use the money it is receiving under the Obama nuclear deal.  It is foolish to reduce missile defense funding as the President's budget proposes.”

Hoyer (D-MD) 3/9: “…Iran is trying to have it both ways: it wants to integrate fully into the international community while continuing to flout international law, particularly U.N. Security Council Resolution 2231, and threaten its neighbors. The world should not be fooled.  Iranian reports that messages were written on the sides of the missiles calling for Israel's destruction leave no doubt as to the nefarious intentions of Iran's leaders. As I said following Iran's previous ballistic missile test, our response to their violations of U.N. Security Council resolutions sends a signal about our resolve in enforcing the JCPOA and ensuring there are consequences for violations. We must make it clear that we will never allow any flexibility in Iran meeting its obligations under that agreement or any U.N. Security Council resolution. I look forward to working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to make clear, potentially through legislation, America's resolve to meet the threat from Iran's ballistic missile program and to make certain that U.N. resolutions are enforced while protecting the safety of our allies and our assets in the region.”

Hastings (D-FL) 3/9: “…With these continued provocations, Iran has proved that it is still a threat, and that it has no respect for the agreement to which it has bound itself. The United States and the international community must make it clear that Iran will be made to honor the agreement that it signed, or face harsh consequences. I will work with my colleagues in Congress to ensure that Iran is held accountable and that the necessary actions are taken to enforce the JCPOA and protect the safety of our allies in the region.”

Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) 3/9: “…The administration must not continue to be pushed around and allow the security of our ally Israel to be threatened. President Obama must move to immediately enforce the full array of U.S. sanctions against Iran for these violations, reinstitute previous UN sanctions, and he must signal that the U.S. will walk away from the JCPOA if Iran continues to corrupt and twist its parameters. Congress must do its part to ensure the administration enforces our sanctions to the full extent possible while moving aggressively to institute new sanctions on Iran for its ballistic missile program, human rights violations, and continued support of terrorism.”

Deutch (D-FL) 3/9: “…It is now clear that this regime has no intention of abiding by its commitments under United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231. If the United Nations does not finally take action against these illegal missile tests, it once again calls into question the willingness to take action against Iranian violations of the nuclear agreement. If the international community will not act, the U.S. must vigorously impose and enforce our own sanctions.”
Dold (R-IL) 3/9: “The ballistic missile tests by Iran this week are just the latest in a growing line of dangerous provocations since the finalization of the Administration’s misguided nuclear agreement…Going forward, Congress must do everything it can to hold Iran accountable and impose new crippling sanctions that will help prevent further damage to the long-term security of the United States and Israel.”

Jolly (R-FL) 3/9: “Iran needs to know that a threat to Israel is also a direct threat to the United States, and today’s actions represent a historic escalation in the terror regime’s international aggression…Ultimately, the President’s agreement is proving disastrous to peace and has only served to facilitate a pathway to a nuclear Iran.”

Royce (R-CA) 3/9: “Iran is making a mockery of President Obama’s vow to confront Iran’s dangerous and illicit acts…if Iran sees it can violate U.N. missile sanctions with no consequence, it will violate this nuclear deal too.  President Obama must lead and aggressively enforce all sanctions against Iran’s missile programs, support for terrorism, and human rights abuses.  No more looking the other way.”

Pompeo (R-KS) 3/9: “…Iran continues to defy the international community—laughing in the face of UN Security Council Resolutions and international sanctions…While the White House continues to stand by its nuclear deal, there is no denying the inflammatory and dangerous nature of Iran’s latest missile tests.  I hope the next American president will discard Obama’s bad deal and stand up to Iran’s aggressive actions.”

Roskam (R-IL) 3/9: “Iran continues to defy the United States and the international community by firing missiles in violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions for the second day in a row. Meanwhile, Iranian-backed terrorists launched a series of savage attacks across Israel yesterday [sic]…I am saddened and dismayed that I once again must condemn such heinous terrorist attacks against innocent civilians. The Palestinian Authority, Hamas, and the Islamic Republic of Iran all have blood on their hands and share responsibility for this current wave of terror. Israel is on the front lines of fighting the evil forces of Islamic terrorism and America stands shoulder-to-shoulder beside her.”

