Yitzhak Rabin

60 Minutes (1995)
Mike Wallace and Bob Simon report on the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. They examine the influence of the conservative Likud party, led by Benjamin Netanyahu, and radical right-wing groups like Kahane Chai, both of which opposed the Oslo peace process. (14:21) Watch >

East Jerusalem: A Case Study in Political Planning

Sarah Kaminker / Palestine-Israel Journal (1995)
A former member of the Jerusalem City Council provides an overview of how Israel has used city planning to gain control of 87% of the land of East Jerusalem. Read More >

Jerusalem: Then and Now

Mick Dumper / Middle East Report (1993)
Historical overview of Jerusalem from the Roman expulsion of the Israelites in 70 AD until the 1990's, including a focus on the attachments to the city felt by Jews, Muslims, and Christians. Read More >

American Presidents and the Middle East

George Lenczowski / Duke University Press (1990)
Book Review (Foreign Affairs) | CampusBooks

Israel Faces the Uprising

Azmi Bishara / Middle East Report (March/April 1989)
Written in the midst of the first Intifada, and looks at the relevant actions of the Israeli government in the decades prior to the Intifada, the Israeli response to the uprising, and strategies employed by the Palestinians. Read More >

The West Bank Rises Up

Penny Johnson and Lee O'Brien / Middle East Report (May/June 1988)
Looks at daily life during the intifada, the origins of the uprising, and the actions- both peaceful and violent- of Palestinian protesters in the occupied West Bank. Read More >

Israel in the Mind of America

Peter Grose / Shocken (1984)
Book Review (Foreign AffairsCampusBooks

Basic Law: Jerusalem, Capital of Israel

July 30, 1980
Constitutional law establishing the status of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Also addressed the unity of Jerusalem, its holy places, the rights of members of all religions, and special preference with regards to development. Read More >

Camp David Accords

September 17, 1978
Two agreements signed between Israel and Egypt that concluded welve days of secret negotiations at Camp David. The first dealt with the future of the Sinai and peace between Israel and Egypt, to be concluded within three months. The second was a framework agreement establishing a format for the conduct of negotiations for the establishment of an autonomy regime in the West Bank and Gaza. Read Document >

U.S. Position on Settlements

March 23, 1976
Excerpts of a Security Council discussion in which U.S. Ambassador William Scranton reiterated his government's position on the Israeli settlements. The U.S. felt that continued settlement represented "an obstacle to the success of negotiations for a just and final peace between Israel and its neighbors." Read More >

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