News Nosh: 7.27.18

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Friday, July 27, 2018

You Must Be Kidding: 
The Jerusalem Report Magazine fired its cartoonist, Avi Katz, for a cartoon depicting Netanyahu and colleagues as ‘Animal Farm’ pigs in criticism of the new Jewish Nation-State law they passed. (However, 38 years ago, Haaretz published a similar cartoon depicting Israeli leaders as pigs and nobody got fired.)
Quote of the day:
“I cannot be associated with a publication that dumps a staff member simply because his work has upset some readers. Journalism, when done well, always angers some readers, and it is the duty of the newspaper or magazine’s editors and managers to stand by writers and other members of the staff when readers complain about the analysis and opinions expressed by its staff. This is all the more true in the case of editorial cartoonists, whose very job is satire – and a good satirist never pauses to worry about angering the citizenry. "
--Journalist Haim Watzman quit his job at a Jerusalem Post-owned publication on Thursday, saying in a letter he was doing so in protest of the dismissal of cartoonist Avi Katz.

Front Page:
  • Three wounded in stabbing attack in Adam settlement; stabber shot dead
  • IDF investigation expected to rule: No demonstrators in Gaza were killed due to shooting in violation of orders
  • In the shadow of the fire in Gaza, the negotiations (mediated by Egypt) for long-term calm go up a gear // Amos Harel
  • Even outside the classroom: Academic institutions are expanding the separation of men and women
  • After excluding them from the Surrogacy Law, the state is battling against recognizing non-biological fathers
  • I was right that I didn’t complain // Unnamed Woman writes that she was raped by convicted sex criminal Alon Kastiel, but didn’t file a complaint because she couldn’t deal with the reactions of other and can’t believe that Kastiel only got 8 years prison and that the court does not see rape as a severe crime
  • They could disappear by the end of the century: Climate change is destroying the Lebanese cedar trees // NYT
  • Interview with Steve Bannon, the architect of the destruction that Trump brought to the White House
  • A the Israel Public Broadcasting Corp., they aren’t prepared to receive the Education Channel and the future of (its) productions is unclear
  • Goebbels super star: This is how the Nazis tried to establish a German Hollywood
  • Max Brod debated whether to write about Kafka’s illegitimate son
  • Not a left-winger, a conservative: (Israeli commentator) Nadav Eyal winks at the center and sells piles of books
Yedioth Ahronoth
  • The injured man liquidated the terrorist - Last night: Attack in Adam community [settlement]
  • Hamas’ explosive drones - At least in two incidents drones infiltrated into communities around the Gaza Strip and activated explosive mechanism
  • Judgement and insult // Sima Kadmon writes that Netanyahu is furious because Bennett will be remembered as the one who showed sensitivity to the Druze community regarding the Nation-State Law
  • Document: The Nation-State law: All the clauses in the “Basic Law: Israel - Nation state of the Jewish People” - including the debate between (Yedioth commentator) Einav Shiff from the left and Shlomo Pyotrokovsky from the right
  • Initiative: “Basic Law: The Druze”
  • Facebook stocks parachuting
  • Tonight: Longest lunar eclipse in the 21st century
  • Their week: Chairman of the LGBT Association reveals what are the next goals of the struggle
  • It will end in blood - Special: 7 doctors and nurses who suffered violence (from patients or their relatives) talk about the threats
Maariv Weekend (Hebrew links only)
Israel Hayom
  • Terror in Adam community [settlement]: One killed and two wounded in stabbing attack
  • My son heard the ambulances and asked: Daddy, what happened? // Ariel Kahane, Adam [settlement]
  • Friday test: High alert on Gaza Strip border; Prime Minister: “We are managing difficult fronts in the north and in the south”
  • Improvement in health of officer who was injured 2 days ago; In chilling conversation, he said to his father: “I love you, I got a bullet to my stomach”
  • (Chief of Staff) Eisenkot’s heir: Defense Minister announced - “I’m beginning a round of meetings for choosing the chief of staff”
  • The eclipse of the century: Tonight we will enjoy a rare lunar eclipse; The next one will be in 2246
  • Truth or separation: New trend: On the way to the wedding, more and more Israelis are stopping at the polygraph
  • Hello Yaakov - Actor Yaakov Cohen is getting closer to G-d, but he isn’t willing to give up his truth
  • Head in Gaza, eyes to the north: Israel is trying to prevent a double confrontation // Yoav Limor

News Summary:
Three Israelis were stabbed (and one later died) by a Palestinian teen, who was shot dead, in a West Bank Jewish settlement, the protest of the Druze community against the Jewish Nation-State law gained more traction as non-Druze Israelis join, including the Finance Minister, former Paratrooper commanders (Maariv), and the Mayor of Tel-Aviv (Maariv), and other solutions were proposed, such as replacing it with a ‘Declaration of Independence (Maariv), but Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said he won’t change the law, and tension remained high on the Gaza border after Hamas threatened reprisal for the IDF killing of three of its men after the injuring of an Israeli soldier allegedly by a non-Hamas gunman - making top stories in today’s Hebrew newspapers.

Prepared for APN by Orly Halpern, independent freelance journalist based in Jerusalem.