Rothfus (R-PA) 3/9: “Today’s missile firings are yet another example of what we can come to expect from the President’s nuclear deal. Tehran and the Ayatollahs have never done anything to earn America’s trust, yet the Administration brazenly moved forward with this dangerous agreement, despite bipartisan opposition from Congress. In the absence of real leadership from the White House, it is clear that Iran will continue to finance murderous acts of terror, commit human rights abuses, wage war on Israel and our allies, and threaten U.S. security.”

Olson (R-TX) 3/9: “Iran’s aggression in test firing missiles with the message ‘Israel must be wiped out’ written on them is more evidence of why I opposed the Iran nuclear deal. The US has had a long-standing policy of refusing to negotiate with terrorists. The Iran deal is a negotiation with terrorists. America must stand firmly in defense of our ally Israel in denouncing these actions that are in violation of United Nations resolutions. This action coupled with the capture of US sailors in January are further evidence the nuclear deal was the wrong approach.  Iran must be stopped, I urge the president to engage the global community to halt Iran’s hateful rhetoric and aggressive actions against our allies.”

Bennet (D-CO) 3/9: “Iran's continued intransigence in complying with demands from the international community to cease any ballistic missile activities cannot be tolerated. The Administration and the international community should move quickly to hold Iran accountable for these actions, which stand in violation of UN Security Council Resolution 2231.”

DeSantis (R-FL) 3/8: “This belligerent behavior by Iran is yet further proof of the regime's malevolent intentions.  As Iran flouts international resolutions with its missile tests, it is foolish to think that the Obama-Kerry Iran deal will stifle the regime's nuclear ambitions. Indeed, the Obama administration's weakness in the face of Iran's provocative conduct invites more bad conduct by the Iranian regime.”

Corker (R-TN) 3/9: “Reaping the rewards of sanctions relief from the nuclear deal, Iran’s brazen ballistic missile launches for a second straight day and open hostility toward Israel represent a deliberate attempt to test the will of the U.S. and the international community. The Obama administration and the U.N. Security Council must wake up and impose costs on Iran because clearly the current ballistic missile sanctions regime is ineffective. Failing to do so risks further aiding the regime’s attempts to discredit international efforts to contain their ballistic missile program and exposes real vulnerabilities when it comes to dealing with nuclear violations if they occur. There is already a strong bipartisan movement in the Senate to act.”

Cardin (D-MD) 3/8: “I am deeply concerned by Iran’s repetitive disregard of and indifference to UN Security Council Resolution 2231, which calls on Iran to cease any ballistic missile activities. The Administration should act swiftly to raise these concerns at the United Nations and take action to hold all parties involved responsible for their actions, including, if necessary, through unilateral measures.”

Kirk (R-IL) 3/9: ” “Iran’s nuclear-capable ballistic missile tests today were a direct threat to Israel on the same day Vice President Joe Biden is actually visiting Jerusalem.  Since the enactment of the flawed nuclear deal, the U.S. has under-enforced current sanctions on Iran’s ballistic missile program. Today is another example of this Administration’s policy of they are ‘not supposed to be doing that.’  Instead, we should send the President bills to stop Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, as well as the Ministry of Defense, Aerospace Industries Organization and other related entities driving the Iranian ballistic missile program…”

Kirk (R-IL) 3/8: “The Administration’s response to Iran’s new salvo of threatening missile tests in violation of international law cannot once again be it’s ‘not supposed to be doing that.’  Now is the time for new crippling sanctions against Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Ministry of Defense, Aerospace Industries Organization and other related entities driving the Iranian ballistic missile program.”

