We Want to Hear From You

Dear friend of APN,

The past few days have been incredibly difficult. Bibi and his coalition have moved forward with their judicial coup, and Israel has moved into a very sad and scary situation. As I said on Monday, “While we saw the trainwreck coming, it’s still horrific to see the carnage.” We knew this was possible. It hurts anyway. It’s painful to see what’s happening in Israel, a country that we love, a country that we want to believe in.

Over the past 48 hours or so, our staff and board have found catharsis in sharing our thoughts, in grappling with this situation together instead of sitting and stewing alone with our thoughts. We’ve found comfort in community, in feeling this communal loss, and we’ve found strength in our communal commitment and courage.

And you are part of our community.

I want you to join this conversation. I want to hear what you have to say, how you feel, what you are afraid may come, and what you hope to see. I am not alone in that: our community of leaders, subscribers, and activists would like to hear from you, too. So we’ve created a space for you to share your thoughts and feelings on what’s happening in Israel and what Monday’s Knesset decision means. We’d like to share some selections and excerpts back with our community– to gather together, to share in our grief and anger and whatever else we may all be feeling.

Share Your Thoughts With Us

The Knesset’s passage of the unreasonably named “reasonableness standard” is horrible. But it is not the end. We’re going to continue facing this head-on, fighting for democracy and centering the fact that there is no democracy with Occupation. We’re not done fighting for our future and the future of Israel and Palestine, and we’re proud to have you standing with us. 

In solidarity,