Not so much as a mustard seed.

Tu Bishvat

The Torah forbids the cutting down of fruitful trees, even during a time of war. The basis for this law appears in the book of Deuteronomy, with the verse adding rhetorically, “Is the tree of the field a man that you should make war upon it?”

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Action Alert: Tell Speaker Boehner to reschedule Netanyahu's speech before Congress

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ohio Republican John Boehner, has issued an invitation for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress on March 3.

Speaker Boehner issued this invitation without coordinating with the White House, in violation of protocol – but he violated much more than that.

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Peace parsha: Broken open, and not apart

peace_parsha_logo_186x140Rabbi Esther L. Lederman is the associate rabbi of Temple Micah, in Washington, DC.  She travelled to Israel this December. 


Before I left for Israel on a quick trip this past December, I told a colleague, “I am going to have my heart broken.”  It had been six years since I had visited.  Way too long, in my opinion.  So off I went, expecting to return even more depressed about the state of affairs than when I left.  I was wrong. 

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Jeffrey Goldberg in The Atlantic: The Netanyahu Disaster

The Israeli prime minister has two main tasks, and he's failing at both.

Benjamin Netanyahu believes he has just one job, and that is to stop Iran from getting hold of nuclear weapons. He might argue that this description of his mission as Israel’s prime minister is too limiting, though such an argument would not be particularly credible. Israel’s very existence, he has argued, consistently, and at times convincingly, is predicated on stopping Iran, a country ruled by a regime that seeks both Israel’s annihilation and the means to carry it out.

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APN Statement on Palestinians' International Criminal Court (ICC) Membership and Activity

In light of the Palestinian decision to seek membership in the International Criminal Court (ICC), and to pursue action in that body, and consistent with APN’s longstanding Board-adopted principles regarding the efforts of the Palestinians in the international arena, APN today articulated the following principles, adopted earlier this month by APN’s Board of Directors:


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This week, Alpher discusses the repercussions of the invitation to Netanyahu to address Congress; the Mossad advisory against escalating sanctions and Israel’s tactics against Iran; the attack last week across the Golan border that was attributed to Israel that resulted in the death of an Iranian Quds Force general; strategic ramifications for the elections given the united electoral list of Arab citizens of Israel and the Labor primaries having produced a list with an unusually large, young contingent of women reform advocates; the strategic balance sheet that King Salman inherits after the death of Saudi King Abdullah last week and a coup staged in Yemen by a Zaidi-Shiite sect;

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Americans for Peace Now (APN) calls on Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner (R-Ohio) to re-issue his invitation for the prime minister of Israel to address Congress for a later date, after the deadline for negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program, and following the elections in Israel, after a new government coalition is formed.

APN’s President and CEO Debra DeLee said: “Both the timing of the invitation and its manner are outrageous. They are inappropriate and irresponsible. Not only were the invitations issued in a way that violates protocol, their timing suggests congressional meddling in a foreign county’s election campaign – two weeks only before Israel’s general elections, in which Benjamin Netanyahu is a candidate. Furthermore, the timing strongly suggests an attempt to use a foreign leader to influence the debate between Congress and the White House over America’s Iran policy. To top it all, this move uses Israel, yet again, as a wedge issue in internal American politics. Speaker Boehner’s invitation – both its timing and manner – is therefore a disservice to US national security interests and to Israel’s.  

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Peace Now: The Settlement in A-Nahla is Being Promoted

Recent developments demonstrate that the Netanyahu government continues to promote the settlement known as “E2” at A-Nahla (Givat Eitam):
1. The Ministry of Housing has begun to plan the area for the settlement.
2. A new court decision regarding the status of the land is construed as partial approval of the land as state land.
3. Israeli authorities have destroyed a Palestinian wheat field in the area designated for the settlement.

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Americans for Peace Now (APN) is horrified and outraged by the stabbing attack in Tel Aviv

Americans for Peace Now (APN) is horrified and outraged by today's stabbing attack in Tel Aviv, which left 13 innocent civilians injured, some of them severely.

APN strongly condemns this terrorist attack by a young Palestinian from the West Bank, and stands with the people of Israel.

The stabber, a 22-year-old from the West Bank town of Tulkarm, reportedly told his interrogators that he was radicalized by recent violence and by Islamist messages. He apparently acted alone, not by order of a Palestinian organization. A spokesman for Hamas in the Gaza Strip praised his attack.


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APN Strongly Condemns Tel Aviv Stabbing Attack

Americans for Peace Now (APN) is horrified and outraged by today's stabbing attack in Tel Aviv, which left 13 innocent civilians injured, some of them severely.

APN strongly condemns this terrorist attack by a young Palestinian from the West Bank, and stands with the people of Israel as they confront violence and terror. 

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