Ayotte (R-NH) 3/8: Current Obama Administration Ballistic Missile Sanctions on Iran "Pathetic and Weak"

On violence in Israel/Murder of American Citizen in Jaffa

Engel (D-NY) 3/10: “My thoughts and prayers are with the Force family and the Vanderbilt University community.  Taylor Force was a combat veteran and a West Point graduate, an American hero seeking to learn more about the world around him.  The murder of Taylor Force is the fifth death of an American citizen at the hands of Palestinian terrorists since October.  It should be a wake-up call for all Americans.  Palestinian terrorism is not a distant threat—it affects even innocent American bystanders.  Palestinian leadership must now make clear to their people that violence is not—and will never be—the answer.  I call for an explicit condemnation of this murder.  It is the height of hypocrisy for Palestinian leaders to call murderers of U.S. citizens ‘martyrs’ while American taxpayers lead the world in humanitarian assistance for the Palestinian people.  Any attempt to glorify or misrepresent the murder of an American citizen risks continued American support for the Palestinian people.”

Casey (D-PA) 3/10: "The continued violent Palestinian aggression against Israeli civilians is destructive and will never yield resolution, just more violence, lives lost and families broken. This senseless terrorism against the people of Israel, which just this week claimed the life of an American civilian, makes peace harder. During my recent visit to Israel and the West Bank, I met with Palestinian Prime Minister Hamdallah and Palestinian Security Forces, and I pressed them to take action end to this violence. I make that same call again today."

Hoyer (D-MD) 3/9: “I was greatly angered to learn of the horrifying attack in Israel that took the life of Taylor Force, a young American graduate student. Having served our nation in the Army after graduating from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, he represented the best of America. This latest wave of indiscriminate violence targeting innocent Israelis - and Americans - highlights the threats Israel faces externally and internally. These attacks, coupled with Iran's ballistic missile tests on the same day as Taylor's murder, reaffirm the need for a strong Memorandum of Understanding between Israel and the United States for security cooperation.  This ongoing spate of violence also highlights the need to continue to pursue a negotiated settlement between Israelis and Palestinians that protects the security of Israelis and offers hope for a better future to all people in the region. I will continue to stand strongly in defense of Israel and its right to protect innocents from terror.”

McCain (R-AZ) 3/9: “Today I grieve with the loved ones of Taylor Force, a West Point graduate and U.S. Army veteran who served in Afghanistan and Iraq, murdered yesterday by a Palestinian terrorist in Israel. I pray they will find solace in the embrace of friends and family in the difficult days ahead. This horrific attack and dozens of others in the past several months serve as a tragic reminder of the threat to the safety and security of Israeli citizens every day. It is long past time for Palestinian leaders to end months of shameful silence and unconditionally condemn this violence.”

Roskam (R-IL) 3/9: “Iran continues to defy the United States and the international community by firing missiles in violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions for the second day in a row. Meanwhile, Iranian-backed terrorists launched a series of savage attacks across Israel yesterday [sic]…I am saddened and dismayed that I once again must condemn such heinous terrorist attacks against innocent civilians. The Palestinian Authority, Hamas, and the Islamic Republic of Iran all have blood on their hands and share responsibility for this current wave of terror. Israel is on the front lines of fighting the evil forces of Islamic terrorism and America stands shoulder-to-shoulder beside her.”

Corker (R-TN) 3/9: “I am horrified and saddened by the senseless attack that took the life of American student Taylor Force and wounded others. This is a tragic loss for his family, friends and the Vanderbilt community, and we send our sincere condolences to all of them in their time of grief. I join other officials from the U.S. in condemning this terrorist act that can never be justified or tolerated.”

Cruz (R-TX) 3/9: “The murder of Taylor Force is grim evidence that the scourge of radical Islamic terrorism targets Americans and Israelis indiscriminately.  Our alliance with Israel must remain unshakable as we face this vicious threat together.”

Cardin (D-MD) 3/9: “The recent wave of terror attacks against civilians in Israel is unconscionable. Yesterday’s attacks that claimed the life of Taylor Force, an American combat veteran and graduate student, are a tragic reminder of the brutality of the misguided and indiscriminate tactics being used to terrorize people in Israel.  These attacks and incitement to further violence must be immediately condemned by all leaders. There is no amount of violence that is tolerable or justifiable. My thoughts and prayers are with the Force family and all those impacted by this truly senseless and repugnant attack.”

Schakowsky (D-IL) 3/9: “I am disturbed and saddened to learn of the death of former U.S. Army officer and Vanderbilt student Taylor Force who was senselessly murdered in Tel Aviv yesterday. This attack wounded 10 other innocent victims and is yet another tragic example of violence in the region. It is time to seek long-lasting solutions to stop these recurring cycles of horrific violence."

Kirk (R-IL) 3/8: “Our thoughts and prayers go to the wife and family of Taylor Force, an American citizen killed today by a Palestinian terrorist in Tel Aviv, and we hope for the quick recovery of Mr. Force’s wife and the Israeli citizens injured in today’s Palestinian terror attacks. With Vice President Joe Biden visiting Israel today, it is critical the United States decisively press Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to do all he can to end the growing wave of Palestinian terrorism and return to bilateral peace negotiations with Israel.”

Stivers (R-OH) 3/8: “Our thoughts and prayers are with victims and families impacted by the terrorist attacks in Jaffa, Jerusalem and Petah Tikva.  This senseless violence has become far too commonplace and claimed too many Israeli lives. We must stand firmly with our ally Israel and against extremists who threaten the peace.”

On other issues

Kelly (R-PA) 3/17: Press release: Rep. Kelly Seeks to Renew Funding Ban for UN Arms Trade Treaty in FY 2017 Appropriations Bills (excerpt: “The ATT is an outrageous agreement that would force the United States – the world’s most important defender of peace and democracy – onto equal footing with the world’s worst dictatorships and terror-sponsors. It can be easily politicized by bad actors to try to stop America from providing arms to our friends and allies, including Israel…”). With links to four letters Kelly sent to House and Senate leaders on the issue.

Sherman (D-CA) 3/16: Sherman Comments on UC Regents Report on Anti-Semitism and Intolerance  (“I am pleased to see that the final report explicitly condemns anti‐Semitism and anti‐Zionism…”

McCain (R-AZ) 3/17: On President Obama’s Syria policy and Iran

Engel (D-NY) 3/11: On news that Iran was responsible for cyber-attack against New York dam: “…This attack is further proof that Iran cannot be trusted, and we will not tolerate these provocations on their part…”

Shelby (R-AL) 3/10: Statement at hearing on nomination of Adam Szubin as Under Secretary of Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Crimes (excerpt: “Mr. Szubin’s role at the Treasury Department has required him to both promote and defend the Administration’s ill-conceived Iran nuclear agreement.  I could not support his nomination today because of his participation in facilitating a deal that I believe is crippling to our national security…”)

Brown (D-OH) 3/10: Statement at hearing on nomination of Adam Szubin as Under Secretary of Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Crimes (excerpt: “Adam Szubin has proven to be a tough and effective enforcer of U.S. sanctions and terrorism financing laws against countries like Syria, Iran, and North Korea, as well as against terrorist organizations, narco-traffickers, and money launderers. The simple fact is that the Senate should have unanimously confirmed Mr. Szubin last spring instead of keeping him in limbo for almost an entire year. Mr. Szubin is well qualified for this important position and the full Senate should confirm him without further delay. I hope the committee will now act on the many other nominations that are still pending before it.”)

Nelson (D-FL) 3/9: Calling for freedom for Bob Levinson

Rice (D-NY) 3/8: Press release: Rep. Rice Cosponsors Bills Combating BDS Movement & Encouraging Expansion of U.S.-Israeli Economic Cooperation

Smith (R-NJ) 3/7: On the growing threat of cholera and other diseases in the Middle East